Matt Damon’s monumental diet

18 February 2014

10:51 AM

18 February 2014

10:51 AM

Mr S doesn’t usually notice A List waists, but he wasn’t totally surprised when he heard that Matt Damon was on a diet during the filming of Monuments Men. While your correspondent has no reason to be smug, he will say that Damon wasn’t looking quite his Jason Bourne self.

Steerpike was surprised, however, to learn that Damon’s diet apparently consisted of just one thing: grapes. Speaking at the premiere, co-star Bob Balaban told me ‘Matt was trying to lose weight and was hardly eating anything, just grapes.’

Am I the only person who thought that Matt Damon preferred apples? ‘How do you like them grapes?’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

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  • Rhonda Merrick

    Seriously? Matt Damon went on a grapes of wrath diet?

  • mrsjosephinehydehartley

    Yes I should imagine grapes make a wonderful intestinal sort of broom.Plenty of sweetness in them too..but personally I like melons, when cheap.

    • Mike Oxenfire

      Tell us more about your lovely melons!

      • Snecma

        Is she , young, sexy?

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