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Coffee Shots: Ministers visit Scotland to point at things

24 February 2014

2:22 PM

24 February 2014

2:22 PM

Today’s Cabinet meeting in Aberdeen, now underway, has given ministers plenty of opportunity to stare earnestly at Scottish things while trying to make the case for the Union. Here are some of Mr Steerpike’s favourites.

Scottish independence


Scottish independence

Image copyright The Cabinet Office

Image copyright The Cabinet Office


Scottish independence

All captions gratefully received in the comments…

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  • Weaver

    Flanked by excited colleagues, Cameron finds a conservative-voting Scottish ward.

  • amphibious

    If only “pointing” was all that they did – it’s when they start pulling levers of power that I really worry.

  • dougthedug

    1. Dave tries dressing up as a worker

    2. Dave asks if he’s any good at billiards.

    3. Dave has a Yes sign pointed out to him.

    4. Nick points to the flying pig trailing the Lib-Dem banner.

    5. Dave asks if that island is Scotland.

    • Jambo25

      I thought number 1 said Dave tries dressing up as a wanker but then that could be taken as tautology.

  • Jabez Foodbotham

    1. Of course you’ll pass for Dennis McShane.
    2. Bergen? But I thought it was Danish.

  • Jabez Foodbotham

    Well the last pic is obviously crying out for Bruno Ganz and Der Untergang ranting treatment.

  • Makroon

    Cameron looks kind of sinister in those safety specs. He should use them at PMQs.

  • Rockin Ron

    Eric Pickles: “In this outfit, I can be seen from the International Space Station!”

  • Barakzai

    Amateurs, the lot of them. No one does the gratuitous photo-shoot point and smile as effortlessly as Hillary Rodham Clinton . . .

    • Bluesman_1

      But were they under sniper fire?

  • mikeydredd22

    …and this is where all the money is shipped back to England from

  • swatnan

    I bet they all thought that they were in a foreign country. Where even the men wear skirts and their popular pastime is chucking trees and shooting haggis and guzzling deep fried mars bars

  • Perpetually Astonished

    On a visit to the National Museum of Deep-Fat Frying, the Prime Minister is amused to discover that there are almost no solid foods that cannot be battered and put in a fryer, while the Deputy Prime Minister arouses embarrassed smiles from his hosts by becoming very excited upon spotting a seagull.

    • ChuckieStane

      Get yourself down to Camden Lock for the following deep fried treats:

      Mars Meltdown – The classic and most famous

      Sneaky Snickers – The classic with nuts

      Ultimate Oreo – The Original American

      Cremey Egg – The easter bunnies breakfast

      Roaring Lion – The one with the wafer

      Toffee Crisp Twist – Caramel and rice crispies coated in chocolate

      The Bountiful – Chocolate covered coconut

      Rolo Kebabs – Small chocolate and caramel treats

      • Perpetually Astonished

        Impressive. The creative use of the fryer must be, along with golf, among the greatest of eastern Scotland’s contributions to world culture.

        • Jambo25

          I think Camden Lock’s in London: isn’t it?

          • Perpetually Astonished

            it is, but the battered and fried chocolate bar was ‘invented’ in Stonehaven, just south of Aberdeen. The Camden version owes its existence to the culinary creativity of the northeast Scots.

            • Jambo25

              I thought it came from the Ashvale chippie in Aberdeen.

      • Dai Station

        That is because there are lots of Scots in the south

  • CraigStrachan

    Caption for the last one has to be:

    “So if we redraw the maritime border just south of Orkney, we get all of Scotland’s oul and half of Norway’s too?”

  • Jim

    Action shots from the treasure hunt during the team away day. The teams battle to locate Ed Davey’s brain.

  • asalord

    My kids? Oh God! Which rig were on?!

  • ChuckieStane

    Cameron: “If I keep changing my outfit and keep on the move I might just be able to avoid debating the most important democratic decision to affect the UK in three hundred years”

  • John Grundy

    Cameron pointing at the map “I always wondered where Edinburgh was!!”

    • GUBU

      Alternatively, he and his colleagues could be engaged in a fruitless search for Mr Salmond’s fabled currency union…