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Breaking: Aidan Burley to stand down in 2015

5 February 2014

6:16 PM

5 February 2014

6:16 PM

This evening, Conservative MPs have been told that Aidan Burley, the MP for Cannock Chase who attended a Nazi-themed stag do is standing down in 2015. He said:

‘After a difficult time I have decided to announce I will stand down at the next general election. I will continue to work for the people of Cannock Chase until that election, and look forward to supporting my successor, as soon as he or she is selected, to ensure that Labour have no chance of re-taking this seat.’

Rather graciously, Grant Shapps has issued this statement:

‘Aidan has a strong record in his constituency from securing the future of Cannock Chase Hospital, to setting up local job fairs and getting hundreds of people back to work. He has served his constituents with dedication and commitment. I wish him the best of luck with whatever he does next.’

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  • edithgrove

    he was however a rare voice of truth about the opening ceremony of the Olympics

  • alabenn

    Pity, regardless of his high jinks at themed parties, he at least had a life and seemed a little different to the sullen crowd who have taken over politics

  • ohforheavensake

    Excellent. He seems like a rather nasty man.

  • Mynydd

    Mr Cameron can take heart, it seems it is not only women, (being force or otherwise) are standing down. Before long Mr Cameron will be the last man standing.

    • Hello

      Yes, no doubt another three hundred MPs are going to announce their resignation shortly.

  • Agrippina

    Good, as he appears to have a bad memory and could not recall organising or attending the party mentioned above.

    Please vote for someone with some life experience and anyone but the 3 party troughers.

    • Tom W Huxley

      I suspect this whole ordeal has been a nightmare for her and it has been suggested that this is why he has chosen to stand down.

      • Agrippina

        I suggest you read some press with regards to her, she too is fond of dressing up and behaving oddly, not a damsel in distress as you may believe. You don’t get to be chair of a party and local councillor by being a wimp aged 22.

        There have been odd dealings regards her being chair and the backing of his constituency party.

        • HookesLaw

          You are correct. The notion of ‘having a life’ by 22 is ridiculous. People are entitled to a life before politics but afterwards they are judged by what they do. I suggest a certain amount of decorum is desirable. The Speaker’s wife might take note.

          • Wessex Man

            I just hope he doesn’t try to join UKip like the rest of your dross Hooky.

            • Wessex Man

              and another vile little Tory Sir Gerald Howarth, saying that Mr Burley was the victim of a witchunt, claimed that this episode demonstrated why the Leveson Inquiry into media standards and it’s recommendations for a tough new watchdag for the Press was so important.

              It’s great to know Hooky that the Tories are such a demoncratic bunch!!!!!!

        • Tom W Huxley

          So what. She’s still a human being. The endless ritual humiliation of her husband to be in the press for something he no longer has any control over would be a nightmare for any of us.