Paedophiles are just one of the Left’s unacceptable bedfellows

26 February 2014

2:42 PM

26 February 2014

2:42 PM

It’s curious that the story about the National Council for Civil Liberties and its links with the Paedophile Information Exchange is big news now, since it’s been common knowledge for many years, and written about in the Catholic press on a number of occasions.

I researched the story back in 2006 or 2007, along with another journalist, and this was already then well-trampled territory, but the papers weren’t interested, despite my friend’s huge amount of work. He even went to Hull, I seem to remember. And back.

I only got as far as Cockfosters, which was then the improbable home of the Gay and Lesbian Newspaper Archives, which was where the various pamphlets produced by PIE were kept.

The articles were pretty much the standard turgid Marxist drivel, familiar to anyone who studied a humanities degree in the 1980s or 1990s. Unreadable, circular arguments, jargon and doublespeak, badly-written sentences designed to obscure the arguments; the main difference between this and any other cultural studies essay being that the end logic was ‘and that’s why I should be allowed to fiddle with kids’.


It now seems bizarre that elements of the New Left could possibly show sympathy to this movement, although there is the argument that from a civil liberties point of view NCCL were right. (The great Fergus McContrary makes this case in an interesting counterpoint in Spiked. Well worth a read.)

What were they thinking? Tom O’Carroll, the former chairman of PIE, has a theory, saying that the organisation was tolerated by the NCCL because it was among the ‘radical and liberal forces’ of the time. In others words, they were natural allies with a common enemy.

James C Bennett once wrote in the New Criterion magazine, on the subject of the radical Left that:

‘A population without a common language, common assumptions, or indeed any means of generating a genuine polity is easier to manipulate and turn into the common clay from which a new transnational order can be moulded. 

‘As few outside of the minority recruited in the universities find such a future attractive, postmodernism has cultivated (or imported) as allies groups that hold or can be taught to hold grievances against the mainstream societies. They include racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities who do not accept one or more shared premise or cultural characteristic of the common culture. Concepts of racial and ethnic authenticity and grievance narratives are used to bind these groups as allies against the majority culture, no matter how divergent the actual practices of the minorities are from the preferences of the postmodernists.

The only requirement is that these allied groups are to some extent victims of the common culture, with its bourgeois hypocrisy and power structures. That was the logic of PIE’s arguments in their pamphlets; and once you can convince a certain part of the Left that you are a victim of the white, male, hetero power structure than they are prepared to make quite a lot of moral leaps, and ignore the more obvious potential, real victims.

Nowadays no one would defend the rights of paedophiles even to lawfully campaign, and we’ve become much less permissive about this one area of sexuality, in some ways hysterical.

But the mindset still exists, and expresses itself in the way that Islamism is treated, with certain sections of the Left prepared to defend and pander to people with indefensible views and aims, and in the process harming the real victims – Muslim women, apostates unable to openly proclaim their atheism or Christianity in Britain, the moderates and modernisers.

The ‘allied groups’ are remarkably different, but the moral leaps and twists are pretty much the same. Maybe in 30 years’ time people will again be asking ‘how could they have supported such people?’

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  • christopher mahoney

    The Liberal Left would not survive more than a few hours in one of the workers’ paradises. I don’t know what Cuba’s policies on child-molestation might be, but I am pretty sure they are “intolerant”.

  • 1498

    Apart from the ‘Daily Mail’ the rest of the British media, seemed very slow to cover this important story.
    The BBC seemed almost reluctant to do so.
    No doubt, had this scandal involved a right wing or conservative politician, it would have been shouted from the rooftops, non stop, by the media long ago.
    This whole scandal raises questions about the standards of our media, more so than anything else. – Why has it taken them so long to cover this story?

    • Milford M

      Yes and I can’t help noticing that all of the sexual activity with children has happened on BBC property, according to the victims. Never ITV or Granada or whatever. Really makes you wonder about that sculpture on the corner of BBC headquarters, a man with his arm around a child…….

  • Littlegrayman

    Why are people shocked after all it was supporting a central tenet of Cultural Marxism in its aim to undermine the social structures of the western democracies.
    The really shocking thing is this was being pushed by a poor little rich girl who is now protected by a weak left wing leader.

  • NickG

    This is all part of the cultural Marxist ‘critical theory’ basket of tricks now permeating the media, acedemia, political complex.

