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Tory candidate: Conservative party not doing enough to convince minorities it is not racist

17 February 2014

3:53 PM

17 February 2014

3:53 PM

Is the Conservative party doing enough to attract ethnic minority voters? We’ve reported previous pushes by Chairman Grant Shapps and Home Secretary Theresa May to appeal to groups who have centre-right values but are turned off the Tories. But the FT today suggests that the top of the party is struggling to show enthusiasm, with one party insider claiming that Lynton Crosby feels it ‘muddies the message’ to move away from economy, jobs, welfare and immigration.

The party’s candidate in Dudley North, Afzal Amin, agrees that the Conservatives are failing to communicate properly with ethnic minority voters. He told Coffee House:

‘What’s very clear to me is that in the Sandwell and Dudley areas where I grew up and I now live, for the vast majority of people, whether they’re black or from the Indian subcontinent, the general perception is that the party remains a racist party and we have not done enough to convince them that this is not the case.’


He added that the party was still trying to talk to voters from ethnic minorities as though they had just arrived in this country:

‘The policies we have are very, very good policies, and they are right policies, but often we communicate with our ethnic minority voters as though they belong somewhere else. They need to recognise that we can’t communicate to our ethnic minority voters with the primary reference point being the countries that their fathers came from. My family and I do not want to be communicated to because our father came from India – talk to me because of the NHS and other things that we are interested in.’

He declined to comment on whether he had raised these concerns with CCHQ, but said that he was taking a different approach in his campaigning to that advocated by the national party. ‘My biggest difference between me and the rest of the party is I firmly believe in sharpening the axe before we start chopping down trees, trying to understand the communities that make up Dudley North.’

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    What will the situation be like in 2050? And not just here, but all over Europe and the English speaking world. The Republican party will cease to exist in America, just as the Conservatives will be long dead here.

    It is not up to us to change our policies in order to adapt to a non-white, non-Conservative, non liberal democracy, non Western civilisation world.

    Rather, it is up to the Conservatives everywhere to conserve the civilisation we have built, which IS a global anomaly in a brutal world.

    So stop chasing the coloniser vote please, and start preserving the values, people and culture our immediate ancestors sacrificed so much for.

  • john

    The Tory Party is elitist and other races don’t meet their criteria. Tories fight to preserve their status in British society and can just about stomach successful members of the “other races” but not the rest of that category.

  • Cyril Sneer

    If the Tories went back to being a proper right wing party, and putting the interests of the Brit majority first then they wouldn’t need court the brainwashed immigrant labourites to gain enough votes to win the next GE.

    They seem to do neither effectively.

  • Shorne

    I would be interested to know how many of the people claiming here that the Conservative Party is not racist are black or Asian or similar.

    • Cyril Sneer

      I think anyone who says the Conservative party is racist is a victim of left wing hyperbole and their policies of turning one against the other to further their own gains. The next big left wing crusade is of course hatred for anyone who does well for themselves or whom speaks decent English. I can only put that to the inferiority complex of the left.

      Anyway, since when do you need to be a certain colour to know if a political organisation is racist? Does being born a certain colour make your point more valid than being born another colour?

      I would like some examples listed as to why people think they’re racist? Oh oh I know, is it the iilegal immigrants go home campaign? Oh so racist in that they never defined what race, just that illegal immigrants should go home or face arrest – what is offensive about that? Only in this country would people get offended, people who have swallowed the left wing poison of division and resentment.

      Like most ‘racist’ accusations they tend to be baseless accusations to attempt to shut debate.

      • Shorne

        Right then you are presumably white?

        • Cyril Sneer

          Read my second paragraph, and answer if you can – hint, it ends with a ?

          • Shorne

            OK some details for you;

            “A former aide to Margaret Thatcher and John Major yesterday branded the Tory party “racist”.
            Black Conservative Derek Laud spoke out after the storm over ads and stop-checks targeting illegal migrants…
            he said: ‘I have never called anyone racist. It is an often used and discredited cry. But I believe the Conservative Party has shown it is racist.It will do anything, right to wrong, to bolster its poll ratings’.”

            “David Cameron faces pressure over Tory councillor’s ‘racist’ comments”

            “Nigel Farage criticised the Conservatives as “nasty, unpleasant” and “big brother” this morning. Nothing surprising in that – except that he was talking about immigration policy.”

            ‘The Conservatives were today hit by a “racism” row after two black party members claimed they were “stopped and searched” when trying to attend a local association meeting.’

