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What’s happened to the Balance of Competences report?

26 February 2014

12:04 PM

26 February 2014

12:04 PM

What’s the problem with that Balance of Competences report on Freedom of Movement that still hasn’t been published? Nick Clegg gave his monthly press conference today, and was asked whether he had a problem with the report, which is believed to have been delayed because it painted too positive a picture of immigration. Clegg said:

‘They by and large depict a situation where we get a lot more from this pooling of decision-making in the EU than we somehow lose. My simple rule of thumb is that the exercise has got to be depoliticised, it’s got to be objective, it’s got to be based on facts, and not just on assertions and that would apply to that report much as any other.’

What could he possibly mean?


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  • global city

    Pooling, fighting Britain’s cause from the heart, etc are all Europhile weasel words and statements, as they do not believe in the country having an agenda in the EU. Ceding power to others to solely decide is not pooling.

    Isabel… could you please do an article on the double-speak and weasel words like those above that are deliberately used to deflect from the truth?

    As an aside… what happened to all those EU flags we saw at the demonstrations in the Ukraine before the violence started?

    Were the carriers all individual cowards, or was there something more fishy behind their high profile presence, then sudden and complete disappearance?

  • Conway

    The figures need to be massaged a bit more? Cynical, I know.

  • Smithersjones2013

    In other words Downing Street already realise that the Balance Of Incompetencies will be slammed as a cheap whitewash and as such will cause great damage to Cameron and Hague and the entertaining but futile tap dance on a pinhead that they have been performing for many years now.

    Nobody was ever going to believe a word that the already corrupted Foreign Office printed. Cleggs got it wrong though (how can a political institution be depoliticised for gods sake). Simple is truly an apt description of Clegg. Its not the politics that needs to be removed from the its the vested interest like the Liberal Democrats who prostrate themselves at the Alter of Ever Closer Union.

  • David Lindsay.

    It is clear that the delay is a reflection of Cameron’s continued problem’s with his Eurosceptic right wing.
    In truth now that the concerns about the flood of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants has been shown to be unfounded there is no reason to delay further.
    We are unlikely to hear until Ukip have cleaned up in May.

    • saffrin

      Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants have been coming to the country for several years if not decades.
      The blackout on reporting numbers of recent arrivals is to be expected in order for the big EU lie to work.
      We need migrants like we need hole in the head.

      • an ex-tory voter

        I would qualify that by saying “unskilled” migrants.

        • saffrin

          It’s time we trained our own.

          • BarkingAtTreehuggers

            Time we trained our own to be unskilled?
            May I assert: mission accomplished!

        • Smithersjones2013

          Skilled migrants still use accommodation and healthcare and other public services. This is as much about capacity as anything else.

          The simple fact is the government are incapable of providing adequate services to meet the demands of such additional capacity and we all suffer as a result!

    • No Good Boyo

      An army of Romanians swarming into Dover on Day 1 was never a likely scenario. But don’t tell me that they’re aren’t coming ever, because they were clearly coming in significant numbers even before the ban was lifted.

    • Smithersjones2013

      So where are the figures that prove your assertion? Do you seriously think just two months figures would prove such a premature assertion. Come back in two years and then make your claims. Not before!

      • Conway

        Look at the figures for rough sleepers in London and see how many are non-indigenous.