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Conservative ministers link Russian aggression to Miliband’s Syria stance

1 March 2014

5:55 PM

1 March 2014

5:55 PM

Sajid Javid isn’t the only observer of Russia’s behaviour over the situation in Ukraine to link Vladimir Putin’s aggression to the situation in Syria.

Perhaps the West’s decision not to intervene in that conflict has given Putin the sense that he can do what he wants without any response from other countries. But Javid’s suggestion in a tweet this afternoon that there is a ‘direct link between Miliband’s cynical vote against Syria motion and Russia’s actions on Ukraine. Completely unfit to lead Britain’ goes rather further than that.


Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 17.35.07

It also doesn’t fit particularly comfortably with the fact that 30 of Javid’s own Conservative colleagues rebelled on that motion and many more abstained.

His colleague Nick Boles has made a similar point:

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  • Donald Fraser

    Europe is nothing to do with Syria. So why Is Putin acting gung-ho in the Crimea and Ukraine? Admittedly his dictatorial manner means he feels little caution towards probable hardships at home. But, more controversially, why so cavalier? There is an argument Putin seeks vengeance.

    Putin ate humble pie to keep Sochi games on track. Just before the opening ceremony he played the humble serf on Andrew Marr’s Show:

    Ukraine is obviously not about gay rights. However it is worth remembering the “separation of church and state” is never maintained when war is waged. The one thing more important in life than freedom is the stability of it. Was threatening Sochi with a boycott a step too far?

    Gay rights made rapid progress recently. Even President Obama only stated his change of heart 2 years ago:

    Is such progress too fast? Yes, we can applaud Obama’s change of heart but what about Stephen Fry’s mental omnipresence? The one thing we can know about Putin’s forthcoming act in the Crimea is our potential outrage is his strength. It is how vengeance repays the effort made to harvest it. Many in the West do not like the system the people in the East are clamouring for, despite our fabulous freedoms.

  • George_Arseborne

    Oh what a desperate blame. Is this part of the kitchen sink Lynton Crosby asked them to throw on Milliband? Then l am missing something. Nick Boles and Sajid Javid are all clowns.

  • Golben Amduke

    Putin aide: “Comrade, great news – Ed Miliband has just voted against intervention in Syria”
    Putin: “Phew, that was a close one, I really thought we were for the high jump there.”

  • Mynydd

    In order to divert attention away from Mr Miliband’s special conference on Labour/Union reforms-which he won 86% to14%- Mr Cameron requested ; Mr Sajid Javid, Financial Secretary to the Treasury and Mr Nick Boles Planning Minister to send such tweets, what a tw*t.

  • ButcombeMan

    Sajid Javid’s mindless stupidity and feeble attempt at political point scoring is one thing I do not need my attention drawn to.

    Spoiled a nice Sunday brunch.

  • Frank

    Nick Boles is wonderfully stupid, he appears to survive as countermanding him makes Dave seem like a statesman who has saved the day.

  • Daniel Maris

    Well, that just proves what we already knew (since he wants to concrete over our green and pleasant land) – that Nick “Full of Holes” Boles is the lowest of the low.

  • hacimo

    What was it Bernard Shaw said about the Hitlers move to occupy the Rheinland? “It is as if we were to march on Portsmouth” (or some such). Putin has made a similar move.

  • Ali Wilkin

    Javid (and those non-entity Tory’s like him) who are trying to draw a ‘direct’ link between Putin and Ukraine and Miliband and the Syria motion last year are quite happy to ignore the Conservatives who also voted no last year. Javid (and Ms Mensch who tweeted her agreement with his view) want to create a narrative straight out of 1950’s America, calling up old Cold War era ghosts of ‘reds under the beds’.
    It comes off the back of that disgusting Daily Mail attack on Miliband Snr and it’s laughable because it’s clearly desperation, and it’s ridiculous because Ed Miliband is absolutely not a socialist, not even a little remotely.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …yes he is, but so are the rest of LibLabCon.

    • ButcombeMan

      Why on earth should anyone be interested in tweets by Mensch?

  • Smithersjones2013

    Perhaps Boles and Javid should call for Gazprom’s adverts on Champions League nights to be banned?

    • HookesLaw

      Its right that Milibands cynical actions have given the encouragement to Putin. Withdrawing HMS Endeavour was enough to encourage the Argies.
      But you cannot admit it because you support all the right wing loony kipperesque nutjobs who voted against their own party on this as well.

      • Daidragon

        It’s just more risible nonsense from an increasingly risible party with nothing interesting to say other than ‘blame Labour.’ The idea that Putin gives a flying fig what the coalition thinks, let alone the opposition, is laughable. He’s prepared to go to war to defend his warm water ports in Latakia and Sebastopol. I assume javid now thinks we should ‘go in’ to the Ukraine? Course not. Cheap, stupid politics of the worst kind. No wonder that lightweight bimbo Mensch thinks it’s true.

  • Andy Mcrae

    Why can’t I vote down some of these fools who follow Issy?

    • Smithersjones2013

      Because Disqus(ting) has a new super duper awfully jolly politically crass system where everything is puppy dogs and rainbows and we are all such nice clever people there is no need to mark down comments anymore.