    • christopher mahoney

      But in real marxist societies such as the USSR, cultural norms were very puritan. You can’t reconcile liberal marxism with real marxism. Liberal marxism is nihilistic, while real marxism is a bit more coherent. There is nothing that Stalin hated more than an intellectual. He killed them for pleasure.

  • Blazenka Hudson-trograncic

    The NCCL was one of the many rubbish outfits that buggered Britain, literally in some cases. The fact they hover around the wen that is ‘new labour’ is damning proof.

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Well, I’m somewhat encouraged by all the fuss which the Mail has set in motion. We shouldn’t be surprised that folk like the Harman-Dromy’s are involved. Back in the late-70’s these New labour aristocrats of the future were conducting gender/class struggle by any means possible. Fundamental to their struggle was an attack on the horrible patriarchal family which needed smashing at all costs to realise their mindless new left agenda. Better for a 10 year old child to be “loved” – i.e., emancipated from patriarchal and class oppression – by a paedophile than be entrapped in an (always) abusive nuclear family. I see Hewitt has wisely thrown-in the towel. I suspect Harman is the real morally deformed feminist zealot here: what a terrible thing broken dreams are…

    • Dogzzz

      Hewitt appears to have belatedly saved herself from the worst of the deserved abuse from the media. I feel that Harriet Harmschildren has now left it too late and should resign in disgust and take her ladyman husband with her.

      • Cornelius Bonkers

        Indeed. But surely just apologising is the easy way out. What the press should do is to insist that Hewitt – who is the real villain here – should EXPLAIN her thinking at the time. That would kick it off because it would expose left “thinking” of the 1970’s as entirely devoted to the destruction of existing institutions (the family, real education etc.,) but with no idea what to put in their place…

    • Milford M

      Harriet Harmful is a horrible woman.

  • Al

    Catholic Ed West lectures people about having paedophiles as unaccepable bedfellows. Couldn’t make it up.

    • Dogzzz

      The Catholic faith has (unlike the BBC and the labour party) admitted that there is a problem with Paedophilia within its organisation and taken steps to stamp it out. I wish the BBC and the labour party had done likewise

      • Al

        Indeed, I think Catholic priests agreed to keep it down to one choir boy per day.

  • Kevin T

    Your main point is spot on too. In the 80s Ken Livingstone’s GLC had the IRA round for tea. In the 2000s as mayor of London he had Sheikh Qaradawi round. They never change.

    • sarahsmith232

      spot on, they’re extremists that’s default position is to always ‘protect’ all of the ‘victims’ of majority intolerance. The behaviour or morality of their supposed to be ‘oppressed minority victims’ is really of no particular importance to them because they are always able to twist any behaviour by these ‘victims’ into a story about oppression – if they are violent then this is only because they are angry and frustrated about their oppression at the hands of the white aggressor, etc.
      Harman etc don’t realise this is all really just one really big ego massage for them, when they take these positions they’re imagining themselves these so saintlier than the common, ugly, ignorant, great unwashed masses. They have to believe in their cartoon caricature ignorant masses, they define themselves against them and have to believe that they have no worth so that they can tell themselves they’re the angels here, implementing policies that only the scum oppose.
      I’ve been around their sort a million and one times, from the comfort of their middle-class existence they take these holier than thou political positions that in no way negatively impact on their lives, you see them while presenting themselves to the world as this, you know ‘look at me, i’m saying the effects of immigration are so really very lovely, I am obviously so lovely because of this, am I not?’. I’m usually the really annoying spanner in the works that’ll have to and pull them on it, have you ever pinned a left-winger on the hypocrisy behind their political views? It’s so enjoyably easy to take them apart, far too easy i’m afraid, they’ll of course hate you forever for it.
      But yes, anyone that says ‘oh all this was in the 70s, it doesn’t matter now’ ha! rubbish, it’s all still very much there.

      • Patricia

        “I’m usually the really annoying spanner in the works that’ll have to and pull them on it, have you ever pinned a left-winger on the hypocrisy behind their political views? ”

        Yes, Sarah I have many times, and you can’t fault their weasel-worded ideological argument. It’s all waffle though and in the harsh light of day it all dissolves; Q.E.D. – the previous Labour Governments, the eastern Bloc countries, China etc

        “But yes, anyone that says ‘oh all this was in the 70s, it doesn’t matter now’ ha! rubbish, it’s all still very much there.”

        It matters very much because we are still picking up the pieces. The Left have busted Britain’s mainspring.

