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Small Labour rebellion as 22 MPs vote against welfare cap

26 March 2014

3:48 PM

26 March 2014

3:48 PM

The Commons has just backed the government’s welfare cap by 520 votes to 22 against. As that figure for the Noes will include SNP MPs, this means a very small rebellion on the Labour benches – around 13. Party sources were yesterday briefing they expected around two dozen of their backbenchers to vote against.

Tory deputy chief whip Greg Hands has already taken the opportunity to tweet the names of those he saw going through the No lobbies in this vote.



We’ll bring you the names as soon as the division lists have been released, but the question is whether the party really changed the minds of any would-be rebels before this vote, or whether spinners deliberately over-estimated the numbers so that the result would inevitably appear to be a sign that Ed Miliband has sway even amongst the more recalcitrant left wingers in his party. Either way, Labour is not in uproar over this measure, even though Miliband may be storing up trouble for himself if he does find himself back in government in 2015.

P.S. Those rebels in full:

Diane Abbott, Ronnie Campbell, Katy Clark, Michael Connarty, Jeremy Corbyn, Kelvin Hopkins, Glenda Jackson, John McDonnell, George Mudie, Linda Riordan, Dennis Skinner, Tom Watson, Mike Wood.

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  • Iain Hill

    One is astonished to find there are as many as 22 people of principle left in parliament.

    • tjamesjones

      ah principle. and which principle would that be? spending other people’s money? spending money you don’t have? creating labour voting welfare dependents?

  • allymax bruce

    Labour have now voted to keep the Bedroom Tax, and to keep the Tory’s Welfare benefits cuts/caps. Basically, Labour would do exactly what the Tory’s have done!
    Labour do not represent the working class people of ‘Britian’ anymore.

    • Holly

      Labour ‘SAY’ they will do all kinds of nice things, they just forget to ‘DO’ it once in power.

      Labour reckon the bankers tax will pay for everything, so the question we voters have to ask is, ‘How much are these bankers going to get paid,so their taxes actually cover Labour’s spending’?

    • Iain Hill

      Labour is simply a Tory faction.

      • allymax bruce

        Westminster is a Tripartite mafia, the banker suse to fleece us.

  • Jim Monaghan

    an independent scotland will also have a benefits cap, if SNP voted against it today they were also rebels

    • allymax bruce

      Jim, are you the ‘performance poet’, Jim Monaghan?
      I saw some of your youtube poetry; there’s one where you rap about your home town; that’s not bad.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Money tree! Money tree! Ask Liam Byrne where he put the Money Tree!

  • asalord

    Labour keeps welfare cap – another reason why people in Scotland will be voting Yes in September.

    • ryantk

      Can us Northerners join you?

      • Thatcherite Lee

        You can both bugger off as far as I’m concerned. The last thing this country needs is 5 years of Labour

        • ryantk

          Red or blue, it wont make any difference.

          • HookesLaw

            You seem to think that any incoming government can manufacture ‘events’ to its and your benefit.

      • Fergus Pickering

        You mean you want to be part of Fat Eck’s Empire? Heavens, some of you Northerners must be as stupid as we always thought.

        • Guest

          Don’t want to be part of any empire, but also don’t want to be part of a place were voting makes no difference

          • HookesLaw

            So you do not want to be a part of West Sussex then? Or Hackney.

        • Colonel Mustard

          Hee-hee, The Chavez of the North!

    • Lord Dench

      Go read the Guardian where you belong

    • DavidL

      So you want unlimited welfare: but who will pay for it if you vote “yes”? The tooth fairy?