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Sally Morgan is wrong: quangos are not stuffed with Tories

1 February 2014

2:49 PM

1 February 2014

2:49 PM

Sally Morgan’s claim this morning that No10 is trying to purge non-Tories from quangos doesn’t ring true to me. Last time I checked, Team Cameron was still putting Labour types into quangos, oblivious to the game that Labour has been playing so long for so well.

Exhibit A is the egregious Chris Smith, a former Labour Culture Secretary who has somehow ended up chairing the Environment Agency (whose incompetence can now be seen covering 23,000 acres of the in Somerset Levels). In the Labour years, the Labour Party was very good at deploying its own people to charities and quangos – making a good government-in-exile to attack a Tory government for cuts, etc.

I admire Sally Morgan, a former teacher and proven reformer, and regard her as an honourable exception to the template of a clueless politician being given a safe berth in a quango with a broad remit to just make trouble for a new government. But her claim this morning that there is Tory purge underway is a bit bizarre. Here she is on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning.


“I think there is an absolutely determined effort from No 10 that Conservative supporters will be appointed to public bodies. I think that is an issue for the Cabinet Secretary and the Cabinet Office to look at. It has been a quiet, quiet drip. I’m not talking about Labour people being replaced, I’m talking about non-Conservative supporters being replaced by Conservative supporters.”

When it comes to ‘drip dip’, Baroness Morgan would (I’m afraid) know all about that. The government she served made sure that many of its people were safely lodged in a quango (or charities, like Save The Children) forming a kind of government in exile. (I wrote a Telegraph column on this last year.)

The below figures, from the Taxpayers Alliance, are a breakdown of public appointments of individuals declaring political activity from the Commissioner for Public Appointment’s annual reports. It shows each party, as a percentage of quango appointees who declare some political allegiance. (This measure is not perfect, as many ex-Labour staffer have since declared themselves to be neutral). Note how, in 1997-8, Labour did precisely what Baroness Morgan accuses the Tories of doing now. And note how in 2010-11, under Cameron, Labour types still accounted for the majority of political appointees.

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  • AtMyDeskToday

    The lady in question is quite transparently protesting the loss of an unearned and well rewarded sinecure. However, throwing vitriolic abuse at those with whom you disagree is a hallmark of every Spectator and DT blog I have ever read and among the worst culprits are some of those posting here.

  • First L

    Sally Morgan shows exactly why she is not up to the job by inventing a tissue of lies and deceits against her boss purely because he is politically opposite.

  • kcband8

    This story will run on the Left wing BBC for weeks.
    Balance? Not a mention of Labour placemen. Not even bitter criticism of the Labour head of the useless Environment Agency. The BBC only mention party links when it a rightwinger.

  • gerronwithit

    Sally Morgan had a fixed term contract? Why does she head up an educational organisation if she does not understand the words “fixed term”, or is being a Quangocrat simply a right to trough until you have had your fill?

  • Tom Tom

    Which idiot appointed Blair’s kitchen cabinet adviser to this post ? March 2011 and presumably Gove was still in school when that decision was made. Just what was it about this woman that made her so irresistible to the Cameron regime ?

  • Eddie

    Yes, and it’s all particularly ironic as there are very many women who have deliberately been leapfrogged over better, more experienced, more able men into senior roles – and it certainly did not harm Sally Morgan’s chances that she wasn’t a man 3 years ago when Gove appointed her.
    Sour grapes are most bitter when spat out of the mouths of menopausal women, I fear…
    Surely, the people who should really feel bitter are the very many white men deliberately discriminated against so more women and ethnic minorities can nab senior posts in quangos and on the BBC and in the police and – well, everywhere really that uses the excuse of ‘equality and diversity’ to practice racial and gender discrimination against them.
    Want to see merit in action? Look at Mastermind on the BBC – almost all white men. Want to see discrimination and ‘equality of outcome’ made real? Look at who presents most BBC programmes – and wonder just how many good white men (esp less well off and well connected ones) are being kept down and forced to suffer discrimination, and all in the name of equality!
    And boy do I know some ethnic people, and women, and gay people who wear their minority status on their sleeves to get jobs and promotions. I also know some gay people who aren’t that cheap. But that means, they get passed over for promotions or appointments.
    All I can say is: that crikey I work for myself, well away from the dreaded diversity training sessions imposed by hysterical HR harridans on the working world.
    I was routinely discriminated against as a teacher in colleges in the past however – a man without children always will be in such a gyne-centric profession.

