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Breaking: Mark Harper resigns as Immigration Minister after discovering his cleaner was working illegally

8 February 2014

3:37 PM

8 February 2014

3:37 PM

Immigration Minister Mark Harper has resigned after being informed that his cleaner was working illegally in this country. Here is the exchange of letters between Harper and David Cameron:

Letter from Mark Harper to the Prime Minister

7 February 2014

Dear Prime Minister

In April 2007 I took on a cleaner for my London flat. In doing so, I was very mindful of my legal and financial obligations and undertook a number of checks beforehand. This included consideration of the HMRC tests as to whether the cleaner was performing her work under a contract for services on a self-employed basis which I concluded she was. However, even though there was no legal requirement for me to check her right to work in the UK, I felt that it was appropriate to do so. I therefore took a copy of her passport to verify her identity and also a copy of a Home Office letter, dated 26 January 2006, which stated that she had leave to remain indefinitely in the United Kingdom, including the right to work and engage in a business.

I considered the issue again when you appointed me as a Minister in the Cabinet Office in May 2010 and concluded that as I had performed a right to work check in 2007 and that my cleaner had indefinite leave to remain in the UK no further check was necessary. When you then appointed me as Immigration Minister in September 2012 I went through a similar consideration process and once again concluded that no further check was necessary. In retrospect, I should have checked more thoroughly.

As I took the Immigration Bill through Parliament in autumn 2013 I talked a lot about these matters in the context both of employers and landlords. What we do, and will, require of both is that they carry out reasonable checks and take copies of documents. We do not require them to be experts or spot anything other than an obvious forgery. Given this focus on these matters, I thought it prudent to check that all my documents were in order for my cleaner. I undertook an extensive search to locate the copies of documents I had taken but unfortunately I was unable to locate them.

As a result, in the week commencing 20 January 2014 I asked my cleaner for further copies of these documents which she provided on 4 February. On 5 February, I asked my private office to check the details with immigration officials to confirm that all was in order. I was informed on the morning of 6 February that my cleaner did not in fact have indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom. I immediately notified the Home Secretary and my Permanent Secretary. This is now a matter for Immigration Enforcement.

Although I complied with the law at all times, I consider that as Immigration Minister, who is taking legislation through Parliament which will toughen up our immigration laws, I should hold myself to a higher standard than expected of others. I have also considered the impact on my Parliamentary colleagues, the Government and you. I have always believed that politics is a team game, not an individual sport. Under the circumstances, I have therefore decided that the right course is for me to return to the Backbenches. I am sorry for any embarrassment caused.

I am grateful for the opportunities you have given me since you became Leader of the Conservative Party, first in Opposition and then in Government. I will continue to support you as Prime Minister, the Conservative Party and this Government in whatever way I can from the backbenches. I will also continue to serve my constituents in the Forest of Dean to the best of my ability.


Yours ever,


Mark Harper MP

Letter from the Prime Minister to Mark Harper

7 February 2014

Thank you for your letter earlier this evening.

I am very sorry indeed to see you leave the Government, but I understand your reasons for doing so.

In particular, I understand your view that, although you carried out checks on your cleaner, you feel that you should hold yourself to an especially high standard as Immigration Minister. You have taken an honourable decision.

You have been a highly effective Minister in the Government – both most recently as Immigration Minister, overseeing the passage of the Immigration Bill with great skill and dedication, and before that as a Minister in the Cabinet Office. You can be very proud of what you have achieved in Government – and before that in Opposition.

I have always enormously appreciated your energy and your loyalty. It is typical of you that you should be so mindful of the wider interests of the Government and the Party in reaching the decision that you have, and I am very grateful for that.

You will be greatly missed, and I hope very much that you will be able to return to service on the Frontbench before too long.

With all good wishes.

Yours, David

David Cameron MP
Prime Minister

UPDATE, 16:08: Number 10 has now announced the new ministerial line-up:

*    James Brokenshire MP to become a Minister of State at the Home Office.

*    Karen Bradley MP to become a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Home Office.

*    John Penrose MP to become a Government Whip (Junior Lord of the Treasury), House of Commons.

*    Harriett Baldwin MP to become an Assistant Whip, House of Commons.

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  • edithgrove

    “Dear Prime Minister, In April 2007 I took on a cleaner for my London flat.” Beyond parody, even by Little Britain. Nice to see the Spectator fulfilling its role as apologist for the good ol’ boys club.

