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John Bickley interview: the Ukip by-election candidate says ‘Labour are responsible for the cost of living crisis’

7 February 2014

7 February 2014

I’m in Wythenshawe and Sale East today with Ukip’s by-election candidate John Bickley. I’ll have a full report of the party’s exploits later, but for the meantime, here’s a chat I had with Bickley about the campaign.

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  • Beth Dawson

    Labour betrayed the indigenous working class of the UK by deliberately ‘swamping’ the country with uncontrolled immigration – from the EU and from third world countries! They did not ask us or debate immigration because they wanted to drown out the voices of dissent to their liberal agenda. Now, almost everywhere unskilled jobs are being done by recent immigrants – often with limited command of English. It’s hardly surprising as those foreigners are being paid much higher salaries in the UK than they would in their home countries. Many groups of immigrants now stand outside train stations in the morning offering their services to employers cash-in hand, at rock bottom rates, with no national insurance or tax payable. This is total treachery by New Labour. Please, please vote UKIP if you care and make the Labour traitors pay for their utter contempt of the decent, working class people of this country who have given their loyalty, hard work and patriotism over many, many, many generations! Please ask your family and friends to vote UKIP in the Wythenshawe and Sale bi-election. Tell New Labour what you think of their betrayal. UKIP is now the party for the working classes.

  • Conway

    I see the Guardian had a piece where they totally denied UKIP had any chance of taking votes from Labour. Unusually (because of late even CiF has been pro-UKIP) most of the posts BTL were full of vitriol. I wonder if they are beginning to get rattled.

    • James Allen

      “They”? I think there might be more than one opinion amongst Ukippers!!! After all, we are the party of contrarians.

  • Brummie

    Whilst I wish Mr Bickley well on taking on Labour, he appears no different from any politician on being unable to answer questions. He didn t answer the question on whether he would change housing allocations policy. He answered with an explanation of his desired immigration system. Will UKIP abolish the needs based housing allocation system, making nationality the trump card? That’s the question he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer.

    • Conway

      Surely what he said was relevant, though; if (because we have a managed immigration system) there is less demand for housing, then the chances are that the indigenous will have an increased chance of being allocated houses. In that case, there might not be a need to alter the housing allocation system.

      • Brummie

        But that’s the future, that’s about who will get added to the Que.
        She asked him about the present system.

    • politikalme

      “we also don’t think its fair the way social housing has been allocated. We think people born locally should be given priority.”

      • Brummie

        They already can be since the localisation act. Many authorities already do put a local connection test in the criteria – one I know proposed 10years local connection.

  • Magnolia

    Isabel is a good interviewer because she listens.

  • foxoles

    He’s quite right about Wythenshawe voters saying they like UKIP’s message because they feel let down and abandoned by Labour. It is becoming a theme: UKIP are definitely taking votes off Labour.

    ‘John Healey, who oversaw Labour’s Rotherham campaign, says: “We did not see the scale of the problem or the potential Ukip support. Six months after the by-election, we lost a safe council seat when our councillors thought we would win it with ease. Two thirds of the non-Labour vote was swallowed up by Ukip and one third of Labour support switched.”

    Another senior Labour MP said: “Ukip are eroding our base in coastal towns and the north”.’

  • JimmyLinton

    Labour is responsible for the declining living standards of UK citizens. Miliband in particular did plenty of damage during his tenure as minister for windmills.

    • Conway

      Yes, it was hypocrisy of the worst kind for Ed Miliband to go on about the “cost of living crisis” when his Climate Change Act was the worse offender in putting up energy prices.

  • foxoles

    Nice to hear some common sense for a change, and for someone who was until recently a non-politician, he answers the ‘booby-trapped’ questions well.

    Sound quality of recording very poor, btw. Bad work, Spectator.

    • global city

      The press doing their utmost to pillory UKIP prospective MPs and Councillors who try to answer things properly are dancing to the tune of those who have had all the media training and know how NOT to answer journalists… why are journos siding with these automatons against people trying to instill a bit of honesty into politics?

    • Conway

      Yes, surely it wasn’t beyond the capability of the sound recorder to have chosen a room where they could have been quiet, rather than have people talking in the background.

  • Flintshire Ian

    If the Labour party cant win a seat based around England’s largest council estate then they are doomed forever. Sadly, and despite an eastern European influx to the area, the traditional donkey with a red rosette would walk this one. So nothing here to excite the speccie teenagers.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Yet another day goes by and Coffee House insists on ignoring the horrendous long-term government negligence that has left an area the size of Manchester under water for many weeks.

    Isn’t it typical of this Tory propaganda rag to worry more about a forgone conclusion of a by-election (yet again) than the abject failure.of a dysfunctional and divided Government to respond in a timely manner to the most pressing issue of the day?

    I look forward to the smeary piece of propaganda that is already promised to follow this………..

    • ReefKnot

      You mean the long term negligence of the last Labour Government ?

      • Wessex Man

        and this shambles.

    • global city

      It is actually the EU’s remit and largely labour’s global warming obsessions that has led to this horrible situation in somerset.

      • Conway

        Indeed. The EU’s insistence that rivers are not dredged and that water is managed by allowing the flood plains to flood, not to mention claiming that silt is treated as contaminated waste have a lot to do with the misery.

    • saffrin

      Are you referring to Lord Smith, the openly gay, HIV positive ex Labour MP that Tony Bliar raised to the House of Lords in 2005.
      You know, the hopeless lefty responsible for spending £31 million on a bird sanctuary yet refuses to release the £6 million required for river dredging?

      • Brummie

        The mans a fool but referring to his sexuality and in particular his illness as if its a character flaw is below the belt, poor form and just makes the comment look nasty.

        • Conway

          Did saffin refer to it as a character flaw? I thought it was a description. If he’d said the 6ft 4in, 17 stone ex Labour councillor would they have been considered character flaws? Surely if Smith’s openly gay, he’s not ashamed of it, therefore he himself would not consider it a character flaw. It’s a shame that Smith’s HIV positive. I hope his health does not impair his efficiency in the job we are paying him to do. Are we no longer allowed to refer to these things in case the comment looks “nasty”?

          • Brummie

            It’s totally irrelevant to the topic in question. It’s brought up in such a way that yes it is clearly being presented as a negative to his ability to do the job.

            Having read a number of this individual’s comments I see he has a very unhealthy obsession with homosexuals. He is of course entitled to his opinion however nasty or vile.

          • Weaver

            I hope his health does not indicate a series of very poor lifestyle choices. I hope his health does not indicate excessive risk-taking behaviour. I hope his health does not indicate a lack of control of sexual appetite.

        • saffrin

          You’re the fool to think his perversion to be irrelevant.
          I suspect you are the type happy to allow such a man adopt innocent children.

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