  • black11hawk

    Alice Thomson wrote a piece on this for The Times a while back, very insightful:

  • Conway

    I find it somewhat hypocritical for a Labour peer to complain that putting Conservatives in charge is political when presumably it was fine for Labour to stuff the quangos with their own.

  • tribalterror

    Strange that none of these details are forthcoming in the tsunami of gleeful scorn poured forth by the BBC…but then they are the largest quango in the land and entirely staffed by labourites..

  • HJ777

    Of course, the solution to this problem is not to purge quangos of Labour supporters.

    It is to purge us of quangos. By doing this, not only would a great deal of taxpayers money be saved, it would reduce the opportunity for political patronage of any variety.

  • drydamol1


    Nadine Dorries has expressed her opinion on Cameron and
    Osborne but also states there is a small group that forms a barrier between Cameron
    & Osborne shielding them from knowing what actually is happening in the
    Country .If Cameron has not got his finger on the pulse of matters he is unfit
    to lead a dog never mind a Political Party that Governs us .But if true we are
    being Governed by a minority within a minority unelected Government .

    Surely the Callous Welfare Reforms the Injustice of Legal
    Aid Cuts and the Total Mess the Educational System is in is not just down to the
    individual ‘Ministers’ running those Departments .

    Two of the Biggest Liars in Politics run the DWP and
    Justice but what about Education .

    Gove who runs Education only an MP for five years after
    working for Rupert Murdoch at the Times has sacked Baroness Morgan she being
    the chief of Ofsted the Schools Inspectorate.

    Morgan has retaliated over her sacking by accusing the
    Tories of positioning rank Tory Diehards of being given all the Top Posts .

    In 2011 Gove planned to provide every school in England
    with a copy of the King James Bible, inscribed “presented by the Secretary
    of State for Education .Austerity what Austerity .In June 2012, Gove approved three schools run
    by creationists ,he also wants to dismiss teachers for being members of the
    British National Party – probably replaced by Tory Teachers . While he was
    moving between homes, on one occasion he stayed at the Pennyhill Park Hotel and
    Spa following a constituency engagement, charging the taxpayer more than £500
    per night’s stay.

    He has several private Email accounts he uses for
    Departmental responsibilities to avoid the provisions of the Freedom of
    Information Act .It appears we are Governed by a Group of Totalitarian Legalised
    Criminals .

  • saffrin

    Is the DVLA a quango?
    Whatever it is it’s full of tw*ts.
    Where’s my license you bas*rds?

  • scampy1

    With her face she can give the other butch labour luvvies a run for there money?
    Kathy Ashton, Clare Short, ,Eagle sisters ,Mrs Balls UP Cooper etc?

  • London Calling

    Hello Fraser………:)

    I haven’t quite worked out what stuffing the conservatives have, except I know they’re not Quangos………lets hope its inspiration and passion :O

  • jools

    The BBC’s treatment of this story is the most blatant example of left wing bias I have yet to see from them – and we’ve seen an awful lot. The BBC’s “What the papers say” on their website today (Sunday) gives prominent illustrations and commentary from the Observer and the Independent. “Oh”, the BBC might say, “well the other papers didn’t cover the story on their front pages”. Yes, you daft ha’porths, that’s because it’s a non-story dreamt up by the Left to divert the news agenda and pre-empt the facts as illustrated in Fraser’s excellent graphs. Nothing wrong with these tactics, of course, as all is well in love, war and politics, but for the BBC to pander to it so utterly — and this non-story of Tories stuffing their supporters into quangos illustrates the BBC bias in clear focus — really shows how low our national broadcaster has sunk into the mire of the Left and all its anti-social designs on us all. I mean, even the Archers is now hopelessly biased against the views expounded by the Countryside Alliance! No wonder Ed & Ed will win in 2015 – it will be the BBC wot won it.

    • Conway

      I wonder if the BBC will cover the news that the EU report on the abuse of benefits/number of fake marriages by EU citizens was suppressed just before the debate on the Immigration Bill?

  • drydamol1


    Politicians and the Status Quo are backed by the Media
    .If we are only shown one side of an issue that’s all we have to go on to form
    an opinion .I should think a large majority think that Bashar Assad the
    President of Syria is a bad man because all we have seen is Death Destruction
    Homelessness and Poverty which is only in some minority areas of the Country .

    If the Media showed us how the Country is going about its
    business as usual as well as the fighting we could have a more balanced opinion
    .The Fighting is not widespread otherwise the Country would have ground to a
    halt by now and the Economy would have Collapsed .

    So why are the Establishment against Assad because he saw through them and stopped
    playing ball. At one time we courted both Saddam Hussein and Gaddaffi they eventually stopped
    playing ball and look what we did to them .