  • Ciaran_J_Goggins

    I wish I could afford to hire a cleaner illegal or otherwise, but when you are on £72 per
    week Job Seekers it is but a dream, meanwhile my small rented caravan groes daily to resemble a small self contained rubbish dump. I admire his honesty, but which paper was about to shop him?

    • kyalami

      Er, seriously, what’s stopping you from throwing out all the rubbish? My wife and I are busy all day but manage to clean the place.

      • Ciaran Goggins

        What stops him is that he is Derek Haslam, ex Met Police who dislikes anti corruption campaigners hence the fake ID.

    • Agrippina

      You could, if you were an MP, because you could do what Harper did, he claimed for her on his expenses, we paid for the said colombian cleaner.

      Here is the legislation that should mean Harper needs to cough up £10k for failure to retain copies of her documents.

      Under Section 15 of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006, employers are liable for civil penalties of up to £10,000 if they do not ‘verify, retain, copy or record the content’ of a worker’s documents.

      We wait for him to pay up.

      • Ciaran Goggins

        The above account is Derek Haslam, an EDL organiser whose son is P.C James Haslam, BNP, Kings Lynn Police. See what I did there?

  • Mynydd

    Surely Mr Cameron is duty bound to hand all the paper work associated with this case to the police. Then in conjunction with the CPS the case could then be brought before the courts. When there is evidence of a possible crime it is not for Mr Cameron to decide who is innocent or guilty, the courts must decide.

    • itdoesntaddup

      The CPS will only bring a case if there is a reasonable prospect of conviction. Not that Baroness Scotland bothered with a court appearnace – she negotiated a guilty plea and fine away from the limelight and public examination of the case against her. Probably just as well in view of the evidence presented at the trial of her cleaner.

      • Mynydd

        It is for the CPS to decide if there is a reasonable prospect of conviction not the Prime Minister.

        • itdoesntaddup

          According to you it is for you to decide to usurp the role of the CPS.

          • Mynydd

            Where have I said I want to usurp the role of the CPS? Unlike Mr Cameron I have not made a judgement on the case. What I have said is that all the paperwork associated with Mr Harper employing for 7 years a cleaner who had no right to work in the UK should be handed over to the police and CPS to judge if there is a reasonable prospect of conviction, not the Prime Minister. It is important they have all the information to make such a judge. If the CPS say there is no case to answer, that’s the end of it.

            • itdoesntaddup

              No, you said the evidence should be put before a court – implying that you already know better than the CPS, or that you would wish to disregard it and pursue a speculative prosecution – presumably for the fun of it.

  • Daniel Maris

    Just about says everything you need to know about our immigration policy.

  • ButcombeMan

    Do I believe the original documents he says he had, were lost?

    I am suspicious.

    Stable door job. More to it I suspect.

  • DanFilson

    “an extensive search to locate the copies of documents I had taken but unfortunately I was unable to locate them.” yeah, right. Funny, that. Makes you wonder how good his records system is. Or indeed whether what happened previously in this account is true, or make-believe. After all, how can someone have “a copy of a Home Office letter, dated 26 January 2006, which stated that she had leave to remain indefinitely in the United Kingdom, including the right to work and engage in a business.” and yet in February 2014 be found not to have all these rights? Were the documents faked? Will a prosecution follow? Or were they real but “misinterpreted”? Let”s see what “immigration enforcement” comes up with.

    • Agrippina

      A fine of £10k for employing an illegal who did not have the correct documents, regardless of his claim he cannot find the docs from 2006.

  • Mynydd

    If you or I had employed for 7 years a person who had no legal right to work in the UK we would have faced the full force of the law.

  • Smithersjones2013

    How apt that they should appoint someone called ‘Brokenshire’ to oversee the Tories/ Government’s broken immigration system.

    The fact this is being dealt with so rapidly and severely (on the face of it Harper acted reasonably) it sounds to me that there may be yet another enormous can of worms just opened at ‘Loony’ House (as the rest of the Home Office used to less than fondly refer to the Border Agency’s HO).

    Immigration increasingly looks like it is going to be the end of this government.

  • Agrippina

    Here in Cambridge we have an illegal algerian been here since 2008 who has been imprisoned again, but cannot be deported because he will not give UKBA the info required for the Algerians to issue him with a passport.

    Cam News: A Home Office spokesman said Bouarfa could not have been detained indefinitely because there was “no realistic prospect of his imminent removal” from the country because he did not have a passport. “We are continuing to work with the Algerian authorities and will endeavour to deport this individual at the end of his sentence’.

    “Bouarfa remains in the UK because he has consistently failed to provide key information necessary to effect his return to Algeria’.