            “Right-wingers tend to be less intelligent than left-wingers, and people with low childhood intelligence tend to grow up to have racist and anti-gay views, says a controversial new study.”

            And so on and so on.

  • justejudexultionis

    ‘Conservative Party not doing enough to convince minorities it is not racist’:

    That’s certainly the case in Scotland where the vast majority of the population view the Tories as irrelevant Thatcherite buffoons who place the freedom to kill animals on large estates for no reason above securing social justice and prosperity for all.


  • David Webb

    The Tories should be trying to convince ENGLISH people that they are not anti-English and are firmly against importing a new population to replace us as the majority population of this country. If racism means anything, the multicultural minorities are racist, for refusing to adapt to our culture. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Those who don’t do as the Romans do when in Rome, clearly are refusing to join in the culture, and are being disruptive elements. Do you allow people to stay in your home who refuse to abide by house rules? The definition of racism is all skew-whiff. Stop pandering to the real racists by allowing them to make a multicultural society in England.

    • Bonkim

      Don’t you think the gene pool of populations across the globe is continuously evolving and what is defined as English today is the product of previous episodes of people movements.

      The scots, Picts, Angles and Saxons were battling each other until the Normans put their foot in – also subsequent waves of incomers – you will find non-Caucasian blood in the English from centuries past.

      Race is a fluid definition and changes with time.

      What you are saying perhaps is true in one definition – previous immigrants look with horror at new waves on incomers – whether from Eastern Europe, asia, or Africa. That is the nature of man. Competition for scarce resources will see more of that.

      The real question is that of assimilation – in the some immigrant groups appear to be living in voluntary apartheid disconnected from main stream British life.

      You will find that no different from say the Polish or the Bangladeshis or Rumanians.

      Race and culture are relative terms – most gel into the wider spectrum sooner or later.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        You are hereby awarded today’s multi-culti happy bonnet award. Congratulations.

  • aurila

    the Tories have made it clear they believe in discriminating against white people

  • Daniel Maris

    Guido Fawkes appears to be suggesting this is an attempt to head off a proper investigation into the way the award of the lucrative contract was made:

    I’m sure the contract must have been awarded legitimately in accordance with government rules but it would be nice to see that out in the open.

  • Bonkim

    Wearing the Hindu garb and forehead spot is meaningless – religion is a personal thing. Won’t get many votes for that, or joining prayers at a Mosque.

    • Agrippina

      True, but it is amusing to look at these idiots prostituting themselves for a few poxy votes. The funny thing is when they hang out with one crowd, the others get irritated and say they won’t vote for them, so they go and put on some other funny alien garb to attract those voters. I hope some of those MP’s wives will put on the ‘black bin liner look from head to foot’ for those votes!

      • Bonkim

        Or may be just being polite. Body language is important in bonding with different groups. Nothing wrong with that but i would stop at imitating religious symbolisms.

  • Daniel Maris

    Maybe the Conservative Party should appoint someone at £685 per hour to do the communicating.

    Obviously talking about involvement of Commonwealth soldiers in WW1 is a highly technical matter, not the sort of thing that could simply be downloaded from the Internet, or read from a history book.

    He’s a Warsi associate.

  • Agrippina

    The socialist labour party wants immigrants to change the face of the electorate and be voted into govt.

    The tories like the immigrants as cheap labour for their homes and businesses, thus ensuring they retain their wealth and status.

    Who is interested in the plight of the working class, and ordinary hardworking Brits, Ukip.

  • NotYouNotSure

    I stand to be corrected, but in all the third world countries that have elections there two sorts of political parties the ethnic voting type and the socialist type, since the Tories are neither and British elections are increasingly going to be determined by these new voters, the party is going to end.

    The argument this author is making is the same argument that can probably be applied to most of the Western politics today, and will end in failure for all the Tory type parties in the other(ex)Western countries just like it will be in Britain.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Oh dear not more hand-wringing of a ‘modernisation’ nature

    Why still do the Tories persist on self-flagellating? I am beginning to believe they are a collective bunch of political masochists. They just love to make themselves suffer.

    I strongly suggest they get some sort of collective counselling because it is becoming increasingly clear they are suffering some sort of Stockholm Syndrome after having been bullied and humiliated by Labour for two decades.

    Of course the candidate is quite right. However there is an irony to this because if the Tories weren’t afraid of being perceived as racist and by being so afraid immediately appear racist then he probably would not be the candidate.