    Bashar Assad was living in London specializing in
    ophthalmology when his father died .When his elder Brother was Killed in a car
    crash he had to return to take over as heir apparent .He was not particularly
    interested in Politics .He was voted in as President .Being new in Politics
    Blair offered assistance and Assad excepted .

    When Blair thought his feet were firmly under the table
    he sent in Bank of England Officials to run Syria’s Economy which culminated in
    Assad asking Britain to leave. Assad used Syria’s seat in one of rotating
    positions on the United Nations Security Council to try to prevent the invasion
    of Iraq .Assad will not be in the Wests pockets nor would Saddam & Gaddafi

    Below is a link to a short video with some Syrians
    telling the BBC they are not welcome to spread lies about Syria .This post is
    Highlighting how we are fed Propaganda on a daily basis .
    The Media use Benefit Propaganda to
    suit Government Agenda -

  • Aarash UK

    People voted for Conservative (at least they are the biggest party) and wanted that this country is run by them. I am so shocked that why still many public bodies such as BBC are run by those communist Labours?

  • David Booth.

    The photo at the top of the article showing the sour, scowling mugs of Morgan and Campbell as the face of Socialism. True comrades in misery united!

    • Tim Reed

      Misery for us, not for them.
      She will be fine – her ̶c̶o̶m̶r̶a̶d̶e̶s̶ friends will make sure of it. She’ll be appointed manager of an NHS Trust somewhere, or some other careerist ‘management for the sake of it’ position.

  • Adaadat

    Sorry, but if the quangos were CCHQ in disguise, wouldn’t any good Tory big cheese quangoite have frog-marched his/her acolytes out of the building and shut up shop, long ago?

  • Andy

    Sally Morgan really is a very stupid woman. Cameron should have, on his second day in office, dismissed every single quango board – cleared out all these useless Fascists. He should have abolished half the quangos and appointed new boards, devoid of all these useless idiots like Morgan.

    • Mynydd

      Mr Cameron promised a bonfire of quangos, but when it came to action he couldn’t find the matches. Yet another Cameron failure.

      • Fergus Pickering

        What would the matches be in this image?

        • Swanky
          • Fergus Pickering

            Ah! Those. Don’t show me more f that. The heart, you know.

            • Swanky

              Hi Fergus. My dad wasn’t impressed: he said he couldn’t hear parts of it and didn’t know what I was talking about. Probably wonders why I ‘wasted’ the time: but it only took a couple of minutes!

              • Fergus Pickering

                Hi Swanky. Whatever they’re selling I’m buying lots of it. Lots!

      • Nicholas chuzzlewit

        Labour Troll ignoring the fact that many of these Quangos were established by Labour.

    • Fergus Pickering

      Cleared out half the quangos and set up new quangos. That isn’t a bonfire of the quangos, is it?

      • Andy

        Got rid of half of ’em.

        • Fergus Pickering

          No it didn’t. It simply replaced one quango with another.

          • Andy

            I said ‘SHOULD have abolished half…..’

        • Fergus Pickering

          No. Got rid of none of them.

  • Dovette

    Common Purpose scum

  • swatnan

    So, far we’ve had Frank Field, Milburn and Hutton doing major Reports; mind you they were pretty much on the right of the Labour Party, but we shouldn’t hold that against them. It takes all sorts. Thr proof of the pudding will be if Dave appoints say Di Abbott doing an enquiry on Gun Crime or Dennis Skinner on doing an enquiry on The Reform of the House of Lords or Ken Livingstone on yet another Reform of Local Govt.

  • Framer

    What about Diana Coyle vice-chair of the BBC and key member of the government’s Migration Advisory Committee (yes that’s why) while also acting as an adviser to Labour’s Chuku Umuna?

    • ЯED ED


  • John Smith

    I bet she wishes she had shut up & counted to 10 by the end of the weekend

  • tomthumb015

    Oh dear Sally Morgan gets fired and looses her job, welcome to the real world of employment, anyway the former backroom aide to Blair Sally Morgan likes to complain and moan about political appointments after being given a Labour life peerage?
    Hypocrisy by the truckloads?

    • Andy

      Stupid Morgan has not been ‘fired’. She has just been told that her appointment will not be renewed. Nothing wrong in that, and actually there should be a policy of not reappointing people to quango boards. What she is complaining about is being denied getting her snout into the trough. Her sense of entitlement is what it is all about.

  • ROUCynic

    Hang on now – this is hardly surprising. It’s about being the party in power. Labour was in power for 13 years. The Tories have had 4 and will get only 1 more. That’s what happens when you don’t win elections.

