Janet Street Porter chickens out of Mensch showdown

27 February 2014

11:58 AM

27 February 2014

11:58 AM

Gobby Janet Street Porter has been silenced – for today at least. She pulled out of this morning’s edition of the BBC’s Daily Politics just two hours before broadcast when she discovered that Louise Mensch was being patched in from New York to take her on.

There’s history here. JSP once said that Mrs Mensch resides in the ‘slop bucket of females who’ve let the side down’. Sources tell Mr S that JSP didn’t want to defend her words. Pity, as it would have been quite the catfight.

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  • Malo Harvey

    I am a man and I thought Louise Mensch was the best thing to happen to the Conservative Party for a long time : a not unattractive woman who could speak on any topic in a robust refreshing and if needed humourous way. Therefore I think it reasonable as a man to say she let the ‘side’ down when she abruptly decided to leave Parliament for personal reasons. In my old fashioned book, when you stand for election, you aim to complete one parliament, ie a 5 year spell.
    However, I would not have said (like JSP) that she belonged in the ‘slop-bucket’. But maybe, the brilliant Louise Mensch got bored by Parliament. I did think at the time that when you are privileged (in LM’s case – the income from her books) you can quit the day job at the drop of a hat. But her constituents were left in the lurch and the Tory Party lost a formidable candidate.

  • Scott Birch

    Not a fan of JSP, but she’s right about the untermensch.

    • HookesLaw

      pathetic and crude comment with all its connotations.

      • Scott Birch

        ‘Pathetic’ and ‘crude’ aren’t much in the way of feedback. I still maintain that she is right about Mensch, who is little more than a gob-for-hire who married money.

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Mmmm! “let the side down”. Well, says it all. As long as women and men identify themselves as belonging to two “sides” the battle of the sexes can only get worse. Unfortunately, its over-publicised half-wits such as JSP that have turned a really good idea (feminism/ the womens movement) into a laughing stock amongst all thinking people. Come on “ordinary” women get involved and dump the JSP’s of this world

    • berosos_bubos

      Ha I thought she meant let the Conservative party down.

  • manonthebus

    I doubt that the ‘discussion’ would have been at all enlightening. You get these screeching arguments every morning on the TV News wherever there are a couple of people sitting in a studio pretending to know what they are blathering about.

    • HookesLaw

      Well Street Porter was involved so you are probably right.

  • Cobbett

    I read her last artitcle in the Sun, an totally unjustified attack on Putin’s Sochi Games and some ignorant rant about British teenagers work ethic(being all full of praise for the Romanians). Can’t really say i care for either of them.

    • mikewaller

      You have just made me feel far more positive towards the woman than I have hitherto. And thanks for doing all the heavy lifting by reading the appalling Sun.

  • Shoe On Head

    “sources” = mrs LM

  • MaxSceptic

    Anything that prevents me hearing the distinctive (a)tones of JSP is a blessing.

  • La Fold

    Janet Street Porter appears on Loose Women, the biggest misnomer ever. I excitedly tuned in once but turned out it was a load of middle aged harridans talking cobblers for an hour.

    • swatnan

      Don’t they all (pace)!

      • Mr Creosote

        Yep they’re all mad – it’s just a question of degree.

    • Bill Brinsmead

      cluck cluck … cluck cluck cluck … cluuuuuck …

      • dmitri the impostor

        ‘A chicken is not a bird. A woman is not a human being.’

        – Russian proverb.

    • James Chandler

      If you replaced ‘harridans’ with ‘men’ and ‘hour’ with ‘eternity’ I’d say you’ve got yourself a pretty good description of the Spectator comment pages

      • La Fold

        To be fair at least I could crack a cheeky one off over Carol Voderman watching loose women.

        • David Prentice

          Bahaha! A sleek Jaguar in a roomful of Vectras.

          • kyalami

            Vectras? Off to the optician with you! No more rose-tinted spectacles.

      • George Scoresby

        oh aren’t you the well-trained little man.

  • ADW

    I think I speak for most of the known universe when I confirm no-one cares much about either of those two talking heads


      Actually, Louise is a bit of a cracker……

      • berosos_bubos

        Yes but she has let the side down

  • Mr Creosote

    Ex-Tory foghorn meets media foghorn – ears are bleeding at the very thought.

    • christianguthier

      Nicely said!

  • Mark Frost

    JSP is an absolute nobody that has somehow forged a career in the TV industry by continually slating men. All you have to do is watch the dross on ITV at midday to establish that this loony, along with the equally bitter panelists on the show, holds men in complete contempt.