        • christopher mahoney

          I take heart–as an American–in the expectation that Cuba may revolt against marxism while Fidel is still alive. If this Venezuela thing gets any worse, Cuba will be unable to feed itself. The workers paradise will become just another failed state. Where will New York’s mayor spend his vacations after Fidel is in jail?

  • Kevin T

    Anyone who’s seen the NCCL’s advertisement in PIE’s magazine – in today’s Mail – must accept the NCCL’s actions were indefensible. They weren’t just associated with these people, they allowed them to sit on committees and they placed adverts in their rag alongside photos of little boys in the same poses as models in FHM.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      Its all unwrapping nicely now. Fleet Street’s finest are digging and coming up with the lodestones. Like Lenin’s statues across Ukraine, Harman looks set for a cracking decapitation! Long may she rest in pieces.

      • amphibious

        Froggy – check the meaning of “lodestone”.

        • FrenchNewsonlin


          • amphibious

            Froggy – You’re welcome, though I think that your correction was meant to be “paydirt”. Rocket scientists the reptiles of the Street of Shames ain’t.
            Colloquialisms are a bugger when not using ones first language.

            • FrenchNewsonlin

              Perhaps, but in this instance its a payload in the sense of highly beneficial when it happens! Rocket scientists Fleet Street’s finest may not be but doggedly and rewardingly persistent they certainly are when necessary and Hewitt’s belated apology surely vindicates the Mail’s lead on this.

              • amphibious

                Froggy – even reptiles aren’t “a’digging for the payload”. It is a “load” ie something carried/carted/transported, almost always something small & valuable, like that atop the V2s or sundry other missiles.
                You are starting to sound like a Turing prog. with a glitch.

                • FrenchNewsonlin

                  Sorry Drowning this is now way off topic. You are welcome to your literal view. I’ll stand with what is written. End of style lesson.

  • HD2

    The NCCL was simply one of many Marxist front-organisations, seeking to undermine British society; CND is the other well-known one and the more militant unions another.

    PIE paid money to NCCCL and so paid (in part) Harman’s wages and office costs.

    As she herself said, they were desperate for money and so took it from anywhere and everywhere.
    Just like socialist constructs everywhere.

    What’s more worrying is that Mr & Mrs Dromey have never changed their underlying view – namely that the standard, stable, nuclear family on the UK in the period up to 1990 or so was abhorrent and so needed to be destroyed in order to build their new socialist utopia.

    Hence all Harman’s legislation designed to destroy families and have the family pay taxes so the State can pay people to pay taxes to look after their young, sick, elderly and infirm: all jobs which had, hitherto, been done ‘for free’ by (mainly women) since the dawn of time.

    Both Dromeys are of the ‘vile, vindictive, champagne socialist’ type (the others being ‘deluded fools’)

  • Ollie Williams

    “The ‘allied groups’ are remarkably different, but the moral leaps and twists are pretty much the same. Maybe in 30 years’ time people will again be asking ‘how could they have supported such people?’”

    The difference is that the amount of peadophiles has remained constant since the 1970s, while in the next 30 years the amount of Muslims will grow massively, becoming a powerful voting block.

    • john p reid

      I agree ,but labours anti terror laws hardly got labour the Muslim vote?

      • Dogzzz

        That is because even pandering to Islam is not enough for the Islamic community. They demand outright subservience.

  • Chris Blackmore

    You are Tory poodles.

    • Cosmo

      And you are a Labour lackey.

      • Chris Blackmore

        Same old incorrect assumptions. I was attacking the Torygraph, not the commentards, and I am not a supporter of any party I have heard of.

        • sarahsmith232

          You are v.obviously a person unable to come up with a coherent counter argument-tard. Must try harder next time dear, your comment was not worth making.

        • Cosmo

          You imply that “commentards” on the Spectator site – not the Torygraph – are Tory poodles, then accuse me of making incorrect assumptions. I looked at your previous posts before pointing out that you are a Labour lackey. If not, maybe SWP or something equally deluded. Why not read the article at the top of this page. If you try really hard, you might just recognise someone you know.

  • john p reid

    When Michael Dugher M.P tried to get the Tories to apologise for the miners strike post David Wilkies murder, and Guido Fawkes campaign to get Labour to apologise for that, trying to get people to apologise for stuff they’re not involved with, the list of other things Labour should apologise for more than NCCL links to pie, I’m still waiting for Livingstone to apologise for inviting the ?IRA with open arms to the GLC.