    • Fergus Pickering

      The Tories have not had any. The Coalition has had four years in power.

  • global city

    Yes. Quite the reverse in fact. One of the things that gave the game away with regards to Cameroonianism being based in left leaning ‘social democratic’ memes was the fact that the Tories were happy to leave all the ranting new Left progressives in place in all of the quangos and other institutions.

    His support for Common Purpose and the UAF sort of gave a hint as well, but, the man really is the heir to Blair.

    The first thing that anyone who even just wanted a more balanced governance of the country would have done is driven out the trogs from their positions of fundamental influence…. but he didn’t and still hasn’t.

    • HookesLaw

      Cameron is not a social democrat. He would not be laying of hundreds of thousands of public sector workers and cutting welfare if he was. Or introducing Free Schools.
      You are just another thick hysteric.

      • global city

        Like Hollande has had to have done.. or those free schools in Scandanavia?

        Your point really made no sense, unless viewed as the little rant of a stilted lefty who sees that social democrats are only ‘good’ so do not ever do things like those you listed.

        Politically immature and historically ignorant. Thanks for pointing those out! Everyone can now keep that admission in mind when reading all subsequent post that you will make.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …you mean, you are just another socialist nutter, like your boy Call Me Dave .

      • Wessex Man

        and the exact number of public sector workers now as against 2010?

      • Colonel Mustard

        I disagree. That is precisely what he believes he is. His gravitation into the Conservative party is surely just an accident of his patrician roots. But it is difficult to decide if he is a full blown Manchurian candidate (it would have been difficult to damage the Tory party so fundamentally if not by design) or incredibly stupid and naive beyond belief.

        As Mr global city rightly observes Cameron’s apparent support for Common Purpose and stated support for UAF must make him suspect. When that is added to his failure to follow through on Coalition promises (not Tory promises) to reverse New Labour’s nannyism then questions must be asked. It is neither thick nor hysterical to do so.

        I wish now that David Davies had won that leadership election. If he had I don’t believe the Conservative party would be in the divided state it is.

  • Denis_Cooper

    If you don’t like what you hear on the Today programme you could always complain to the Chairman of the BBC Trust, allegedly a Conservative.

  • MajorFrustration

    Agree but it was on Today and it was Jim (I love labour)McNulty. Should have started three years ago – better late than never for Dave

    • Fergus Pickering

      Nothing to do with Dave. It was Michael Gove who both hired and fired her.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Its nothing more than just another piece of cheap dishonest Labour propaganda. Morgan does what Labour does best. Spread lies.

    Of course one has to watch out for Labour supporters as they do tend to pretend to reinvent themselves as “neutral” once they have served their party’s political purpose but again I suspect that is just another lie. Vermin in sheep’s clothing so to speak

  • telemachus

    She was wrong about the generality but correct about the reasons for her demise
    Gove could not hack a Labourite in his regulator
    Why do every person who works for Gove hate him?

    • Nicholas chuzzlewit

      Because he is scouring the evil, rancid filth of socialism and it’s culture of mediocrity and failure from the British education system. Nice to see a worthless leftist thrown out on her fat, lazy backside. No surprise to hear the stupid idiot bellyaching about Tories having lost her sinecure and platform for carping about anybody who puts pupils and parents first. A bad day for Labour, the party of lies, lying and filthy liars.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        Since the socialist Camerluvvies are apparently committed to bolstering the socialist quangocracy, and increasing its unaccountable chokehold on all, why would you believe Little Boy Gove isn’t charged to do the same with the education system?

        • Nicholas chuzzlewit

          The point is to counter any rubbish posted by the noted idiot Telemachus.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Well, that’s always a noble exercise, no doubt, but mightn’t it just be worthwhile to throw the Govian baby out along with the dirty Telemucus bathwater?

            • Nicholas chuzzlewit

              Nobody deserves to be placed in the same category as that idiot Tele.

              • HookesLaw

                Oh I don’t know…. ‘viceroy’ does.

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  No, lad, that’s only for socialists like you .

                • Wessex Man

                  you couldn’t make it up as soon as you try to figure out tele boy up pops Hooky! are they the same person?

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  Well, near as I can figure, teleboy works for Dave, to troll the tribalists and fire them up for the Cameroons, and the other guy works for Farage, to troll the Cameroons and fire them up for UKIP. Nothing else could possibly explain those two.

          • Kitty MLB

            Telemuchus has been befuddled by the dark and murky
            path of socialism. He even supports that scoundrel
            Balls – perhaps Telemuchus can be saved- but I fear
            he has been completely brainwashed.

