Vaz and Ellis Pt. II

6 February 2014

3:03 PM

6 February 2014

3:03 PM

Mr S has been keeping a beady eye on the Home Affairs Select Committee, after tensions between Chairman Vaz and Tory committeeman Michael Ellis boiled over at the end of last year. Readers may recall that, in the wake of a public disagreement with Ellis, Vaz told Mr S that his colleague ‘just needs more sex’.

Now Mr S has learned that the select committee meets in private before important evidence sessions to discuss tactics and lines of questioning. It is said that Ellis, who is blessed with a forensic mind and legal training, often gets to the crux of the issue first. A source familiar with the inner workings of the group tells me that Vaz pinches Ellis’s questions when, as chairman, he opens the inquiry session. Cheeky!

Vaz was not immediately available for comment. Mr S looks forward to hearing what he has to say.

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  • Steve

    Only Michael Ellis ?

  • gelert

    I’m amazed that Vaz survives scandal after scandal.

    • sfin

      And doesn’t that fact tell you all you need to know about our current establishment?

      Time for a clear out.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    There isn’t a vas deferens between KV and a total c*ck

    • sfin

      I wish I’d thought of that!
      Having that corrupt slime ball as chairman of a parliamentary committee, debases all public office.

    • Cooper cap

      Is this licensed for general use? I love it too.

      • Hexhamgeezer

        I’ve not bothered to copyright it..!

        • sfin

          Very generous! I shall use it it whenever the honourable “member” comes up in conversation!

          • Rocksy

            Would a vasectomy be appropriate?

  • The_Average_Joe_UK

    Do you remember when Vaz didn’t have a plummy accent? Slimeball, pole climber.