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Rebel Raab cut down to size

17 February 2014

1:37 PM

17 February 2014

1:37 PM

Pint-sized Tory MP Dominic Raab ruffled the feathers of the powerful with his amendment to the Immigration Bill last month, which forced the government into a humiliating abstention. Raab has a growing group of supporters (who call themselves the Raabels) on the backbenches. His popularity has made an impression in the corridors of power. I hear that spinners for one Cabinet minister have taken to turning down broadcast bids by saying: ‘Try Dominic Raab, he’s always keen for publicity!’

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  • sjones117

    He is hardly “pint-sized”. He is quite a big bloke, actually.

  • uberwest

    Mere posturing and manoeuvring by Raab. This is the man who condemned British workers as the worst idlers in the world. He will do nothing about immigration, his strategy is to become Tory leader to block anyone who would stop immigration from getting the job.

  • Peter Stroud

    There are times when Steerpike exhibits symptoms of a mililitre sized brain.

  • James Strong

    I don’t know Mr. Raab’s height or weight.
    Will you in other articles talk about:
    black MPs
    homosexual MPs
    ugly MPs
    fat MPs
    stick thin MPs
    mohammedan MPs
    crippled MPs?
    No? Thought not.

  • keith

    as usual “i hear spinners for one cabinet minister” oh how nice it must be to be part of the club who know the ministers name but wont tell us, are you fearful you wont get invited to all those cocktail parties with the spineless ministers who wont stand up and speak for themselves but get fawning hacks like you to do their dirty work, did you really go into journalism to be a cut and paste reporter or do you have the guts to break the cosy back scratching that keeps the public out of the goings on in parliament, if not, no more of these pointless articles there just a waste of space

  • Guest

    Dominic Raab sounds suspiciously Anglo-Saxon to me. Is he an ECB double agent?

  • Lady Magdalene

    Mr Raab seems more in tune with the general population than the elite in the Cabinet.

  • alabenn

    He will probably be one of the influences vital to the future of the Tory party, pint sized or not, obviously for that to happen the swivel eyed Euro loons like Hookslaws, would have to tone down their pro Euro rhetoric or join the Lib Dems.

    • HookesLaw

      You need a good dose of english comprehension. I am not a swivel eyed Euro loon. I can forsee where I would vote in a referendum to leave the EU or take up some distant relationship with it and or join the EEA. But I am under no illusion that it (ie being like Norway) would be any different in any real sense to where we are now. Nor am I prepared to hawk around for this minimal change to the extent that it lets in ;labour.

      I know that to get a referendum we need a conservative victory we need to not split the right wing vote and let in a europhile labour govt who along with the LDs are opposed to a referendum.

      I suggest that anybody proposing to leave the single market and thus put jlobs and inward incvestment at risk oon a pointless whim are indeed swivel eyed loons. if they want to keep the single market then they are peddliung a big lie.

      • alabenn

        What part of the post indicates lack of English comprehension, typical lefty tactic, muddy the waters with irrelevant asides.
        You really like to dish out the vitriol, but when it comes to an ironic type observation against your self, crying like a baby comes to mind.

      • fubarroso

        I can forsee where I would vote in a referendum to leave the EU or take up some distant relationship with it and or join the EEA

        Well why didn’t you say so earlier? You had us all believing you were a Europhile or at least a Europlastic. So the main argument is about a Brexit strategy? Well, I reckon we would have at least a couple of years, after invoking Article 50, to sort that out with the EU while we remain fully paid up members.

        I don’t agree that “it would not be any different in a real sense to where we are now”. The moment we invoke Article 50 we start to head in the right direction, i.e. away from the complete destruction of our national sovereignty to become mere regions of the United States of Europe.

      • Mynydd

        Remember your “europhile labour govt” that is Labour is the only party who have given the people an in/out vote on Europe. Conservative Mr Heath didn’t when he signed the Treaty of Rome, nor did Conservative Mrs Thatcher when she signed up to the Single Market

      • Two Bob

        The problem is trust. The Tories are not trusted by a massive % of the right.

        ‘I know that to get a referendum we need a conservative victory we need to not split the right wing vote’

        Bless you for thinking that you are centre right after all that stuff you post on the speccie comments sections that sound like they come out of a green party manifesto!

  • Mynydd

    Every day we see the signs of the conservative party and hence the government falling apart.

  • sarahsmith232

    He’s the Tories Great White Hope, if they ever want to be part of a majority gov’ again they prob’ should be more considerate of him.

    • HookesLaw

      Ah the white hope is acceptable to you not the dark skinned one?

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …are you Camerluvvies holding out for one who married his Pekinese?

      • sarahsmith232

        Used the statement absolutely un-ironically. He really is their Great White Hope. He represents a set of values that the white mid-class majority hold, he seems unconcerned about marking himself out as such. Unlike Cameron carrying on Blair’s mid-90s, Brown blocked ‘modernisation’ project, Raab gives a good impression of being as of right angles to it as the rest of us are.
        But before all of your BBC brought on associations with this start firing off in your head (how do I currently exist for you? am I of the white to my core, fat, council and of a low educational background? or am I of the white to my core, gratingly posh, married to a very high earner and could care less about those that aren’t, Home Counties based female that has nothing much else to do than spend his money? which BBC generated stereotype was it that was working for you dear?). ‘Cause, FYI – Raab is Jewish.

        • lojolondon

          PS He is not a rebel – he is a proper MP. His job is to represent his constituents in Parliament, and act on their behalf. When the party in power calls people who do ‘rebels’ then the tail is wagging the dog, and MP’s are putting party above voters. We need far more Dominic Raabs in the UK.