    • john p reid

      Come to think of it I’m waiting labour on a Harringey council to apologise for its Institutionalised anti white racism

      • john p reid

        I’m waiting for the Labour Party to apologise for Harringey council saying in 1985 ,50 different comments that the police were like the Nazis, the KKK, the police on the Deep South,the police in South Africa,,the Gestapo,or the SS, or that after the murder the local kids would now expect to get strung up and lynched, the way the police in South Africa,do that, well guess what the police didn’t go around stringing black kids up on the estate like that,

    • Dogzzz

      Strange how Blair was always very willing to apologise for all sorts of things, that he (and the rest of us) had never ever actually had any actual part in, such as the Slave trade of the 18th and 19th centuries.

      Yet when it comes to stuff that these lefties actually have done…? Not a peep of contrition or apology at all. It is like a belief in left wing philisophy automatically grants immunity from ever being wrong.

      • john p reid

        I’m waiting for the Labour Party to apologise for Harringey council letting the locals at broadwater farm youth club, hold up the killers Of Keith blakelock as heroes, champion them ,shield them ,and hide them

        attempting to pervert the course of justice when they deliberately hindered the police investigation into P.C Blakelocks murder by not only cleaning the estate straight away ,preventing much forensic details from coming to light, but by hindering the investigation with coming out with 182 anti white racist comments

        or the 7 different times Bernie Grant said it was a white cop who killed P.C blakelock,or the 7 other peope on Harringey council who said they saw the killers skin around their eyes or their hands and they had white people’s hands or the 14 times that Bernie Grant said he didn’t feel the need to apologise for saying it was good ap.C blakelock was murdered a s all police officers are racist,or when the original suspect were cleared Bernie Grant said justice had been done, when it was pointed out that justice hadn’t been done,as no one had been brought to justice yet,inthec Labour Party supporting newspaper the Daily mirror,Bernie Grant said that the daily mirror was racist too , Now P.C blakelock was stabbed 56 times and the amount of blood that must have splashed off ,covered a lot of people, and when his attackers left the area, no one can seriously tell me that when they took their balaclavas,off that their weren’t witnesses,or witnesses as to where they buried his truncheon,or helmet,or the knives,and no one can seriously tell me the anti white racist comments made by those on Harringey council didn’t give credence to left the killers and their witnesses, hide their crime

    • Milford M

      McGuiness Ex IRA fella had T with Queenie the other day. Looked like he was having the time of his life. How times change…

  • celtthedog

    Half a century ago, homosexuality was still illegal in Britain and most western democracies. It is now virtually illegal to be against homosexual marriage.

    Time is on the side of the paedophiles.

    • Fergus Pickering

      It is not illegal to be against homosexual marriage. Why am I saying this? Don’t be idiotic.

      • Daniel Maris

        I think if you went on the high street in your local area and started declaiming against gay marriage you because you thought it was immoral, you might well find yourself arrested on a hate crime basis.

        • Kitty MLB

          Unless you were to wear a Sherwani,
          whilst you were ratting away on the high street,
          and then others who disagreed with you will be the
          people who end up in Gulag.

  • Doggie Roussel

    Harriet “Longford” Harman… part of that revolting Labour dynasty, deeply embedded in the pages of Burke’s Peerage, yet always trying to downsize, while unaware that paedophilia was not on the average Labour voter’s radar.

    This is the most delicious dish of schadenfreude yet to be savoured… let’s just hope that there is a main course and a pudding to follow !

  • First L

    A proper article to replace Nick Cohen’s craven cowardly piece yesterday.

  • GraveDave

    The great Fergus McContrary
    Seriously, this is his actual name?

  • Kitty MLB

    Excellent article.
    Its not just the type of despicable and utterly disgusting bedfellow that
    Labour choses for its own grubby little party but the fact we have no choice.
    They purposely inflicted upon us those minorities who despise our culture, traditions,
    and create their own little communities and not even speaking English
    and as you say the left pander to them and make them far too important
    in a country that is not actually theirs.
    You mention Muslim ladies , yes they are treated dreadfully but instead
    of trying to protect the culture of others, ours should be protected.
    Also congratulations on being able to decipher leftie dribble, you do
    make it seem as if they make is as confusing as possible, on purpose,
    not surprised.

