Why doesn’t Kim Sears propose to Andy Murray?

31 January 2014

9:48 AM

31 January 2014

9:48 AM

Is there a more tragic tale being played out in the British press than that of heroic Andy Murray and his doting, wispy girlfriend Kim Sears. He caused a stir earlier this week by suggesting that he would marry the poor darling after this year’s Wimbledon, only to reveal that it was in fact a joke. Ha.

This comes after a long string of will he/won’t he headlines, and lots of breathy concern for poor, sweet Kim.


There is a solution to Kim’s pain. It’s a bit zesty. It would certainly slog it to those media pundits who see her as a limp fish:

She could ask him to marry her.

A radical thought. But women shouldn’t be scared of popping the question. And neither should men be scared of accepting a proposal.

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  • sunnydayrider

    I’ve no idea what you lok like madam , but if you are a nice, atractive, well brought up young lady like Ms Sears, would you propose to a mannerless, whinging, mummies boy like Murray? Imagine what your kid’s will turn out like.

    • La Fold

      yer right. His mum is one creepy woman.

  • tjamesjones

    This doesn’t work. Kim knows that marriage won’t work unless he’s keen, and if he hasn’t asked her, he isn’t. And he’s happy because he’s got everything he needs from the relationship as it is.

    • Swanky

      Bang on the money with that one, TJJ.

    • terregles2

      Perhaps he has asked her and she has said no. This is 2014 not 1954. Young women know what they want and it is not always marriage.

    • StephanieJCW

      He is still with her which suggests he is ‘keen’. He’s probably just not all that bothered by the whole marriage thing.

      And it is also very possible she isn’t either. This being 2014 and all.

  • La Fold

    I have no real strong opinion on Andy Murray other than I use his name as rhyming slang for going for a curry but I would just like to say Lara, you are well tidy and Id love to take you out for a prawn cocktail. Thats right, prawns and mayonaise in a wine glass, cause tonight princess, youre special!

    • laraprendergast

      Tempting offer indeed

      • La Fold

        Well its not a “No,” and thats a start.
        Shy boys get no toffees!