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Blow for Yeo as local Tory party says ‘go’

3 February 2014

3:50 PM

3 February 2014

3:50 PM

In part two of the Constituent Spring, Tim Yeo’s constituency association has just voted not to re-adopt him as their Conservative candidate. The Tory MP had appealed against the decision of the South Suffolk Conservative Association’s decision to deselect him, and the result of the vote on this was announced today.

Yeo said:

‘It has been a privilege to serve as MP for South Suffolk since 1983. I will continue to work for all my constituents until the General Election next year. I am immensely grateful to all those Conservative Party members who voted for me to continue as their MP. I now ask them all to campaign for my successor with the same loyalty and dedication they have shown to me.

‘I will give my full and unqualified support to whoever is chosen as the candidate here in South Suffolk. I wish him or her every success.’


Toby Kramers, Chairman of South Suffolk Conservative Association said:

‘This has been a difficult time for the Association. Our priority now is to work together for success in the European elections later this year and in the General Election in 2015.’

I’m sure Lady Bracknell would have had something to say about what the loss of two MPs in one week says about the Conservative party. It certainly says a great deal about how happy constituency associations are to flex their muscles against an MP who they don’t feel is pulling their weight (contrary to some reports, the circumstances cited by both associations relate to Yeo and McIntosh’s competence and commitment, rather than their beliefs about green energy or the fact that McIntosh is a woman). Any MP who doesn’t have particularly good relations with their local association will be quaking in their boots.

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  • David Booth.

    Now that “Trougher” Yeo has been shown the door perhaps other Constituency Associations (of all persuasions) could take a long hard look at their own motley bunch of free-loading chancers?

  • Box of Frogs

    It’s the Witney constituency association that needs to urgently dump their candidate.

  • Ronald Whitehand

    He goes at last.
    Is there a league table of other toadies and self servers who are likely to go next?

  • ADW

    Oink, oink, oink, oink, oink. Rotten bad luck Timbo, the eternal gift of government cash has ceased to give.

    There were two problems with the old trougher. First, his blatant moral (leave aside any technical, legal nicety which he relied upon) conflict of interest between his business interests and his duties (there’s a novel word) in Westminster.

    Secondly, he never turned up for any constituency work, but took it for granted. As Guido said, Yeo can now spend more time on the golf course, except that was half the problem.

  • Frank

    Absurd of Downing Street to have talked in his favour. Have DC and GO no judgment at all?

    • Peter Stroud

      How right you are. No doubt the tougher will soon be wearing ermine.

    • cambridgeelephant

      No – none.

  • sfin

    Exactly the kind of politician that UKIP are trying to put in their proper place – er…let’s see, er… golf club chairman (subject to vote)…er…dunno!

  • Doggie Roussel
  • bengeo

    The deselection is a blow for David Cameron, who had written a letter supporting Yeo and praising his “considerable expertise in rural issues and the environment”.

    “In throwing out a Tory who has repeatedly failed to stand up for his constituency, South Suffolk are have not only shown the way for the rest of the country but they have delivered a blow to David Cameron’s own credibility after he personally intervened to support Tim Yeo’s in his deselection battle,” shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Ashworth said.

    “Coming hot on the heels of news that Tories in Thirsk and Malton are trying to deselect one of the few senior women MPs in the party, recent events have shown that not only has David Cameron failed to deliver on a promise to change the Tories but he’s too weak to do anything about it.”

    Yeo is thought to have suffered for being an underperforming MP, often unavailable for local events because of trips abroad and notching up a poor attendance record in parliament itself.

    He was embroiled in scandal last year when a newspaper sting caught him suggesting he was prepared to use his influence as head of the energy and climate change select committee in return for cash, but was cleared by Commons authorities.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      “…recent events have shown that not only has David Cameron failed to
      deliver on a promise to change the Tories but he’s too weak to do
      anything about it.”


      It’s amusing and ironic that the Millipedes are now accusing Dave of not following through on his socialist Cameroonian makeover, so his party could be just like them.

      And here’s been poor Dave rejecting anything even remotely conservative, hugging every husky in sight, debasing himself, grovelling to pick up any few lefty votes he can, but not only do they ignore his socialist entreaties, they kick him in the teeth over it.

      Poor Dave, he can’t win for losing.

  • Mynydd

    I wonder what Mr Cameron’s roll has been all these

  • Doggie Roussel

    Here in East Sussex & Kent we have two local Tory MPs who take their safe seats for granted and have absolutely no sense of obligation towards their constituents:

    Damian Green (Ashford)

    Greg Barker (Battle & Bexhill)

    The former is a self-serving, toady who will do anything for advancement and always toes Dave’s line on any contentious issues: gay marriage, immigration, HS2, EU referenda etc, etc, etc…. this spineless lump of jelly has no interest in the constituents whom he represents and parrots out the party line at every opportunity.

    The latter (Barker) is in a very different league; a green, husky-hugging companion of Dave’s he much prefers the hunting field to Westminster and dumped his wife and family in favour of his (male) interior decorator.

    These two aforementioned MPs are an example of the calibre of people who Dave sees to inflict upon the safe seats in the Tory shires, though whether Barker could be described as a safe seat is debatable.

    A photograph of Greg in recreational mode follows:×

    • Bellevue

      And, one wonders, just WHO paid for that portrait???

      • Doggie Roussel

        Greg’s discarded wife, on dit !