            • Andy

              Telemuchus can’t be saved.

    • Fergus Pickering

      But Gov hired her, you fool.

      • Mynydd

        Quite right Gove hired her and Cameron sacked her

        • Fergus Pickering

          No. Gove sacked her.

        • Nicholas chuzzlewit

          Labour Troll. Please ignore.

    • Kitty MLB

      Michael Gove is doing a slendid job.
      Those who hate him do so because he wishes
      to make education about the children again
      Instead of selfish teaching unions and incapable
      teachers . He is one of the few Cameroons I have respect for.

    • Alexsandr

      The cartel of labourite trade unionists who want to keep the dead hand of the UWTNAS and the NUT running education for their members benefit, rather than for the kids benefit. Gove is right to weed these people out.

    • Kitty MLB

      Actually I think the only one, its just a huge shame he
      is a Cameroon, no one is perfect I suppose.
      And far far superior then that handsome nincompop Tristram.

    • Fergus Pickering

      But Gove HIRED her. I am repeating myself. You have that effect.

    • Wessex Man

      Could it be that he requires them to actually do something rather issue empty quotes occasionally?

  • David Webb

    Once again, an article by Fraser lacking in elementary analysis. What about those quangocrats who are not clueless at all, but have a pro-technocratic agenda, to advance state regulation of everything and provide themselves with state-funded sinecures? Common Purpose graduates are anything but clueless, but determined in their support for an agenda that is creating a managerial state. Part of the problem is that it doesn’t matter who you appoint to these bodies – these bodies exist to exercise unaccountable power and like Thomas à Becket, who went “native” after being appointed to Canterbury, whoever you appoint is likely to support The Agenda. Better to just close them down.

    • Colonel Mustard

      An excellent observation.

    • Nicholas chuzzlewit

      Brilliant point made with lucidity and brevity. Kindly post on a much more regular basis.

      • HookesLaw

        Really What’s a ‘managerial state’ for instance. Are we supposed to spend hundreds of billions of pounds without managing it? Take the defence budget should that not be managed?

        • the viceroy’s gin

          You can always identify a socialist nutter. When cornered, they go into full strawman-building mode.

        • Colonel Mustard

          “What’s a ‘managerial state’ for instance.”

          It is what we are increasingly getting. An overblown, top-down bureaucracy (public + third sectors working hand in hand to ‘lead beyond authority’) staffed by political and/or ideological appointees, unelected and in the main unaccountable. Heavily subsidised by government (and therefore our taxes) to ‘advise’ and influence said government to roll out what is considered good for us in the form of constant bad behaviour reports, nagging and propaganda, whether or not we have been consulted or our consent obtained.

          The Tories haven’t quite come to terms with this. They inherited New Labour’s managerial landscape and judging by the lack of purges (and a bonfire) and the defence of New Labour apparatchiks with blood on their hands like Nicholson they quite like the arrangement. But on the other hand the mainly left wing and Labour supporting quangocracy and charitocracy have been gleefully throwing spanners in the Coalition works, aided and abetted by the BBC of course, from day one. This is perhaps because the socialist collective themselves have not come to terms with Cameron’s ‘de-toxified’ left wing drift.

          And let’s not forget that above our government, elected and unelected, sits the EU reflecting the same scam but on a much grander scale.

          Whatever is happening in the jostling, power play and smooching in the bubble the consistency is that the vast mass of the hoi polloi remain unrepresented and their concerns artfully deflected or dismissed.

          But the main thing for you to ponder, in order to understand the ‘managerial state’, is that all these highly paid people believe they are there to control us, shape us, coerce us, ‘nudge’ us, change us and make us conform to a vision of theirs which they presume is shared by everyone.

    • Careering Off

      Spot on. Public service as careerism. The unacceptable face of professionalism.

    • southerner

      Agree entirely about closing them down. Thankfully, Cameron and the luvvies have promised us a bonfire of the quangos. I am sure there’ll be sparking it up any day now…….

      • Wessex Man

        watch out for that match burning your fingers while you wait.

    • Fergus Pickering

      Well, Becket was certainly closed down. Perhaps the good King Henry is a lesson to us all.

      • David Webb

        Yes! Who will rid me of these infernal quangocrats? And no pilgrimage to Rome for me if someone does!

  • Saddo

    There are either or both of 2 things going on with the reporting of this.

