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Sir Paul McCartney’s media manipulation

27 February 2014

6:49 PM

27 February 2014

6:49 PM

Having been whole-heartedly hacked off during the phone hacking scandal, one assumes that Sir Paul McCartney has always been an advocate of high standards in journalism. Not so. While collecting a gong for songwriting at the NME Awards last night, the former Beatle admitted trying to slip fake stories past the music magazine:

‘One of the things we used to like to try and do was to plant a false story in the NME,’ he said. ‘We actually got in with ‘George was Billy Fury’s cousin’, which he wasn’t. Living on the edge, man, you know what I’m saying?’

Someone send for Leveson.

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  • asalord

    “Give Ireland back to the Irish” Paul McCartney.

  • Retired Nurse

    …according to Elisa on ‘LIstGeeks’ (an authority rivaled only by DeBretts) , Paul is also a distant relative of Pocahontas and Colonel Saunders….!/view/famous-distant-relatives/by/elisa ..

  • Peter Stroud

    God, the man is a confounded bore.

  • mitate

    tough being a music legend trying to be a little scamp.

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