  • saffrin

    At what point do we hear Cameron’s been/being deselected, before or after he loses the 2015 General Election?

    • realfish

      That’s the David Cameron who out-polls his party when it come to opinion of the general public…rather than the malcontents, bigots and old farts.

      • saffrin

        Cameron is an excellent recruitment agent for UKIP.

        • BarkingAtTreehuggers

          ….which incidentally means he is also an excellent recruitment tool for the YES campaign.

          • cremaster

            He doesn’t recruit for it, he is part of it, albeit covertly.

            • the viceroy’s gin

              He can’t be. It’s impossible. There is no chance that muppet could be so clever.

  • HookesLaw

    Lts not just the conservative party that need to deselect theor MPs though is it? not worthy of retention. Various Labour and LD MPs are

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yes, but they want to keep their socialists, just like you Cameroons do.

      On the other hand, these moves are being made to deselect your socialist brethren. .

  • Guenier

    His deselection may not have been connected with his beliefs about green energy. But it may not be unconnected with his not being very bright – as witnessed by this interaction with Richard Lindzen, atmospheric physicist and Professor of Meteorology at MIT:

    • GnosticBrian

      Yeo gives a stupid example which the Professor is too kind to dismantle. Yeo claims that the “record” high but not increasing temperatures over the last decade and a half cannot be evidence that global warming has ceased; going on to say that if he is travelling at 90mph in his car that would not be evidence of his not having broken the speed limit. Using Yeo’s analogy, the acceleration up to 90 mph is analogous to the warming over the past century – but cruising at a CONSTANT 90 mph is conclusive evidence of the acceleration having come to an end.

  • Smithersjones2013

    It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving parasite.

  • BarkingAtTreehuggers

    Oh no! Who will we blame now for this outrageous troughing of subsidies? Feudal land tenure? The Corporatocracy? Clegg’s wife? Or will we be barking at treehuggers?

    • the viceroy’s gin

      No need to choose. Blame them all.

    • Colonel Mustard

      You seem to be the one who’s barking.

    • saffrin

      Sahra Brown, Gordon’s wife is my latest favourite. Tax dodger to the biggest tax spendthrift.

  • McClane

    Shame. He narrowly avoided the piano wire and the lamp post. Still, plenty of others.

  • keith

    yeo was the invisible man of south Suffolk, he probably spent more time in the constituency in the last month ( i wonder why ) than he had done in the whole of the previous year, david Cameron and George Osborne putting out statements that yeo was a good constituency MP just shows how out of touch they are with what’s gone on, that begs the question what has grant shapps been telling them, surely they knew how much time he was spending filling his boots with directorships if not why not, shapps should make a statement on why he thinks yeo was deselected and if he agrees with the members of south Suffolk

    • GnosticBrian

      What else could Dave and George do in public? If they had said that Yeo was an egregious self-serving son of a …then the natural follow up question is “Why have you and your predecessors put up with him for 30 years?”

      • keith

        good point but sometimes silence speaks volumes

  • MirthaTidville

    good ho..good riddence..might serve to keep more of the troughers in line

  • Tony_E

    I hope this does mark the start of a fightback by the local associations against the largely useless ‘long tooths’, the parachuted leaders’ choices and the self serving MPs in all parties.

    While there was a good number of good MPs in the 2010 intake, there are still a great number of poor MPs who could do with a swift removal from the green benches.

  • Agrippina

    Good one trougher down, 600 or so to go, don’t even look at the Lords another cull needed in there. Still he has all his directorships and a fat pension from Parliament to see him through his retirement.

    If only Sth Cambs would get shot of Lansley things may begin to improve around here. I do hope some Ukip candidate stands and reminds the locals of all the expenses Lansley claimed, so that we can have someone sensible to represent us, and put a halt to the building prog here.

    • Maidmarrion

      Just remember there is a third more unelected has beens and never were’s in the HoL.
      Subsidised food and drink – which according to complaints received by the cossetted ermine wearers is not up to their usual standard – £300 per day for just turning up for a snooze and a bit of interference.
      Nice work if you can get it!

  • CharlietheChump

    His golf game will improve accordingly.

  • Swiss Bob

    Yeo has ‘beliefs about green energy’.

    When they make him money.

    The UK’s poor man’s Al Gore.

  • Rockin Ron

    He could apply to Thirsk and Malton!

  • wobble

    Not exactly a loss to uk politics , now if only Kirkcaldy’s indigents would wake from their stupor ….!

    • GnosticBrian

      Yeo gives Keith Vaz a close run for the money in the slime ball stakes.

    • David Booth.

      If you’ve ever been to Kirkcaldy (the lang toon!) you would know the answer. Town Centre full of charity shops and a sea frontage that looks like a 1930′ war zone.

      • Maidmarrion

        I think we could compile a much longer list than that.
        Years of neglect by a disinterested council and disinterested central government have made many a town and city like a war zone , not just poor old Kirkaldy. But hey – it’s Fife and radioactive too!

        • David Booth.

          The sad thing about Kirkcaly is that it occupies a really pretty spot oveooking the Firth of Forth.
          Walk along the seafront and the town appears to have deliberately turned it’s back to the spectacular views across to Edinburgh. On the landward side we have productive farmland and yet poor old Kirkcaldy sits with back to the world, which when you bear in mind it is the birthplace of Adam Smith is rather sad.
          What ever happened to the planned high speed ferry from Kirkcaldy across to Edinburgh?