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Alistair Carmichael: Chris Huhne put the ‘T’ in Cancun

11 March 2014

3:40 PM

11 March 2014

3:40 PM

Jovial Lib Dem Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael addressed lobby journalists over lunch today. Speaking from his experience as the party’s former chief whip, he managed to praise the discipline of his party in the Coalition. But he also recalled a rather tense episode with Chris Huhne refusing to return to the UK to vote:

‘One thing which I was thinking about recently was that Chris Huhne, in the interests of tackling climate change, had managed to be at some big summit in Cancun, so was not available to take part in the division on the day and it was one of the features of Chris’s political operation that when the really difficult days would arrive, somehow or other he always seemed to be somewhere else.

‘And we were on the telephone as it seemed to be getting closer, it was getting more and more tense, both because of my concern that the vote and also the wider politics of how this might play out, I was determined that he was coming back. And he resisted, and I insisted, and he resisted, and I insisted and so it went on until eventually Nick and I agreed that actually we would just allow him to stay in Cancun. And it did actually prompt one of the Liberal Democrat whips’ team at the time to come out with the observation that Chris Huhne was the man who had put the ‘T’ into Cancun.’

Huhne is clearly sorely missed by his party…

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  • FrankieThompson

    Those of us planning on voting Yes, were delighted when the solid, slightly dull, but effective Michael Moore was jettisoned for the more “robust” ” Ted from Hi-de-Hi” approach of Carmichael.

    We’ve been proved right to be.

  • asalord

    Carmichael is indeed hilarious; he’s proved that several times in the referendum debate in Scotland.

  • Tron

    I hope the undertakers go on strike.

  • anyfool

    This is really desperate, no comments on a dead Crow but feed on a politically dead vulture.

    • HookesLaw

      Yes no comments, but rubbish from Ed West passes through.
      It does not say much for the perceived self restraint of Speccy commentors does it?

      • The Laughing Cavalier

        Of course, as fine, compassionate and upstanding people we are sorry on a human level that Crow has died. Nevertheless …

    • Tom M

      Yes it is. Reading the two Spectator articles on Crow I suspect someone is preparing to canonise him.

      One article was written by a self confessed floppy haired, pink shirted arts student apparently. What would someone like that know about “old style unionism” sufficient to have the temerity to write an article on it?

    • MaxSceptic

      De mortuis nihil nisi bonum…

      OK, Fine. Can we now press for driverless trains on the Underground.