    Please could someone tell me why this illegal is not detained at a Detention Centre (DC) indefinitely until he does give the info required. He is obviously happy to be out and about, but perhaps after a year or two in detention decide that he will return to Algeria as he is not at liberty. (if they provide him with a mobile in the DC he will no doubt ring his family and then they can trace them and return him).

    This is why I will vote Ukip, the trio of troughers have done nothing about these illegals and they never will.

    • Faceless Bureaucrat

      I understand the Algerian Secret Service have a number of highly effective methods for jogging the memories of their countrymen. Perhaps the fearless Officers of the UKBA could make contact with them and ask for some suggestions? I’m sure their Algerian colleagues would be only too happy to oblige…

      • Agrippina

        That for him, but what about all the other illegals who must do the same. Simply lock them up and eventually they will cough up.

        How has he been supporting himself, engaging in criminal activity so lock them up. The situation at present allows them to run around freely, this is wrong, no incentive to co-operate. The illegals must be delighted to chum up with their countrymen here and carry on as if nothing is wrong. We are uttlerly mad letting this happen.

    • Ron Todd

      Why is he not detained Human rights

      • Agrippina

        How about our competing rights to be safe in our country. If the UKBA do not know who he is, then how can they be sure that he is not hostile to us and does not pose a threat to us.

        Home Office at present believe that his rights trump ours, I do not believe so, they should detain him and let him take them to court. No lawyer should touch it, as they will not get paid, as he will not disclose who he is, thus no benefits, no legal help.

        Home Office need to be bold.

    • Nicholas K

      It’s worse than you think. Google a case called Hardial Singh and you will see that our judges are so in thrall to the most arid concepts of human rights as a trump card against all other considerations that the detention of an illegal who we cannot be sure of deporting in short order will give rise to a right for the illegal to claim damages! The fact that he should not have been here in the first place and could have avoided detention by agreeing to go counts for nothing.

      • Agrippina

        The principles outlined by LJ Woolf, following the Hardial Singh matter: Relevance of a risk of re-offending
        The Supreme Court considered that, in the case of someone who is facing deportation having been convicted of a criminal offence in the UK, the risk of re-offending is a relevant factor to consider in relation to the use of immigration detention. It would be necessary to consider the likelihood of re-offending and the seriousness of any re-offending (i.e. both what are the chances of the person committing another criminal offence, and what sort of offence). Thus, in assessing what period (or length) of detention is reasonable in all the circumstances, the Supreme Court has confirmed that it is appropriate to consider that a risk of re-offending may be a factor indicating that a longer period is reasonable.

        Thus in the albanian matter, he has been convicted of buying false docs in order to work illegally. He has deprived a Brit from taking the job.

        Where is he obtaining monies to live here as he has no legitimate right to benefits etc. He is obviously involved with criminals to buy the docs, he should be detained and most importantly of all, we simply do not know who he is, he may be a ‘sleeper’ for all we know, desperate folks do desperate things to obtain monies.

        Our govt is useless, you put him in a Brit army transport plane and drop him off in the desert with some water, end of story. A few returnees like that and they may stop travelling as word will get out and we will deny everything.

  • Faceless Bureaucrat

    Mmmm…. This has all the hallmarks of rapidly trying to put a lid on something worse.
    It is all far too clean cut with a pretty pink bow on top. “All over now, ladies and gentlemen – nothing to see here…”.
    I wonder…

    • DanFilson

      Isn’t it curious how someone xan produce credible copies of a Home Office letter seemingly confirming right to stay in the UK, seek employment etc., sufficient to persuade a presumably intelligent MP, but these docuemnts get rumbled in a flash when shown to real officials?

    • Mynydd

      Resign on a Saturday afternoon I wonder what the Sunday Papers have come up with

    • Lesley1000 .

      To deflect from something else they have done wrong?

  • HD2

    Honourable man, acting honourably.

    Compare and contrast:

    Gordon Brown today decided to allow the Attorney General, Lady
    Scotland, to remain in government after she was fined £5,000 for
    employing an illegal immigrant.

    The Prime Minister said he had decided to take no further action because Scotland had employed Loloahi Tapui, a housekeeper from Tonga, “in good faith” and had apologised “unreservedly”.

    • Mynydd

      A couple of points: two wrongs don’t make a right. Lady Scotland was fined as you say £5000 for employing an illegal immigrant. Now will Mr Cameron do the honourable thing and insure all Mr Harper’s paperwork is handed over to the police.

