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Tories talking to themselves

25 February 2014

11:31 AM

25 February 2014

11:31 AM

If Grant Shapps and John Major gave a speech but no journalists were there to cover it, did it really happen? That’s what happened today. The Tories invited one pooled camera into their headquarters to see the former prime minister stand next to the party chairman in a belated attempt to prove that at least two senior Tories did not go to Eton.

Loyal MPs and spinners delivered the speech line-by-line on Twitter; but the only interesting bits were briefed out to the Daily Mail last night. Apparently, Sir John could only afford half an hour off from watching cricket, so there was no time for a Q&A – nothing at all to do with his off-message comments that have generated plenty of column inches over the last year.

There is trying to control the narrative, and then there is just wasting everybody’s time. If this is a glimpse of how the Tories plan to run a general election campaign, then count Mr S out.

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  • Trapnel

    The Tory version of Wallace and Gromit: white van drivers to a T.

  • mrsjosephinehydehartley

    -It might have something to do with the principle of redundancy which, as I understand, is about having another arm to play the strings of one’s bow.

    Disseminating this speech from the womb or bowels ( perhaps) of the conservative party directly to the stratosphere-like space ie where modern communications happen – is I suppose a neat way to avoid the usual frustrations that too often beset the more old-fashioned organs of media.

  • Two Bob

    Grey rights!

  • global city

    Shapps is Walter Mitty whilst Major is surely Chauncy Gardner

  • Mynydd

    Tories talking to themselves, who else can they talk to. The country have stop listening years ago.

  • swatnan

    Its the first sign of madness … talking to yourself.
    How much tax does Crosby pay.

  • Wessex Man

    Dead Ducks quacking away to a non audience magic!

  • George_Arseborne

    Grant Shapps a.k.a. Micheal Green is really an idiot. How could the Tories chose a clown of such magnitude to be their chair? Remember the image of Ed Milliband and Message attached that he tweeted yesterday? What ridiculous campaign that backfires immediately to suit his kins in Numbers 10 and 11.
    Today with Sir John in an empty hall to show that the Tories are all for working men. Who will believe him and his party. You better go hiking Grants rather wasting your time at the Tories HQ.
    Why is Lynton Crosby being paid 500k for?

    • Ooh!MePurse!

      What a peculiar post. I mean peculiar in the way that it is written.

    • Pip

      You cannot Govern a Country for 4 years straight whilst ignoring the needs and voice of the majority of the people and then expect to be re-elected, their arrogance and duplicity and ineptitude are all that they will be remembered for.