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Boris insists he is ‘united’ with George Osborne

3 March 2014

10:14 AM

3 March 2014

10:14 AM

After reports that he was furious with George Osborne and David Cameron for trying to call his bluff by telling him to stand as a parliamentary candidate in 2015, Boris Johnson got his chance to deny that he was at war with the Chancellor on his ‘Ask Boris’ LBC show this morning.

Diana in Surbiton asked Boris about the story, insisting that he tell her what he said to the Chancellor: ‘I’ve said many things to my friend George Osborne,’ he chuckled, adding that ‘I haven’t had a conversation of any such kind with George Osborne’.


He added:

‘George and I have a very, very good working relationship and indeed an old, old friendship and what we both want to do is get David Cameron re-elected in 2015 and that is the project about which we are united.’

He then launched into a spiel about how exciting it was that he could oversee the ‘tunnelising’ of the Hammersmith flyover. So presenter Nick Ferrari asked him:

‘You’re not going into the Commons prior to 2015 because of the excitement of the Hammersmith flyunder?’

Boris replied: ‘Correct. The sheer excitement of the Hammersmith flyunder is.. the answer is I’m sticking to my job that I was elected to do in 2012.’

Is that really a denial that he wants to stand for election in 2015? The question was whether Boris would go into the Commons prior to 2015, which still means he could stand in the 2015 election. Some of his allies want him to take up a safe seat that may well become available in the last few months before the election campaign. Today’s interview didn’t rule that out.

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  • George Laird

    Dear All

    I think I am losing the will to live, Boris is ‘united’ with George Osborne?

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Surely anything that places Boris anywhere near Number 10 must be deemed as a threat to National security.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • Colin56

    I have a feeling that the Conservatives may think, when it comes to choosing their next leader, that someone without the letters ‘O.E.’ after their name and who doesn’t practise the Boating Song in their bath might have some electoral advantage ….

  • James Allen

    He’s given up. Lost interest….. who’d blame him? Being PM of UK now would be like being appointed Captain of the Titanic as it heads towards the iceberg….

  • asalord

    The Bullingdon boys are a great asset for the independence movement in Scotland.

    • dmitri the impostor

      No doubt. And come the next Transit of Venus, Kylie Minogue
      concert or epidemic of swine flu, you will no doubt be all over the blogs
      explaining their relevance to the independence movement in Scotland.

    • Wessex Man

      as are you!

      • Kitty MLB

        Yes indeed.

  • Kitty MLB

    Heaven Forfend ! George and Boris ( William Blake & George Byron)
    of politics are united- might have a lie down in a dark room and think
    about the consequences for a while.

  • BarkingAtTreehuggers

    The question is why this rift would matter.
    Is Gidiot now running for President, too???

  • swatnan

    Thanks a lot . We’ve now stuck with a lameduck Mayor, who’s entire focus is on saving the world in 2015 as PM, and not on a proper job in London. If everyone had played it smarter, Londonners could have been shot of him by next year!

    • HookesLaw

      Hilarious. ‘lame duck’? The mayor of London is not the president of the USA. The mayor of London just runs a large transport system. Thats all.

      • Wessex Man

        well you wouldn’t want to give him anything valuable to run would you Hooky?

  • HookesLaw

    Despite your link to the Mail story it was in fact invisible in its on line edition even though it was plastered over its front page in print. Vague talk of ‘friends’ saying this that and the other. Hardly well sourced.
    Is it significant that the only friend named was Nadine Dorris?
    A pretty pathetic attempt to boost sales by planting an hysteric story on the front page.
    How glad we must be to have a press free from independent regulation.