  • Raw England

    Repulsive situation. And the article going around showing how ‘ethnic minorities’ (immigrants) now have the power to dictate the election shows just how horrifying and disgusting multiculturalism and immigration have been for England.

    FAR from pandering to the unwanted immigrants, Cameron and the Tories need to start listening to the severely oppressed and unrepresented working class White population, the native peoples of this land.

    Also, we’re now in the sinister position whereby we’re heading, knowingly, to becoming a minority in our own country. That’s coming. Now, we have an extremely serious and urgent decision to make: Are we willing to let this happen? Are we really willing to let non-Whites (immigrants) become the dominant majority? Do you realise how horrific it will be for us and our children?

    THAT is the decision we all must make.

    • Kitty MLB

      I was utterly shocked by the US re electing Obama,
      a lot of them actually said they voted for him again because he was the same colour as them, regardless of the fact he is quite useless! its assumed racism is white- that is in correct.

    • Kitty MLB

      Apologies a correction- its assumed racism is just white.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      While over on Guido F this story is running: “Last month the excellent Ted Jeory exposed the links between Amin and the walking disaster zone that is Sayeeda Warsi, who stands accused of bunging her buddy a government contract without opening out the process to anyone else.”

  • tastemylogos

    The Torys are many things. Clearly unsympathetic towards working class communities, unsympathetic towards the squeezed lower middle classes, elitist and many other things too… racist it is not.

    This is clearly another Liberal Democrat who have wandered into the wrong party and seeks to undermine socially conservative messages with points of non-sequitur and wishy washy liberalism.

    I wish they would bog off to the right party so we can have a proper debate on this nation’s future.

  • saffrin

    Labour are the racist party in Britain, positive discrimination being a racist concept.
    Labour’s 13 years of inspiring racial & religious hatred, aided by Britain’s multinational media moguls is changing the make-up of British politics.
    UKIP will prevail.

  • global city

    Just what are they supposed to do? How far are they supposed to go?

    None racist groups or individuals an only rebut these assertions for so long without it all becoming absurd.

    The accusation is usually made for political reasons and is therefore counterproductive to bend to the demands being made.

  • JoshuaCzajkowski

    Multiculturalism, as is practiced in the UK, is what is racist. Treating different ethnic groups differently because of the colour of their skin or where they’ve come from. Pluralism is what we should aim for. All races and ethnic groups treated equally under the law.

    Want to see racism? Go to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt or China.

  • Kitty MLB

    Is it also politically incorrect to mention Labour being the Anti -White Party
    and anti English
    without being labelled a racist.
    Why is it whenever we try and deal with Immigration we get called racist,
    when we are not.
    What about those who live in our country, from middle-eastern countries,
    most are fine, but some deplore us and are utterly racist.
    Have we got to worry about their vote and just ignore what they think
    of us because we must pander to them and make them want to vote for us.

  • Tom Tom

    The Tory Party simply does not connect with White ethnic minority voters in the North of England

    • Hello

      You mean in the 90-95% white communities of the north ( )? A clever inversion that means nothing I’m afraid.

      • JoshuaCzajkowski

        You’ve clearly never visited Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Leeds or Bradford.

        • Hello

          White people are still not “minorities” in any of those cities, they are the majority in all of them.

          • JoshuaCzajkowski

            You’re right, white people are not minorities, however they are a rapidly decreasing and small majority. I live in one of those towns. There are areas that are now almost exclusively inhabited by people that would struggle or even want to call themselves British citizens.

        • Kitty MLB

          Yes indeed, People who create their little own communities,
          because they do not want to interact the country they live in.
          They ( not all of them obviously, will not box people) some hate our culture, history
          and way of life and refuse to speak English,
          they were shipped here as potential Labour voters,
          regardless of space here, suitability or anything else.
          ( I am not speaking of those from Eastern Europe)

      • Raw England

        Yes. And all of them STARVING, in poverty and misery. Deeply depressed. Shattered. And all because immigration has ruined our economy and resources.

      • Noa

        Your argument ingenuosly misses the white flight and ethnic cleansing teaking place in many UK towns and cities.

        • Count Dooku

          Stop with the hyperbole Noa, it doesn’t suit you.

          • Noa

            For one who professes to being an ‘avowed libertarian’ you clearly prefer to make ad hominen criticisms of others, rather than attempt a refutation.
            A fantasist who claims to be a ‘sith lord’, whatever one of those is, invites those who might otherwise consider his comments simply to dismiss them as trivia.