  • sarahsmith232

    Agree completely with the article. It really is all still relevant, they haven’t altered, they haven’t changed. Only difference now is the repulsive ‘minority’ groups they spent 13yrs elevating to the status of morally equal victim of the ignorant masses are just of a different hue. Same mind set, one that was dismissed as at the lunatic fringe, so had no power, unfortunately since the 70s though, that mind set has gained the upper hand, our national broadcaster having played no small part in that journey.
    Couple their ignorance and contempt for the majority view, their out of control, Left-wing saviour complex, a dominant state owned broadcaster only too happy to propagandise on their behalf, and you’ve got a really very corrosive combination. These people should never, ever, ever be allowed anywhere near power ever again.

    • GraveDave

      ‘Operation Yewtree’. Now look how really serious we are about protecting children; even when they’ve turned 65.

    • Noa

      But what’s the betting that Labour will win the next election?

      Identify, create, collect, cultivate and most importantly, bribe enough disenchanted and disaffected minorities and eventually they will again have a voting majority which will return them to power.

      • Cosmo

        Given the fact that the electoral system works in their favour and with a little manipulation of the postal voting system in our more enriched areas, I’m afraid it’s virtually certain. Still, if I’m right, the illusion that George Osbourne has created will disappear and we will at least have the pleasure of seeing the architects of this mess of an economy finally being held responsible.

        • Doggie Roussel

          If the wretched prevaricating Scots decide to vote YES, Labour will be short of over 50 safe seats in Westminster… so why on earth is Cameron doing all he can to get them to stay ?

          • Kitty MLB

            Probably for the same anti-English reason the numpty Cameron wishes us to stay in the EU.

          • Noa

            Cameron must be torn on this, Doggie.
            His continueation in office would probably be ensured by secession. (Would that happen before his exit in the 2015 general election though?) But he will be remembered by history as the despicable Prime Minister responsible for the final destruction of Great Britain after 250 glorious years .

            • Doggie Roussel

              Your point is understood and well made, Noa, but I feel that a significant proportion of the English electorate would be absolutely delighted to be rid of the Scots and that Cameron’s, or whoever follows him, position would be much enhanced.

          • victor67

            He’s nowhere to park his nuclear subs and I think they kind of need the oil revenue’s as well.

            • NickG

              The subs can move pretty much anywhere, there is lots of spare capacity at Plymouth and Portsmouth, thanks to naval cuts. As for the North Sea oil. About 40% of the oil and most of the gas is South of the border. That north of the border will be more than made up for by the £50 billion + pa transfer payments that Scotland gets compared to the revenue it generates that England wont have to pay. More, something like 30% of the working population in Scotland are public sector workers. They will come off the UK payroll.

              Here’s an Englishman hoping for a Yes vote to independence!

              • Jambo25

                You really have no idea about anything. Wrong on virtually every ‘fact’ you’ve alluded to.

                • NickG

                  Actually I do. Just one – by way of evidence – the much bigger US Ohio SSBN Trident nuclear sub base – the Yanks have 14 vs the UK’s similar 4 Vanguard class – is on the outskirts of Seatle – Naval Base Kitsap. This base also services the 10 US nuclear powered carriers. The safety argument is an agenda driven distraction.

                • Jambo25

                  So are you suggesting moving the UK nuke boats to the Pacific coast of the USA? If not, why bring this up? If you are suggesting Plymouth or Portsmouth then you should be aware that it isn’t simply safety problems you will face. Where are the specialised docking facilities? Where are the Nuclear bunkers to store the warheads? Where are the specialist machine shops and maintenance facilities? Where are the deep water channels so that the nuke boats can get in and out, away from surveillance quickly? The ideal replacement base for the nuke boats would probably be somewhere down in Cornwall or South West Wales. with easy access to the deep waters of the Atlantic. Problem is that there are no bases to be had at present.

              • Doggie Roussel

                You’ve got it in a nutshell, Noa… well done… the only bad news today is that Standard Life said that they are bolting from Scotland if there is a Yes vote… another kick in the goolies for the tub of lard in Holyrood… but making a no vote look ever more probable.

                The trouble is that with an anticipated NO vote from the Scots, the humiliated Salmond and the wretched SNP will be seeking an even bigger slug of benefits and subsidies from Westminster.

                I would hate to think that whatever way the Scottish referendum goes the wretched self-serving Scots will be the winners.