    1 The BBC in built anti conservative bias means they run this as an example of the nasty Tories in parallel to that nice Mr Milliband’s kind and helpful reform of his party

    2 The Tories media management organisation is hopeless.

    The coalition appointed her, her contracts up so time for a change and yet its run (and lead the BBC news website) as an anti Con story.

    • Alexsandr

      i vote ‘both’

    • JunkkMale

      ‘Here she was on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning’
      Ignoring quite what brought her there in the first place (invitation, referral… demand?), might one inquire what the response was to what seems clearly a factually thin series of claims from the highly-paid, experienced, research-supported BBC interviewer(s)?
      If shy on sensible counter (given facts easily gleaned), one might almost suspect a facilitated propaganda outing more than holding of power to account.

      • Rainsboro

        I hope you’re being ironic. When I worked at the BBC, research largely consisted of asking the question “Is there a press release?”.

        Quite aside from the question of bias, considering the amount of “journalists” the BBC employs, its record on breaking stories is quite lamentable. This is usually down to pure laziness, you could halve the number of employees in the news division and it would make no difference to the output

        • JunkkMale

          There may have been an element of rhetorical tongue in cheek to my question, yes.

          The hashtag #prasnews is one I place great faith in assessing the likely ‘news’ value of much MSM ‘reporting’ or if in interview the odds of power they like actually being held to account.

          With the BBC these days, the process of bearing a politically favoured talking head into the studio to have their wisdom polished by usually fearsome interrogators seems well established.

          And when it comes to flies in the ointment of their pulpit opportunity, it does not surprise but disappoints that the astounding uncuriosity of senior management can suddenly afflict production and editorial.

  • Julieann Carter

    Baroness Young of Old Scone being a case in point.
    A former Labour whip appointed to chief exec of the Environment Agency in 2000.
    Declared herself ‘apolitical’ in 2001, I believe.
    Subsequently appointed to chair the QCQ, until 2010.
    Has also enjoyed seats as vice-chairman of the BBC and board member of AGW plc.
    Currently, chief exec of RSPCB.

    It speaks for itself.

    • hampsteadowl

      There is no such organisation as the RSPCB. If you mean the RSPB, Barbara Young hasn’t been its chief executive for over 15 years. She is currently the chief executive of Diabetes UK.

      Other than that, spot on.

      • Julieann Carter

        Thanks for that.

    • Colonel Mustard

      In this week’s Speccie Charles Moore refers to her as Lady Young of Old Scone and New Labour and quotes her as saying she would like to place limpet mines on all the old pumping stations to get rid of them.

      It is a sad fact of life in modern Britain that outrageously extremist views, incitement to violence and hate speech from the doyens of the Left go largely unreported and unremarked. The Daily Mirror on the other hand is already referring to ‘Tory floods’. Orwell’s ‘newspeak’ and ‘doublethink’ is assuredly with us.

      • Julieann Carter

        Yesterday I witnessed the most horrendous bullying of a man on Twitter, by the radical Feminist Caroline Criado-Perez. It had quite an effect on him, I can tell you. Even Louise Mensch was motivated to come to his defence.
        His ‘crime’ was a history of disagreeing with her outrageous and twisted views.
        This man, Mark Sparrow, is a journalist who has written docs for Chanel 4’s, Dispatches. His timeline proves him to be a polite and mild mannered man.
        She accused him of ‘stalking her’, and then of raping her – metaphorically. Then, all her fellow Left Wing Feminazi’s lambasted him.
        She has just had a pair imprisoned, so her false allegations are very serious.
        Another ally she appropriated was the gobby Owen Jones, who claimed he too had been ‘raped’ by this man.
        How ugly is that?
        These two block all who disagree with them. However, if they are retweeted by others, then anyone can comment – it is a public domain.
        I drew this to the attention of the Spectator. I hoped, I. The current climate

        • Julieann Carter

          *I hoped in the current climate, and with such blatant slander being deployed to silence a critic, they might investigate and write this up.
          These extremists have far too much free reign.

        • Tim Reed

          Ugh! Modern feminists. Any disagreement with them is an automatic admission of ‘misogyny’.

          Disagree repeatedly and you’re a stalker/woman hater/rapist blah.

          Awful people. She should be called out for her hypocrisy.

          • Julieann Carter

            The same argument used to shut down debate on immigration. ‘Racist’.
            She describes frequent dissenters as, ‘hate’ readers.

            I read a feminist blog and learned all about PIV Rape.
            Heard of that one?
            Any act of ‘penis in vagina’ – is rape. Even in happy and fulfilled married life.
            It is unnatural because it hurts first time, and men know it. Any act of penetration is a violation, where women are subjugated, and forced to bear the consequences through childbirth. Women are never freely consenting to sexual intercourse, they are oppressed into accepting it as the norm, brainwashed by men.