  • Kitty MLB

    For heavens sake, so we follow the Leftie idea of boxing people
    now do we, labelling them by colour, gender and what ever else we can find.
    Not treating people as individuals, but a box we need to tick.
    ‘ Oh we have done the colour one- noticed their skin was a bit brown, must get their vote’. What a utterly disgusting way to think.

    • Ooh!MePurse!

      Hear, hear!

      • Kitty MLB

        Love the name, it makes me smile.

  • Daniel Maris

    This is a very demeaning way of talking about ethnic minorities. In my experience there are huge numbers of people from ethnic minorities who simply want to be part of this country. They want no special treatment and certainly don’t expect politicians to go putting on the vestments of a religion and culture that has nothing to do with them just to curry favour with certain sections of the population.

    Afzal Amin sounds like he probably comes from the Pakistani Muslim community . Must be one of the most racist communities in the country. Can you imagine what would happen to a girl from the Pakistani Muslim community who came back with a Black Christian boyfriend? Why doesn’t Mr Amin sort out the racism in his own community?

    In London, where I live there is a lot of mixing between black, white, far east Asian and increasingly Hindu Asian communities. It’s time the Pakistani Muslim community addressed its racist attitudes. We were all appalled by Mehdi Hassan referring to “kaffirs” as “cattle”. What condemnation of that came from the Muslim spokespeople? Did Mr Amin condemn it? I don’t recall him doing so.

    • HookesLaw

      ‘Afzal Amin left the British Army in April 2013 after 11 years service as an officer, and was recently employed as a counterinsurgency strategist.’
      He has also been to Afghanistan and Iraq a few times.

      • Tom Tom

        I think you will find he was not a combat soldier but a Staff Officer doing his MSc and various educational and training roles. there are only 26,000 fighting soldiers in the British Army

        • Hello

          Where does that 26,000 figure come from?

        • Makroon

          Oh, right. That makes besmirching the guy’s good name OK by you then, does it ?

      • Daniel Maris

        What’s that got to do with the point I was making?

      • Makroon

        But that’s not enough for the closet bigots like Maris, who is sure he can pick out a “jihadist” just from seeing his name.

        • Daniel Maris

          Outrageous. Nowhere have I suggested, hinted or surmised that he is a “jihadist”. I have suggested that the Pakistani Muslim community is far more racist than the Conservative Party and that his time would be better employed dealing with prejudice against kufrs, and also I might add the skin-pigmentation prejudice that is so common in SW Asia.

    • Tom Tom

      Kaffir is a South African term brought by the Portuguese and that is how i interpret its use in Britain

      • FrenchNewsonlin

        Indeed so and its use by the Boers was meant as a racist insult but its origins are the same i.e. non-believer. When Hassan used, and uses, the term “kuffar” he refers to those whom Islam will rank as second class members when it comes to dominate the host society, altogether more insidious than the crass Boer use of the term.

    • BarkingAtTreehuggers

      Just procreate with the incomers (as others do) and carry on watching Star Trek. The day will come when your kids will tell you: ‘oh shut up, dad!’

      • the viceroy’s gin

        Still impenetrable gibberish, lad. Still recommend you go with the Cyrillic. The name swap just hasn’t done it.

    • ThomasH

      Being an officer serving in the British armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan for the best part of the last decade, Mr Amin, may not have had time to follow young Hassan on Twitter

      • Daniel Maris

        What relevance does his military service have to the point I was making? And now he is in the political limelight, he has every opportunity to condemn the point Mr Hassan was making.

    • AnotherDave

      Guido says Mr Amin is close to Baroness Warsi, and this may be a smoke screen to divert attention from Baroness Warsi giving government contracts to favoured individuals without inviting bids from interested suppliers.

  • Littlegrayman

    Meanwhile the Labour Party and its associates has a downer on indigenous whites.

  • Rachel Hearton

    In the political spectrum, a party of the right is always going to be looked at with more suspicion by ethnic minorities than one of the left. I don’t think any number of black and ethnic minority MPs will change that. The Conservative Party will always represent the establishment.

  • Trapnel

    What implications does the chasing of ethnic voting blocs have for the security of the UK? What has happened to numerous promises to stem the flood of radical preachers at mosques and universities? Are the Tories afraid of the religion of peace?

    • Tom Tom

      It means the Pakistan High Commissioner gets to be an important figure in campaign HQ

  • ButcombeMan

    “Afzal Amin, agrees that the Conservatives are failing to communicate properly with ethnic minority voters”

    No it is much worse than that. They are not communicating well with anyone outside their dwindling band of core supporters . No wonder some Tory MPs are restless

    To list a few:

    Those Tories who largely because of Cameron, have drifted away to UKIP.