  • David Kay

    No wonder the political elite luv uncontrolled immigration, its just cheap labour for them

    I trust Mr Harper will be getting fined the 10 grand for employing an illegal worker

  • WatTylersGhost

    It is bizarre that having made a complete balls of controlling our borders and allowing the country to be swamped by undesirables, it is the employment of a humble cleaner that is considered his greatest sin.

    • southerner


      The sad saps that support the un-conservatives will be all over this espousing what a decent fella he must be. In any ordinary walk of life he’d have been gone months ago. And he can take that useless old crone May with him.

      • Fergus Pickering

        old crone? How old is she. You pathetic wanker!

        • Tim Reed

          The useless part was apt, though.
          Immigration still in the hundreds of thousands per year, rather than the tens as ‘promised’.

          • Fergus Pickering

            And what exactly would you do, O wise one. Teresa May is the only Home Secretary since Michael Howard who has actually got to grips with the job. She’s my choice for Tory leader after Cameron, which will be next year I should guess. Who would you prefer?.

            • southerner

              Yes she has so got to grips with it that our borders are still open and she pulls stunts like signing us up to the hideous European Arrest Warrant (a genuinely frightening piece of legislation).

              A clue that she is not a conservative (like you Fergie) is her open-armed welcoming of Harriet Harperson’s Equalities Act whilst in opposition (a masterpiece of un-conservative right-on political correctness).

            • Mynydd

              Big deal, anyone would be better that Mr Cameron.

              • Fergus Pickering

                The Milipede?. You jest surely. That man couldn’t organize a piss-p in a brewery even if it was his own brewery.

            • Kitty MLB

              No Fergus ! I think the Cameroons have befuddled you.
              Cudgel thy brain, stiffen up thy sinews, summon up
              thy blood I beseech thee, eschew this comfortless road
              leadeth thou knowest whither- electoral oblivion.
              Thus the wirigig will bring its revenges.
              Alas pigeon Liver’d Cameron will wilt,
              Cleggie peasant will wilt and Miliband jester will wilt.
              ( My lovely husband and beautiful daughter, get annoyed with me for speaking as if I put lead on my face and wear a ruff-
              but never mind)
              No Fergus, Theresa May , is impressive and elegant
              but when Cameron has gone, we need to
              gat back to traditional Conservative values again,
              and listen to the grassroots. Theresa May is part of Cameron’s
              Modernisers, and that clearly did not work.
              I would like Micheal Gove, but alas he is a Cameroon.
              I think , Philip Davies or Graham Brady-
              and perhaps not too late for David Davies.

              • Fergus Pickering

                David Davies is a splendid man, honest and true, but he is not a leader. Leaders need a strain of coarseness which he doesn’t have. Also, he doesn’t really WANT to be leader.

                • Kitty MLB

                  Thank you for answering that somewhat obscure post 😉
                  Some here have been responding to me so loudly
                  recently that their silence is deafening.
                  Perhaps its the mixture of Mediterranean/ Englishness
                  that’s so difficult to comprehend and so easy to misunderstand.
                  You don’t do that, perhaps its a generational thing-
                  Subtle way of saying, you are of very mature years and tolerant, thanks for that, and I really should not badger so much. I am so irritating.
                  I shall get to the point, ( apologies ) Yes, David Davies is a splendid chap,No man who has lost a leadership bid looks
                  more like a leader
                  he also has gravitas, he is down to earth and with maturity.
                  honestly, I would like a leader who is not the same age as me.
                  Perhaps Davies feels, that he is too old now, which is silly,
                  they chose Cameron based on one speech, that he did well,
                  Cameron is also far too interested in being popular then being right- he is also far too foolish.
                  Well whoever it is they must be true to Conservatism,
                  not be embarrassed by Conservative values, have integrity,
                  and respect the cornerstone of the party being- Family, Country and God !

                • Kitty MLB

                  Ooops, I forgot you cannot delete here,
                  and I am new to posting! it probably shows-
                  I think I shall attend evening, post blogging,
                  classes for beginners.

        • southerner

          Ha Fergus that response genuinely made me laugh out loud.

          Away from correcting my political incorrectness (you must be a socialist Cameron luvvie too), my substantive point still holds good.

    • Mynydd

      The greatest sin is a government minister saying; don’t do as I do, do as I say. In other words there one law for you lot but another for me

  • John Smith

    Him & many more in the Home Counties Cash in Hand is king

    • MirthaTidville

      I think Cash in Hand is very popular everywhere these days..