        • Nicholas chuzzlewit

          A terrifying account. 1984 really is upon us with leftists using every dirty tactic in the book to neuter opposition to their odious totalitarian views.

        • Colonel Mustard

          The trend is certainly to use ‘offence’ as a tool of censorship. That was clear from Leveson and most of the leftist collective now deploy Marcusean tactics.

          “Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left. Surely, no government can be expected to foster its own subversion, but in a democracy such a right is vested in the people (i.e. in the majority of the people). This means that the ways should not be blocked on which a subversive majority could develop, and if they are blocked by organized repression and indoctrination, their reopening may require apparently undemocratic means. They would include the withdrawal of toleration of speech and assembly from groups and movements which promote aggressive policies, armament, chauvinism, discrimination on the grounds of race and religion, or which oppose the extension of public services, social security, medical care, etc.”

          We are seeing exactly that happen.

    • Nicholas chuzzlewit

      Well said Julieann. Ever the voice of common sense.

      • Julieann Carter

        Thank you kindly Sir! 🙂

  • the viceroy’s gin

    It is welcome and instructive that the Speccie kid spills the beans that his
    Cameroonian heroes are lovingly supporting their beloved quangocracy, and stuffing it full with their fellow socialists.

    Much appreciated, lad. Well done.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Sally Morgan’s accusation is classic Labour party displacement. When under scrutiny accuse your political opponents of doing exactly what you have been doing to a far greater degree. We see that almost daily here from commentator ‘Mynydd’. Labour up to no good again? – “what abaht Mrs Fatcher blah blah blah”

    New Labour’s appropriation and politicisation of the third sector is one of the most significant issues in the government of our country but I bet the story of this alleged and miniscule by comparison Conservative appropriation is the one that runs and runs.

    • telemachus associates

      Colonel Mustard:
      You are on this occasion (only) partially correct.
      Sally, a highly competent girl, who probably demonstrated her non political credentials best working tirelessly with Seb Coe, notable Tory, to deliver a successful London 2012, has got the attribution a little out of place here.
      Gove knew that he could rely on this generic backlash when he planned his vindictive move.
      The truth is that Gove has become pathologically fearful of Ofsted underlining his political rather than quality agenda in his pursuit of Free Schools.
      Ofsted have in the pipeline more criticisms on professional grounds alone of named Free Schools.
      Morgan already under suspicion for recent criticisms would not knuckle under and became a threat to the entire project.
      There was no option to Gove’s egotistical credibility and future leadership designs but to impose a more pliant regime.
      Fortunately Nick Clegg put in David Laws to keep an eye on the situation and Gove has pushed his political credibility too far on this one.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Beyond parody . . .

        • Field Marshal

          I would make the following observations about Group Telemachus:-
          1. They work with the active connivance of both the blog editor and the magazine editor.
          2. They keep odd hours suggesting an early commute, possibly to Brewers Green.
          3. There is a possibility that they are a sinister or cynical plant of the extreme right.
          4. They seem, notwithstanding posts to the contrary, to be well informed and of quick wit, all of which suggests they have a briefing team which is sinister in itself.

          • foxoles

            See also ‘Fabian Solutions’.

          • rtj1211

            No, it suggests they might have had a half-decent education and have more than 2 brain cells.

            Is that rare in your part of the world?? I thought the right wingers were supposed to have an oligopoly on brains…….

      • The Laughing Cavalier

        Her contract was for three years, she has served three years. A contract renewal is not a right. She claims that it is not being renewed for political reasons.

        She is an apparatchik, a former schoolteacher, labour party insider and worked in Blair’s private office before being parachuted into the upper chamber. All unelected and all in the service not of the nation but one faction in it.

        Live by the sword, die by the sword.

        • rtj1211

          Well, you’d better tell Michael Gove all this, because he said she did an excellent job.

          Of course, you know better. Perhaps you worked in teaching with her years ago??

      • Nicholas chuzzlewit

        I am afraid not old boy. Gove has taken another step in scouring the rancid filth of socialist failure and mediocrity from the British education system. Gove is a credible and effective minister and how the socialist filth must hate that. The times when mediocrity and a job for life was acceptable and bad teachers are going to get fired. I can hardly wIt and the spluttering of leftist idiots makes it all the more satisfying. Go for it Gove!

        • rtj1211

          Gove has stated, on the record, on the Andrew Marr show, that he would be happy to recommend Morgan for another senior position in another area of public life.