    Blue Collar Mondeo Man (now driving an Astra)

    Anyone who is a new voter or who does not vote.

    Most of the North, outside Macclesfleld, Wilmslow, Knutsford & Harrogate.

    Scotland & Wales

    Drowning Somerset farmers

    Young couples trying to finance a new home.


    Anyone who is truly sceptical about EU influence & the European Court.

    The Armed Services
    Etc Etc

    • HookesLaw

      Heaven forbid they are actually in government and doing things – a guarantee of unpopularity.
      For instance one not onn your risible list is local govt workers. We are seeing hundreds of tholusands of public secotr workers losing theoir jobs
      What about teachers who see schools being able to work outside local govt control – good schools forcing out bad schools.

      You talk utter tommy rot as usual. And laughably you list couple wanting to buy a house when we have the help to biuy scheme plus record low interest rates. You list mondeo man when the govt have halted the fuel escallator.

      Tell you what Mr Joker lets all wait and see how labour get on shall we? And kiss goodbye to the referendum.

      • Tom Tom

        We have record low interest rates because the Supply of Money is driving down the price – if it ever leaked out of the banking system into the real economy inflation would be at 1000%. Weimar Republic blazed this trail. It is called debasing the currency

      • ButcombeMan

        Yes I can see my list troubles you.

        It would, because it is true. It was never intended to be comprehensive, just a flavour.

        Cameron is not communicating effectively. Did not communicate effectively. Which is why he could not win properly against the one man disaster zone that was Brown. Lots of possible supporters do not understand what Cameron is. They hardly believe he is “one of us”.

        Your reference to the fuel escalator in relation to Mondeo Man shows clearly, for all too see, that you have not comprehended the point at all.

        Mondeo man is a demographic, short hand term.

        I should not have to help you like this. You have the audacity to say I am talking “tommy rot” when you do not even have basic understanding of the point..

      • Mynydd

        Schools have been outside local government control for a number of years. Please get your facts right.

  • Colonel Mustard

    An outrageously negative article. As long as people are differenced into labelled groups whether by themselves or by silly politicians and set against each other there is no hope for Britain.

  • Jez

    It’s about as wanted as your middle aged Dad rocking up to your Caribbean themed prom night, dressed as Bob Marley with a boot polished face whilst attempting to smoke a spliff….. that he promptly throws up after a coughing fit.

    Cringe factor, Loss of face and untold damage done the the reputations of the ones close to him.

    Stop being weak.

    • Noa

      The Conservatives are now a party without principle, seeking to retain the trappings of office by any means and prepared to accept it on the left’s own terms.

  • Bert3000

    Crosby’s Australian obsession with race is a massive vote loser. You’d have thought Michael Howard’s defeat would have taught the conservatives that. No-one is ‘thinking what we’re thinking’

    • sarahsmith232

      Wrong, Labour didn’t win that election, they stole it. They only got 35% of the vote, next election along and the Tories got 36% but no majority. Labour have fiddled the constituency boundaries in their favour. Labour only needs 35% for a majority, the Tories need 40%. So the Tories didn’t win the 2005 election but they certainly weren’t proved wrong.

      • Bert3000

        Amazing. The conservatives are repeating a strategy that got them a humiliating drubbing and you’re rewriting history. You’ll have convinced yourself that Howard had a long and successful premiership next.

      • Mynydd

        No political party can fiddle the constituency boundaries in their favour. They are set by the independent Boundaries Commission. Please get your facts right.

        • Ooh!MePurse!

          But political parties can prevent the findings of the independent Boundaries Commission being put into law. Only very undemocratic ones though would think of doing such an undemocratic thing.

  • JohnC

    The title of this article is very “glass half full”. Personally, I’d have said the Conservative party seems to be going out of it’s way to convince minorities it *is* racist.

    Regardless of your opinions on whether they were justified or not, if your aim is to attract the vote of minorities you don’t send vans out across the country telling people to “Go Home”. How did they not envisage it would be portrayed the way is has been?

    • James Strong

      Where was the mention of race in the vans you refer to?
      There wasn’t any. It was aimed at illegals.

      • JohnC

        Welcome to the world of perception vs reality. The sooner the Tory party learn the difference, the sooner they can start working on shaking off the negative image.

