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Coffee Shots: Ever closer union?

27 February 2014

1:41 PM

27 February 2014

1:41 PM

Things certainly seemed cosy between Angela Merkel and her favourite ‘naughty nephew’ when David Cameron greeted the German Chancellor in Downing Street earlier. So what on earth was said between that greeting and this sofa moment?


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  • swatnan

    Thank goodness Angela doesn’t have to deal with clowns like Berlosconni or Boris these days.

  • global city

    All discussions regarding the EU must be made on the clear understanding, and acceptance, that the EU is on the path of ‘ever closer union’.

    Any europhile must be shot down when they use the language of intergovernmentalism, like ‘fighting our corner’ and being ‘at the heart of the project’, etc, as they know these are weasel words. They know it is a supranational project, and we must make it clear to them that we know that they know where it is headed.

    Only that way will we be able to generate an honest debate on our continued membership or not.

    I hope that the good journalists at the Spectator will at least begin to impose this acceptance when ever they interview lying europhiles…. it is the least that the UK people deserve.

  • Two Bob

    Cameron is going to have a huge shock come May.

  • Kitty MLB

    We may find that now Merkel has said Britain is not that important
    in the EU, the cosy little evenings in Oxfordshire watching Midsommer Murders
    might be coming to a end.

    • George_Arseborne

      Cameron actually irritated Merkel with that his hand touchy thing during the press conference. Again red faced Cameron was totally humiliated as Merkel openly told him no deal but thanks for the red carpet. What a shame to have a weak and un diplomatic PM?

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    The difference between Merkel and Cameron is that one of them does not have the best interests of the British people at heart whereas..Oh Oh, I need to rethink this one.

    • Noa

      Cameron has admirably served the influential pro-EU City and business sponsorship interests of the Conservative party machine with the meaningless promise of a post general election referendum.

      At the same time he has managed to keep the marginal seat backbenchers and eurosceptics a fig leaf for voter concerns and just enough bait to keep them on the party hook.

      • global city

        That’s exactly what he’s up to. He will see his legacy to the nation as being our remaining in the EU, regardless the cost to the Tory Party.

  • Hello

    Breaking: Ernst & Young send top auditor to Downing Street to assess UK budget