      • john p reid

        It didn’t work in the 80’s and that was when Labour was assuming ,that by having rainbow alliances with gay groups or positive descrimination for BaME groups,that Gay and Black people ,would vote labour, rather than Gay or black people actually being. Ore interested in their bills and the economy, something the Tories had more f a clue how to run than Labour did,

      • sarahsmith232

        Please don’t, it really doesn’t bear thinking about. There was a lifeline thrown when this publication wrote that if the Tories don’t get a majority then they’ll go with – getting shut of Cameron while forming a minority gov’ then holding another election 12months later.
        This surely, surely? is going to happen 15months from now. Labour surely will never get more than the Tories, the Tories just wont get a majority. If Labour thinks it can get up to the same tricks it did in 2005 when it only got 35% but a majority ’cause of their inbuilt advantage (or, their refusal to allow us to live in a democracy and us all not being able to do a thing about it) then they can dream, no chance this time ’round.
        Team Raab. He surely will stick his hat in the ring when eventually we get shut of the wannabe New Labourite, Blair copier Cameron. Here’s to praying, keep the faith Noa, keep the faith!
        Enjoy your day.

    • Martin Adamson

      Support for pedophilia was not an aberration for the left – it was part and parcel of their long term ambition to destroy the family. There is a chapter in favour of pedophilia and incest in Herbert Marcuse’s One Dimensional Man, for example. Danny Cohn-Bendit, current leader of the Greens in the Euro Parliament, wrote in favour of it.

      • Littlegrayman

        Danny Cohn Bendit is another disgusting example on the left.

    • sarahsmith232

      Going to have to just add this. ‘Cause I should have tacked it in yesterday but went and forgot.
      What’s the really big e.g of the inevitable end point when you get this mind set coming to power? Asian grooming gangs getting to spend a whole entire decade having their activities swept under the carpet by the establishment because pointing fingers in their direction was only something a racist would do.
      Why did Labour prefer to crucify Ann Cryer in 2002 when she tried to get something done about this rather than have any concern for their victims?
      Why did Labour prefer to prosecute Nick Griffen using their race hate laws for publically speaking about this rather than get something done to stop it?
      Same reason they spent the 70s preferring to be a person that is all about ‘protecting the vulnerable’ (Harman’s description of her last 30yrs in politics), the mere fact that those ‘vulnerable’ members of this society were child abusing, sick ****’s, is not something that they considered particularly relevant.
      Chakrabiti revealed the same mind set, saying Liberty has always been about protecting the vulnerable. Hewitt’s really being let off the hook on this, she was Health Secretary when Labour’s Cryer lynch mob went for her, what were her thoughts on this? That the uneducated stupid Northerner MP was revealing her only to be expected racist attitudes towards the Asian community? So should be viciously attacked? I’m going to go with a yes on that. Harman can’t understand that when she excuses her association on the grounds that she’s spent her whole career ‘protecting the vulnerable’ that, right there, is the root cause of the problem. Not enough space but Left-wingers that believe themselves saviours are v.dangerous. Protecting an saving what from whom? If they believe they’re put on this earth to save us all then they’ll believe that it’s any way that they say is right, those that disagree are the ignorant so must be fought against. An unquestionably divine mission while on earth, with no one around them to question this for them. AArrgghh, not enough space but the BBC plays an enormous part in the creation of this so called ‘civilising’ Labour mission.

      • Milford M

        Totally agree, well said. We should all stop paying the licence fee. Why pay for propaganda aimed at destroying us. Seems they want us to be a practical part of our own destruction like Jesus having to carry the cross.

  • FrenchNewsonlin

    “… and expresses itself in the way that Islamism is treated, with certain sections of the Left prepared to defend and pander to people with indefensible views and aims…”

    Indeed. But first we need to defeat the mad victim-biased fantasies of those dictating equality-for-all policy across the EU. Just look however, at some of the hurdles.

    Here’s a pole vaulting one reported by Soeren Kern on Pundicity: “Muslim groups are demanding Spanish citizenship for potentially millions of descendants of Muslims expelled from Spain during the Middle Ages. The growing clamor for ‘historical justice’ comes after the recent approval of a law that would grant Spanish citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain in 1492.”

    Harman’s over-indulgent embrace morphs into Morisco blackmail. Where will it stop?

    • Cobbett

      A potential 3.5 million Sephardic Jews given Spanish citizenship and allowed free movement in the EU. Why? 500 years is a long time ago. A bad precedent.

