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Spike Lee’s love letter to Ukip

28 February 2014

7:30 AM

28 February 2014

7:30 AM

Tell me: does this passage from American director Spike Lee’s recent rant against the gentrification of Brooklyn not sound like a press release from UKIP?

‘I’m for democracy and letting everybody live but you gotta have some respect. You can’t just come in when people have a culture that’s been laid down for generations and you come in and now shit gotta change because you’re here? Get the fuck outta here.’

Admittedly it’s a little street for Nigel Farage. But reread it with a Bucks bray and it’s pretty bang on; the voice of Little England undeniably rings out. In fact, if anything, it’s the kind of thing that New UKIP might find a little extreme. A little media-unfriendly. It’s the voice of Godfrey Bloom really.


And yet, the Guardian – among others – have endorsed it. That’s what’s happened to the radical Left. They’ve shifted to the right of the Right. It is inevitably where the anti-gentrification message leads. Being anti-immigration on a local level is the same as being anti-immigration on a national level. The difference is just one of degree – and often race.

And believing in preserving a community on the grounds that it’s been there a long time does not automatically become a Leftwing idea just because those communities happen to be brown or black, not white. Wanting to preserve cultures in aspic is called being a conservative. (The clue’s in the name.) A very old-fashioned conservative. And amazingly, Spike Lee is their latest recruit:


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  • Guest

    Strange rant.

  • dalai guevara

    Excellent points. Socio-cultural gentrification is a concern in conservative societies, monied-up socio-cultural gentrification a concern of those content with a life of chippy dinners enjoyed in the privacy of their single-glazed homes.
    Both groupings are in for a surprise given the nature of our increasingly fast-moving globally warmed corporate world.

  • Drax WD

    Rich people moving into a previously run-down area is usually a good thing, but the movement/process/culture/whatever of ‘Gentrification’ that’s different. ‘Gentrification’ is about ‘alienation’ & whether you’re a working class whitey or the member of an ethnic group it hurts when you feel it’s all pervasive ‘lean’ on you. Spike Lee (who no doubt has bias like we all do) is defending the former ‘organically grown’ community of Brooklyn against what he sees as an attack on it by the ‘cynically manufactured’ process of ‘Gentrification’. Most of the people that defend this process are fully aware of the agenda they are pursuing & are loath to admit there is one, but some of them are so brainwashed that they truly believe that they’re ‘doing nothing wrong!’

  • global city

    Igor is plainly a silly, silly man.

    Facing out to the world, rather than confining ourselves to an inward looking and fearful (of the rest of the world) political project is somehow, a braying little ingerlunder.

    Perhaps the idiot would care to explain these contradictions in depth the next time that the Spectator asks him to contribute?

  • Mr Creosote

    Spike’s a kipper – welcome aboard!

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Well of course. Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. It’s called being a human being and seeking to CONSERVE what you perceive to be “yours”. Ultimately nothing is anybody’s except that which we make our own by occupation, time and custom. Along with the rule of law, these are the fundamentals of conservatism…Now he’s a conservative, Spike is more than welcome…

  • Patricia

    “I’m for democracy and letting everybody live but you gotta have some respect. You can’t just come in when people have a culture that’s been laid down for generations and you come in and now … ”

    Is Whitey allowed to say that about parts of London / Birmingham / Leeds / Leicester ?

  • Jez

    Spike Lee is a genius.

    Probably one of the most important portrayals of the gang culture on both side of the pond could be Clockers (1995) by Lee. I would advise anyone who wants a real view (not the BBC victim-fests) to watch it. It’s absolutely brilliant.