      • DanFilson

        Good name for a pub! The pub sign would probably be a smiling plumber on one side and a happy smiling housewife on the other. Customers would have to imagine what they’re smiling about.

      • Fergus Pickering

        Of course it is. Always has been. Only way to go.

    • Smithersjones2013

      Nothing like avoiding foul European taxes.

  • Brimstone52

    Wow, a minister resigning on a point of principle.

    If he had to use his private office to get things checked properly with the authorities what hope does the average employer or landlord have of keeping illegal immigrants out.

    • MaxSceptic

      “Like Caesar’s wife, a politician should be above suspicion” (And did Caesar’s wife ever clean behind the fridge?)

      • Brimstone52

        “did Caesar’s wife ever clean behind the fridge?”

        She would have had slaves to do it.

        • MaxSceptic


          • Chris Morriss

            Dacia Dusters obviously.
            You might just have to look this one up 🙂

          • Brimstone52

            I didn’t know the Romanians were making cars that long ago.

    • DanFilson

      “”a minister resigning on a point of principle” Really? Get real! Or was it more a case of the PM telling you you’re fired, but we’ll exhcange letters as if you had resigned “on a point of principle”, hah!, so you can feel better.

      • Brimstone52

        Who knows? In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, I’m prepared to accept what has been offered.

        It’s a rare thing nowadays I agree, but I think there are a few people of honour.

        By resigning as he has, the ex-minister has reduced the chances of anyone else making a fuss.

        Which of those options is most accurate I doubt we’ll ever know. Probably a mixture of both.

      • Lesley1000 .


      • Swanky

        A decent Roto-root, by the looks of it:

    • Lesley1000 .

      If you believe that………………

    • Agrippina

      If he had retained copies of the docs he saw in 2006, he would be fine. As it is no defence to say he can’t find them, he is liable for the penalty charge. That is why he has resigned.

      If he had retained the copies and they appeard to be genuine in the first instance, then the relevant authorities, would have cleared him.

      • Brimstone52

        Most government departments dispose of records over six years old unless there is a continuing case.

        • Agrippina

          He is an individual who hired a cleaner, what has that got to do with a govt dept, apart from the fact he was not in govt 6yrs ago. The legislation requires you to retain copies for the duration of the employment. She has been his employee since 2006, where are the docs. No 6yr limit as you claim.

  • Timmy2much

    If this was the true course of events then hats off to Mark Harper. With 650 mp’s at large it’s about time at least one of them showed some integrity.

    • Kitty MLB

      I second that.
      Integrity, a rare quality in politicians today, and completely absent
      in The Labour Party.

      • Mynydd

        If he has any integrity he would have stepped down as an MP.

  • Tron

    Does anyone ever employ an English cleaner?

    • Inua Ellams

      Are there English cleaners? Or English people willing to clean – is the question to ask, is why there are immigrants doing these jobs.

      • David Kay

        because they get more money cleaning that selling the big issue

      • Timmy2much

        To suggest that there are no English cleaners because they are unwilling to do it is, frankly, a form of racism akin to someone saying that black people all carry knives.
        The reality is that most English people cannot afford to take jobs as cleaners because they dont live 10 to a three bedroom house, they dont get to pay less tax like some immigrants do and they wont earn as much as if they were on benefits (so its economically stupid to take such a job).

        • Inua Ellams

          Wow. So, branding one group of people as criminals is the same as saying another group choose better jobs? How is that in any way comparable? One is entirely negative and suggests they might kill you at any time, indeed are seeking to… and the other says English people are better off, financially therefore do not seek menial labour… which makes sense. Immigrants tend to arrive having just escaped impossible conditions, and arrive with little more than the clothes on their back, whereas English people LIVE here, so have a life… have property… family etc…

          Secondly, you just answered the initial question you posed.
          Q “Does anyone ever employ an English cleaner?”
          A “…most English people cannot afford to take jobs as cleaners because they dont live 10 to a three bedroom house” (Whilst your argument is unclear, I understand what you are trying to say…)

          So, should employers sit around twiddling their thumbs, waiting for an English person so WANT to be a cleaner before hiring them? Or just hire who want to do the job?

          We live in a capitalist system that thrives on exploitation, is built on exploitation. Immigrants can be, and are exploited regularly. Employers cannot exploit English citizens by paying them low wages, so exploit those that fall between the cracks, the immigrants that do what they must to survive.

          The second half of your statement is incorrect. Immigrants do not pay less tax. If anything, they pay the same percentage of tax on less wages… meaning they pay proportionally more and the tax system is designed to exploit illegal immigrants for money.