  • Chris Hobson

    Akin to left wing apolgists of islam

  • ohforheavensake

    Given the Mail’s tendency to publish very dubious images of young girls (never mind all the pictures of Margaret Thatcher together with Jimmy Saville), I really don’t think this is a good line of argument for The Spectator to pursue,

    • mightymark

      You can agree with Ed West without necessarily finding the Mail’s behaviour exactly consistent!

      As someone who regards himself as on the moderate left I think the article makes a good point. Ed might have added that historically such “affiliationitis” gave the nod for entryism to the Labour to a number of Soviet front organisations and a number of these and similar affiliations have alienated (as perhaps, intended) some moderate members in the past.

      I look forward to the day when this becomes a thing of the past and the left cleanses itself of such “affiliations” – and its association with Islamism. I just wish I could be sure that Ed West himself does too – after all these constitute massive “own goals” for the left that have provided rich pickings for the right for many years.

    • Peter Stroud

      Firstly, I am sure the girls on display were not children. Secondly, Mrs Thatcher, together with the majority of the great and good treated Saville as a saint. After all, he was promoted as such by the BBC: the establishment’s favourite media outlet.

      • StephanieJCW

        Yep they were. 12 year olds in bikinis and dubious comments about the children of celebrities.

        • Mr Creosote

          …and then the idiot Harperson re-tweeted the whole thing to make sure the entire world got a look…that woman has some sort of twisted moral compass.

    • Cyril Sneer

      Harman likes to upload racy pictures of pre-teens in bikini’s too apparently, just like the Mail, see her Twitter account. But this is of no surprise – we all know where Harman and the left stand when it comes to intimate acts with children.

    • sarahsmith232

      How does the Mail’s hypocrisy do anything to alter the fact that there is a direct correlation between this in the 70s and their support for any old ‘oppressed minority group’, no matter how repulsive they be? Yeah, yeah, the DM is exploitative, any female victim of a crime is highlighted by stealing pic’s of her in a bikini from her Facebook page, even murdered, dead ones. Only a matter of time before they report on a rape victim by stealing her very revealing bikini pic’s. This fact does nothing to alter the fact that the Labour party are a pack of extremists that should never be allowed within shouting distance of power.

    • GUBU

      To the best of my recollection, I don’t think that the Daily Mail has ever openly advocated that adults should be able to engage in sexual relations with young children, or suggested that there was some consensual basis for such relations.

      I am equally sure that there are many embarassing photographs of the great and the good standing next to Jimmy Savile – are you suggesting that all of these people knew of his predelictions? Or just the ones you don’t like?

    • Kitty MLB

      As others have stated, the ‘ girls’ are indeed young ladies,
      the type that are sprawling across the newspapers such a
      that beacon of integrity the Mirror.
      As for Lady Thatcher being photographed with Saville you can be
      sure that if it was Blair and some female character like him,
      the guardian would have been banned from showing it
      and don’t forget that not only ultra grubby BBC were fawning over him,
      he was even allowed into hospitals.

      • mightymark

        I think you mistake rather the Guardian’s feelings towards Blair ! If you are going to use this type of analogy you need to keep up a bit better. Looking up a few editions from say about 2006 starting with the Steve Bell cartoons should disabuse you!

    • Tom Allalone

      Nothing changes, Orwell, writing over 70 years ago, noted the tendency of the left to disbelieve anything if it was said by a right-wing hate figure. And I’m beginning to think all the left has to offer these days is hate. Here’s the quote:

      These things really happened, that is the thing to keep one’s eye on.
      They happened even though Lord Halifax said they happened. The raping
      and butchering in Chinese cities, the tortures in the cellars of the
      Gestapo, the elderly Jewish professors flung into cesspools, the
      machine-gunning of refugees along the Spanish roads — they all happened,
      and they did not happen any the less because the Daily Telegraph has suddenly found out about them when it is five years too late.

    • Benthos

      Is you aim to brush this under the carpet?

      Do you really think (or perhaps you don’t think) that Mrs T would have entertained Sir Jimmy if she had any idea of his past. The only people who new what Saville was up to was the BBC.

      Harmen knew about her bed fellows as there is a clue in the name i.e paedophile Information exchange.

    • lojolondon

      If a paedophile was ever discovered working at the DM, he would have been fired. The Biased BBC actually FACILITATED rape of adolescents on a mass scale, the DG should be put up for war crimes!!

  • Tron

    I think the name you are looking for is Antonio Gramsci.