  • Smithersjones2013

    By the way this is the same Nick Boles who suggested that brilliant wheeze to set up another party so that people who didn’t want to vote Tory could vote for a party that would support the Tories. A sort of “we’re not the Tories” Tory Party. You couldn’t make it up!

    The Tories have seriously entered the Twilight Zone

    • the viceroy’s gin

      “Picture a man… a man trapped… trapped in a flabby body with too-pink cheeks, a fast receding hairline and not much brains. He’s uncertain, uncertain of what he sees, of what he knows… and whether he’s smart enough to remember to breathe properly… so thank Gaia that happens by instinct, and that’s a good thing because every day he’s intellectually challenged, challenged today as every day by the need to find his way once again to a bench… a front bench… a strange and bizarre place that we call the Twilight Zone.”

    • HookesLaw

      You make it up all the time.

  • global city

    The embarrassing thing is that loads of people on here still support this party of low grade talent and snobs!

    • Curnonsky

      Er – which party are you referring to?

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …the one of low grade talent and snobs…

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …there is a small service charge due and payable for that straight line, by the way…

  • global city

    Stupid Tories just get stupider by the day!

    • HookesLaw

      A Times leader makes the same point as the MPs do.

      • global city

        Stupid Times ‘leaders’ just get stupider by the day!

      • ButcombeMan

        Equally stupid then.

        This is the Russian back yard with lots of people there whose allegiance is to Russia.

        Max Hastings did well on it on Marr. But then Hastings has a brain and a historical perspective..

  • Smithersjones2013

    Worthless Tory Cameroon doormats attempt to circle the wagons around Cameron and Wet Willy Eunuch’s impotent and worthless foreign policy.

    Unless the US get involved (and they won’t) there is nothing we can do. Do Javid and Boles seriously think we should get into a game of chicken with the vastly superior (in military terms) Russians in their own backyard? Really where do the Tories find these idiots?

    It’s just pathetic posturing from Tory losers.

  • liversedge

    Tories never slow to blame Labour. Amazing how influential they are in opposition.

  • WatTylersGhost

    If Sajid Javid wants to saddle up and ride to Syria, I will be happy to see him gone, but, like most politicians, he just wants to send other people’s sons.

    Javid was wrong on Iraq, wrong on Afghanistan and is wrong on Syria.

    • southerner

      Javid is just wrong. Like the rest of the un-conservatives and indeed our entire political class who love to send our troops at the drop of a hat to make themselves feel good.

    • Agrippina

      I don’t think there are many ‘sons’ left to send out, following all the cuts made in defence. It must be because Libya is such a success following that little skirmish, all those lawless fools with guns in charge now.

    • Pip

      Javid is clearly biased and therefore his views should be treat with the distain they deserve. Stupid article and as for Nick Boles, he has zero credibility too.

      • Daniel Maris

        Giving Boles a zero is being kind to him.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Miliband really does look like a braying donkey in that heading photo. A braying red donkey. Pity us all when that creature slithers into No.10. One only has to consider the way his online operatives operate here to realise we shall descend into a new era of appalling, unmitigated evil.

      • MarcusPod

        “One only has to consider the way his online operatives operate here”. You obviously cannot get your head around the fact that it is possible for huge numbers of intelligent commenters in these columns to be totally against Tory policies and actions without necessarily being leftie plants. Some non-left wingers (non-Miliband online operatives) are actually capable of reasoned, intelligent, compassionate criticism of the Conservatives.

  • colliemum

    Are these people mad?
    Do they really think that Putin would have sat on his hands while right wing neo nazis topple the Ukrainian PM and tried to get their hands on the Crimea where his Black Sea ships are stationed if Miliband had agreed to that Syrian adventure?
    And these are the ‘leaders’ we’re supposed to look up to, never mind elect?
    The mind boggles …

    • Daniel Maris

      Exactly! As already observed, Boles is one of those creatures in the political forest that slithers around on its belly in the undergrowth and never sees the clear light of day.

  • FF42

    Are Sajid Javit and Nick Boles proposing to stand up to Vladimir Putin now? What will their personal contribution be to defending the Ukraine? It’s worse than hypocrisy. It’s gross stupidity..

    • WatTylersGhost

      They are proposing to do nothing themselves. It will be the blood of others they intend to risk.

  • London Calling

    Ed’s busy reconnecting with the people whilst disconnecting with the Unions…………………that should keep him occupied at least……..:)

    • London Calling

      And after all this wont you give me a smile………:)

  • Mike Barnes

    Blimey, Ed is the most powerful man in the world by this logic. Putin was just meekly waiting in the shadows until Ed has decided Britain’s policy in Syria.

  • David Lindsay.

    Miliband’s principled stand led directly to the actions that achieved the destructions of Assad’s chemical weapons.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …if you really believe that Assad gave those up, then I have some beachfront property in the Levant I want to sell you.

    • HookesLaw

      Dumbassed as ever. Miliband stops direct action and Russia step in with some face saving proposal. Quite surprisingly you might think, Assad missed the deadline to hand over weapons last month.
      Meantime – the Syrian air force is attacking the country’s biggest city, Aleppo, with ‘barrel bombs’.

      You really are so pathetically stupid as to be beyond belief.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …and you Camerloons’ islamofascist buddies are still slaughtering Christians there. Talk about pathetically stupid beyond belief… you Camerluvvies are that for sure.