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David Cameron warns Ukraine’s president: the world is watching

19 February 2014

4:53 PM

19 February 2014

4:53 PM

As violence flared up again in Kiev this afternoon, and EU leaders threatened to impose sanctions on those responsible for the violence in Ukraine, David Cameron issued this statement:

‘I am deeply concerned by the scenes we are witnessing in Ukraine. The violence on all sides is completely unacceptable and President Yanukovych has a particular responsibility to pull back government forces and de-escalate the situation.

‘Violence is not the way to resolve the political differences across the country. The President needs to engage with the opposition and work with all sides in Ukraine to agree political reforms that reflect the democratic aspirations of the Ukrainian people. There must be a clear commitment to the rule of law, respect for fundamental human rights and civil freedoms.

‘This is a critical moment for the future of Ukraine. Working with our international partners, we will do all we can to help return Ukraine to the path to stability, democracy and prosperity and tomorrow the Foreign Secretary will join other European foreign ministers in Brussels to discuss the European response.

‘President Yanukovych should be under no doubt that the world is watching his actions and that those responsible for violence will be held accountable.’

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  • Mynydd

    Will Mr Cameron never learn, Ukraine is not our problem. We have enough problems of our own. We must keep out of the internal affairs of other countries.

  • Frank

    If David wanted to show a little steel, he could always encourage the EU to freeze bank accounts and impose travel bans. Lots of dodgy Russians and Ukrainians have second homes in London and France. Probably difficult to do more until the EU has started exploiting shale gas and can go without Russian gas.

  • swatnan

    Anyone with a gramme of common sense would know that Ukraine and Georgia would end up in disater, just like those tinpot Islamic Republics formed from the fallout of the collapse of the Great USSR. And there’s another crackpot Republic in the pipeline Chechnya. We saw that with the breakup of Yugoslavia and the dictatorships that resulted; Bosnia is as unstable as ever. And we see it in the basket case of S Sudan. We might even see it happening in an Independent Scotland. They never learn.

    • Jez

      Are you David Aaronovitch?

  • Makroon

    When London experienced widespread rioting and looting, did Cameron “reach out to the opposition” ? This is probably more mischief making by Hague.
    Cameron has just lost yet another opportunity to keep quiet.

  • BarkingAtTreehuggers

    Merkel and Klitschko do deal in the city that made him who he is. The rest is posturing.

  • Smithersjones2013

    What was that they were saying about the EU keeping the peace in Europe?

    Cameron and Brussels should keep their enormous egos out of Ukraine. Haven’t they learnt anything from the Syria debacle?

  • WatTylersGhost

    Oh no.
    Is Cameron now about to recall MPs back from St Moritz to debate bombing Ukraine?

    • telemachus

      No Labour MP is in St Moritz

      • WatTylersGhost

        Probably Val d’Isere then, the lefty French are a bit more to their fancy than the Swiss

        • telemachus

          Mostly Blackpool

    • Noa

      Like a latter day Chamberlain, who made an unsustainable British commitment to Poland to go to war whenever that country chose, he is likely to commit UK assets to supporting actions over which UK has no veto or control and from which it can derive no benefit.