  • zanzamander

    Just like not all religions are the same, similarly neither are all immigrants nor different minority groups the same. Some want to, can and have integrated others want to change us to integrate with them. Sucking up to “minorities” just for the sake of making up numbers and ticking boxes does more harm than good. If it means anything being on the right, it means rooting for individual freedoms, choice and non-interference from religious bigots.

    Remember bigotry flows both ways.

    • Count Dooku

      Great post. This country is already a remarkably tolerant place and there is no need to pander to minorities just to keep up appearances.

  • AnotherDave

    “… the party remains a racist party ”

    I don’t accept that the Conservative Party was ever ‘a racist party.’

    • Colonel Mustard

      You are correct. This is a leftist construct, like much so-called ‘racism’ itself, contrived to subtly de-legitimise any alternative to their dogma and a fairly recent invention. The Labour party has done more to incite racism and stir up racial disharmony (and future sectarianism) in Britain than the Conservative party ever has or will. Labour thrive on angst and division, depending upon it for their duplicitous and entirely bogus ‘struggle’.

      • Noa

        And the Conservative party has now fully accepted the Labour party’s construct of ‘racism’ and its own guilt in it, both direct and by association.
        The Conservative party, correctly identified and declared to be ‘toxic’ on this and other conservative beliefs by its own leadership, is now the living proof of Labour’s claim. The lie actually has been made the truth, as the Conservative party has implemented and augmented Labour’s race and equality policies in pursuit of the chimera of minority and ethnic votes.

        • JoeDM

          Cameron’s ‘modernised’ Conservative Party maybe, but most normal Conservatives wouldn’t accept it.

          • Noa

            Which is why so many of conservative principles are leaving or have already left Cameron’s puesdo-marxist, fabian construct.

    • Hello

      You don’t have to, you just have to accept that a lot of people do.

      • HookesLaw

        That is the point you are correct. As I think has been said often before – I think quite a lot of Indian people with their work ethic make natural Conservatives. Indeed as do many immigrants. But of course when you get the nutjobs howling at the top of their voices the mud sticks.

        • Hello

          And, of course, there is the whole Enoch Powell thing.

          • Makroon

            Nothing to do with Powell.
            Those aspirational, hard-working, (often small business owning), people of Indian extraction also imbibed the Fabian socialism of the corrupt Congress party, with their mother’s milk. Politically speaking, they are incredibly slow learners.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          Yes, and they’d obviously support the glorious Camerluvvie agenda: homosexual marriage, global warmingism, VAT increase and bombing the bejeezus out of Libya and Syria.

          I mean, who wouldn’t support that splendor?

    • monty61

      Churchill was certainly a racialist even in the definition of the day.

      • Curnonsky

        So was Gandhi if we are applying retrospective justice here.

      • Kitty MLB

        If you are going down that road, most of the colonies
        were perhaps racist, if you want to look at it in that way.
        Obama may be not too keen on white people,
        he allegedly said he dumped his white girlfriend before marrying
        Michelle because she was black and that would help his
        political career- that’s racist, i believe.

        • monty61

          Irrelevant to the point which is that AnotherDave said the Tories were ‘never’ a racist party.

          • Colonel Mustard

            Well if an individual’s character identifies the whole party what does that make the Lib Dems? A pervert party?

            Labour? A marxist party?

            Er, hang on . . .

            • Nicholas chuzzlewit

              No that doesn’t work Colonel because Labour is a Fascist party.

          • Cyril Sneer

            So the lib dems are the paedo party.

            Labour is the anti-white anti-brit party.

      • crosscop

        So was Keir Hardie. These days, probably only the BNP would have either of them as members. Churchill’s “Islamophobia” certainly would not fit in with Cameron’s “nothing to do with Islam” after every Muslim atrocity and his ” we should integrate into the Asian way of life rather than the other way round” rubbish.

    • SgtVimes

      To be fair what he said was that there is a perception that the party remains a racist party, in the same way that there is a perception that the party is sexist, homophobic and out of touch with ordinary people. Theresa May didn’t make her “nasty party” comment without reason.

      I’m sure that all these labels are unfair to differing degrees but the party needs to embrace peoples perceptions and ensure that they challenge them by their actions. Deselecting female sitting MPs in favour of old Etonian men isn’t helping. Saying that you are not elitist because the transport secretary is from a working class family doesn’t help. Having a front bench of almost exclusively white men doesn’t help. There needs to be an overt feeling of inclusiveness to attract more women and minorities and at the moment that just isn’t there.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Balderdash. This is tokenism.