    Good tune from BDP but not too sure of the merits of hiding behind a see thru mesh fence with a bright red shirt on! ;-))

  • sarahsmith232

    Another one for the Ukip manifesto made by high ranking member of Labour –

    In ’96 she protested about an influx of migrants to her local area because she believed that their cultural and ethnic background meant that their effect on her constituency was undesirable stating – `I am surprised that they choose to bring in blonde, blue-eyed girls from Finland, instead of nurses from the Caribbean who know the language and understand British culture and institutions.’`And are Finnish girls, who may never have met a black person before, let alone touched one, best suited to nursing in multi-cultural Hackney?’
    This caused controversy and so she backtracked by saying –
    `My concern is that in the inner city, big local employers should make an effort to recruit locally. Homerton makes no special effort, though it is the second largest employer in the area,’ `The issue is not one of colour. The issue is that people should not be recruited from overseas in an area of mass unemployment.’ `I’m sure these women are charming. But they are basically here to improve their English and are unlikely to give the British health service a lifetime’s commitment.
    Personally, would struggle to spot the difference between these statements about the effects of immigration and the reasons for it being far more responsible to take a conservative attitude towards it and Ukip’s.
    So which member of the Labour party was it that said that in ’96? None other than Labour’s current most explosively, most violently pro the unrestricted open-door Dianne Abbott. She’s spent decades having to answer for her hypocrisy, I’d she isn’t one, she’s just unashamedly full of hate about ‘the white’. The negative effects are only worthy of being seen as negative when the people that experience this are not white. Nothing hypocritical about this, she’s just a pathetically narrow minded hater.

    • post_x_it

      How does she feel about the whitey banker kids at her son’s public school?

  • tjamesjones

    Well played, Igor.

  • Kitty MLB

    Very street, for the debonaire Nigel Farage, ( England’s Hope! )
    cannot see him using the same language in this country, especially
    Scotland ( might get another bloody nose )
    Spike Lee’s entire rant was incoherent unadorned racism ( according to some)
    A white person would not have been able to speak this way,
    which is why the loathsome Guardian probably supports it.

    • Wessex Man

      What’s that give Nige a bloody nose is ok? there’s a nice bit of racism, good job the English arn’t so racist or the halfwit waving the Saltire by the stage at the UKip Party Conference in Torquay this mmorning might have got a first bloody nose!

      • Kitty MLB

        No indeed not.
        They should have given the painted faced halfwit
        two bloody noses, one for lovely Nigel and one for being a moron-
        I hope no one is misunderstanding my obscure sense of humour-
        Nigel would say, what do you mean England’s hope,
        I shall conquer the entire United Kingdom.

  • La Fold

    His films are just about as horrible as he is.

    • Wessex Man

      Well personally I just think that his films are cr**!

  • Raw England

    Well, exactly, Igor. Blacks such as Spike Lee are actually far-Right. They’re far-Right for their own race. The vast majority of them are.

    The thing is, they’re being far-Right for their own race in White nations. They’re doing it in America and in Britain.

    And the Guardian is no longer even a paper dominated by far-Left Whites; its now dominated by far-Right black, Muslim and other non-White ‘writers’.

    Maybe you’re starting to realise what we Nationalists have known for ages: Race is everything.

    • ohforheavensake

      You’re pretty appalling, really.

      • Raw England

        Lol. Charming.

        And its the truth. Refute if you can. You won’t, because you can’t.

        • ohforheavensake

          It’s not even remotely connected with reality: you don’t seem to know what the terms left and right actualy mean, you make really silly generalisations (how do you know all blacks are far-right? Have you asked them all?), and you make bizarre statements (the one about the Guardian is farcically inaccurate.

          You’re simply wrong. Oh, and by the way, on the race thing? We’re all the same race. Ethnic differences are tiny variations on the same genetic pattern; and there’s more genetic variation within ethnic groups than there is between ethnic groups.

          So, sorry; but you’re completely, definitively, and rather stupidly wrong.

          • crosscop

            “Ethnic differences are tiny variations on the same genetic pattern; and there’s more genetic variation within ethnic groups than there is between ethnic groups.”

            That’s not what the NHS says.


          • Mainlander

            This is almost a parody of your typical Guardian reader.

      • gerontius

        No worse you you

      • global city

        Is Spike?

      • crosscop

        So is Jamie Foxx. “I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?”

  • artemis in france

    The différence hère is surely that Spike Lee is against improving Brooklyn’s appearance and ambience while UKIP is against the deterioration of the culture and ambience of Britain. That;s why the Left approves of Spike Lee’s comments. It is inverted snobbery. Conserving downtrodden areas is OK. Just don’t try to improve things. So, running down décent areas is OK too. (As long as you don’t have to live there, of course, darling.)