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Spectator TV presents Westminster’s ‘House of Cards’

25 February 2014

4:06 PM

25 February 2014

4:06 PM

Introducing House of Cards, Westminster redux.

Many thanks to all the politicians who took part.

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  • sarahsmith232

    I really hope this is just the beginning of a real Spec’ Internet TV.
    Could I be really annoying and put in a few requests? What about Julie Burchill interviewing White Dee about her dependency? It could uploaded in little 10min slots, just them on a couch, surely as cheap as chips to make. Dee, god bless her, is in a total state of denial about herself. She’s blaming everyone and everything but herself for her predicament, if she’s refusing to take responsibility for her life how can take responsibility for her kids? Surely a really searching, in depth interview by Burchill would be informative and entertaining.
    Starting to really like Labour’s Simon Danczuk, MP for Rochdale, he’s no admirer of Miliband. Is frustrated about their policies on welfare, he believes in the contributory principal, like we all do, but the rest wont wear it. What about a trip ’round Rochdale with him and old Mrs Duffy (she’s the same, holds the same view), lamenting the effects of long-term welfare dependency? She was amazing, she would be a very bright, witty, sparky and frustrated accompaniment. He would be able to vent, so damaging Labour.
    There’s another Labour (well, former) grenade that’s dying to go off in that other Greater Manc’ MP, Phil Woolas, the former immigration minister, the one that used his campaign lit’ to get ‘the white folks angry’. He’s obviously still seething, and he’s privy to a whole load of really v.damaging info’ on all that they were getting up to on immigration. What about allocating him a regular slot? Specifically about immigration and just exactly how trustworthy they are about it?
    Oh, there’s so much you could go with and absolutely didely squat that the Labour controlled regulator could do about it.

  • colliemum

    Jacob Rees-Mogg deserves a BAFTA for that outstanding cameo appearance!

    The rest better stay in their day job – until we say otherwise. Well, ok, give Mike Fabricant a pat on the head …

  • Rockin Ron

    Please can you do a Game of Thrones redux?

  • Rockin Ron

    This is great. Jacob Rees-Mogg gets it just right. A star is born!

  • CraigStrachan

    Watching Jacob Rees-Mogg in this, a thought popped into my head: Harold Ramis lives!

  • Guy Lakeman

    more like the house of shards … see through and empty

  • chump23

    Isn’t Jacob Rees Mogg incredibly sinister in that? When he enters the whip’s office I am leaving the country. Boris was rubbish though.