          Strange thing for him to do if she is ‘rancid filth of socialist failure and mediocrity’.

          I put it to you that your vituperative insulting sneering is evidence of a second rate mind, a petty envious incompetence and a mind filled with hatred, jealousy, spite and autocratic tendencies.

          If you were so superior, you would win arguments on facts, not on smearing.

          Shame you can’t……..

      • Smithersjones2013

        Sally, a highly competent girl, who probably demonstrated her non
        political credentials best working tirelessly with Seb Coe, notable
        Tory, to deliver a successful London 2012, has got the attribution a
        little out of place here.

        What no credit for Blair and Jowell? Its not like you not to blow your deranged and tuneless trumpet.

    • drydamol1

      Still ranting on about a losing Legalised Totalitarian Criminal Party

      • Colonel Mustard

        That’s one way to describe Labour but for examples of ranting we need to check out your comments. This one is – er – untypical.

    • Mynydd

      My comment below is: “Mr Cameron promised a bonfire of quangos, but when it came to action he couldn’t find the matches. Yet another Cameron failure” this was in response to: “Sally Morgan really is a very stupid woman. Cameron should have, on his second day in office, dismissed every single quango board – cleared out all these useless Fascists. He should have abolished half the quangos and appointed new boards, devoid of all these useless idiots like Morgan”

      Please tell me did Mr Cameron promise a bonfire of quangos or not. Answer yes or no. Has Mr Cameron abolished half the quangos and appointed new boards. Answer yes or no. If your answers, are yes for the first, and no for the second, then Mr Cameron is a failure, which can be added to all his other failures, like his failure to win an overall majority at the last general election.


      • Colonel Mustard

        You must be a bit thick like telemachus. Read my comment below about Mr Cameron in response to HookesLaw which was posted 11 hours before yours.

        • Mynydd

          Just answer the questions, or are you like Mr Cameron and change the subject whenever you don’t want to give an answer.

          • Colonel Mustard

            So you are as thick as telemachus.

            According to the BBC Cameron did not promise a bonfire of the quangos:-

            “Mr Cameron told the BBC he was not planning a “bonfire of the quangos”, as had been promised in the past by former Tory deputy PM Michael Heseltine and by Gordon Brown when he was in opposition.”


      • Nicholas chuzzlewit

        Labour Troll. Please ignore.

      • Nicholas chuzzlewit

        Nobody has to answer your questions yes, no or otherwise. You are in no position to demand anything although your attitude is typical of the authoritarian idiots that make up the Labour Party and the worthless leftist parasites like Morgan who have to drain the public resources because they are too ignorant, unproductive and valueless to make a contribution on the private sector.

    • drydamol1

      Typical Tory doing exactly what he’s is posting about – the Tories I know have all the same Traits – hypocritical .I know best and have their heads up their own posteriors most of the time .None of us know the workings of today’s Politics because most of it goes on behind closed doors most people rely on the Media and they are strictly governed on what they are allowed to tell us – and no Mustard I am not a so-called Labourite

      • Colonel Mustard

        That’s better. Much more like your usual BNP ranting.

        • drydamol1

          I see you have recategorised me from being a Labourite to a follower of the BNP.You must give your head more air and remove it from your posterior at
          least once per day .How has your ranting gone today – successful ,anyone silly enough to bite ,hopefully or some other poor creature will have to suffer to
          satisfy your lust for superiority

        • rtj1211

          Whereas you are the third rate rottweiler last seen in official government circles under Hermann Goering, Josef Goebbels and General Franco.

        • drydamol1

          What is it like to be treated like voting fodder .The Tory Hierarchy thrive on Lies & Deceit they are used to living a lie .But what about you that are Lied to on a constant basis like the rest of the Population are you frightened of the truth so therefore are quite happy not to know the truth

  • an ex-tory voter

    The problem is that David Cameron not only lacks conservative principles he is also either politically inept, or more likely not the the Tory politician he purports to be.

    There were clues almost from day one of this administration. First the “mistake” of forming a coalition with the socialists. Second, failing to deal with the BBC when he had the perfect opportunity so to do.

    Both of these “failures” have effectively tied his hands politically, the man is either a fool, or a knave.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …he wanted his hands tied. He’s a socialist, as are all the LibLabCon clones.

      • Kitty MLB

        Clearly Cameron’s days are numbered, yet
        I do feel its a shame that Michael Gove is linked to him,
        but I suppose that is life.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …perhaps Gove is part of the problem. Beware the golden boy, is often good advice.

    • 2trueblue

      The first suggestion was possible and the second not so.