I’m a Liberal Democrat… get me out of here!

18 February 2014

3:09 PM

18 February 2014

3:09 PM

It seems the launch of the new Liberal Democrat website is not going very well. Apparently the party of tuition fees and Nick Clegg is ‘untrusted’. ‘What should you do?’, it asks.

Lib Dem HQ will be hoping most people do not click ‘Get me out of here!’ come 2015. With their recent overtures to Labour, those that do vote yellow should certainly ‘understand the risks’.

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  • Northerner1001

    I hope these yellow tories are crushed in 2015 for their lies, Never has a party been so desperate to keep the ministerial jags that they sell out much of what they believed in, what a ghastly bunch

    • rtj1211

      I wish now that they’d refused to form a Government and Britain had gone bankrupt. It would have made the millions of you who know nothing about responsibility and everything about tribal thuggery realise, too late, what the responsibilities of Government are……..

      • CharlietheChump

        That was never, ever going to happen. Just the whiff of power sent them into dribbling paroxysms, the tart’s legs were firmly open in the wee small hours after the result became clear.

    • madasafish

      Anyone who voted LD expected money trees existed. Surprisingly they don’t.

      So anyone who thinks the LDs betrayed them just shows how otherwordly and naive they were.