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David Cameron should take aim at the Turner Prize

9 February 2014

9 February 2014

David Cameron seems to be prepared to speak out on certain subjects that many other politicians avoid. This is very welcome. I think it’s about time he took a dig at the Turner Prize.

I am unconvinced by the banal installations and grainy videos that consistently win that particular prize. The Prime Minister needs to take the lead and say that the emperor has no clothes. He has also failed to address the question of whether men should use facial moisturiser (many women think they should) — or should that be left to one of his colleagues?

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It would carry more weight if it came from the Prime Minister, but he has a lot on his plate and might not get round to it. Boris could, though.

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  • saffrin

    Stop funding the arts, that’ll sort it.

    • Daidragon

      Sort what? What is the exact problem here apart from the usual reactionary bollocks from people who have prints of Spitfires on their wall.

      • saffrin

        Prints of Spitfires would be a bl00dy sight more of an improvement than half a cow or a rubbish bin full to the brim as just two examples of what the idiots are handing out prizes for.
        Talk about the Emperor being in the altogether.

        • Daidragon

          So the issue is you don’t like modern art. That’s it. What a dull bore you must be.

          • saffrin

            If you think chainsawing a cow in half or biulding a shed out of what was a boat is modern art you are very confused indead.

            • Daidragon


              • saffrin


  • Jabez Foodbotham

    The only reason why he might venture a public opinion on the Turner is if it is in receipt of taxpayer money (it may well be for all I know). Otherwise his opinions on whether Vermeer is better or not than our Tracey should remain his personal opinion.

  • BarkingAtTreehuggers

    You are right, the PM should *be* the exhibit – he ought to be made to ‘do a Marina Abrahmovic’ at GoMA. I would pay good money for that.

  • Ron Todd

    The arty types at least the ones that get on the telly are all a bunch of lefties. Cameron attacking their art would be a great excuse for the BBC and Guardian to have a lot of ‘artist’ attacking government policy. The BBC am a sure would be able to link any failing in the art world if they would admit any on the ‘cuts’

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