          • Timmy2much

            Obviously I was likening the branding of one group being racist while at the same time branding another group and that same branding not being seen as racist. The reason for the branding is irrelevant.

            It was never meant as an answer to the original question, it was a reply to your statement “Are there..English people willing to clean” which was put in a manner as to suggest that no there is not.

            I never suggested that employers should wait around for employees, I never actually complained about immigrants being cleaners.

            Your point on exploitation is very valid, but I will add that capitalism is not what is wrong here as it only provides the mechanism for ‘bad bosses’ ** to exploit workers when the labour market is not protected from being devalued supply and demand rules apply. (**assuming you take the view they are bad bosses – im not covering that subject here)

            The point on tax is covered here;


            • Inua Ellams

              To quote an award winning poet “no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark”. No one leaves home willingly. You only do so if you have to and most of those people leave everything behind. I know the difference between an immigrant and an asylum seeker. We are not at liberty to judge what constitutes a difficult life, or a person’s ability to deal with such difficulty to gauge exactly how impossible it was. By impossible, I did not simply mean war, famine etc, I mean any condition where a life will be impossible to sustain in a manner befitting typical conditions for human beings, and you do not leave a country you belong to, your family belongs to etc, unless this is the case.

              To respond to your point “Not all English have property or family to fall back on.” Yes, I never claimed that all English people do, but given that we are in England, and most of the property is owned by English people, and there are more English people than others, it follows then that most of them do… The point I was trying to make is that most English people are better off than immigrants, even the ones that do not have property.

              “…which was put in a manner as to suggest that no there is not.” I agree with you on this point and apologise for being reductive for the sake of argument. However, I was responding to the opening question and wanted to widen the discussion by using Tron’s words; my intentions stays true – the wrong question was asked. “Does anyone ever employ an English cleaner?” should have been “Why don’t employers employ English cleaners?” Which will have lead to discussions as to why the job is deemed undesirable, by whom it is deemed as such, and subsequently why the “undesirables” (someone on this site used that term to refer to immigrants) do those jobs, and are employed to do it.

              Thanks for clarifying the point regarding the tax issue, but I have to say it is the same in many countries. A friend of mine who is a journalist lived and worked in France, then Germany, then Amsterdam for three years but paid tax here. The same can be said for a lot of expats (which is the kinder term used to describe immigrants from the western world) working in other countries. It would be unethical for our government to create a double standard – one for immigrants here and another for English immigrants in other countries.

              Finally, yes, there are English cleaners, obviously, I have worked with some of the many that do.But overwhelmingly, at least in London, most of the cleaners I have met have not been English. By English, I do not refer to a race I refer to people who were born and bred in this country, who are citizens.

              Thanks for carrying on the discussion and refining your points.

        • Lesley1000 .

          And your answer was stating that the other person was racist? So there are no English cleaners because they are not immigrants? If they were on low pay they would get working tax credit. I know White British people who are cleaners. The first paragraph of your answer made sense, then it went into a Daily Mail rant.

      • Lesley1000 .

        Of course there are! I know loads of English people who are cleaners

      • Jimmy Newman

        You must all live in La la land, honestly. Being from very very poor working class, I know people who have had and still have cleaning jobs that have been English (many) chinese, black, south asian, east asian you name it. And guess what, they’re a whole lot less judgemental and racist to each other than you guys seem, they get along with most people in the working class (in London anyway) and see each other just as people trying to get by. You people are proof of wealth inequality getting to your heads. I only ever see people who have not been from real financial hardship bring up arguments on immigrants and foreigners. Immigrants? Dont try and convince me that is a real thing on a spherical planet. Yes, a planet that literally isn’t divided. Good luck with that one. For the record I’m English.

    • DavidL

      I did. She was very good.

    • In2minds

      Indeed, British dust for British cleaners.

    • Ciaran_J_Goggins

      I have a secondhand dyson.

      • Ciaran Goggins

        Really? As a proven perjuring ex Det Con, Derek Haslam, 9, Lynn Rd, PE38 you seem unable to tell the truth. Where is Heffron’s leg?

  • Rhys Morgan

    Shame on the one hand but he and other idiots started this anti immigrants poison so the phrase couldn’t organise a pi**up in brewery springs to mind.

    • Brimstone52

      It’s not “anti-immigration”, it’s “anti illegal immigration”.

      The difference might be subtle to some people, most “get” it.

      • Andy

        He doesn’t. Too dim.