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Tory rebels table more troublemaking changes to Immigration Bill

23 January 2014

23 January 2014

Andrew Lansley will shortly announce the return of the Immigration Bill to the Commons. I hear from impeccable sources that its report stage will be next Thursday. As I wrote yesterday, the whips have failed to persuade Nigel Mills to withdraw his amendment on reintroducing transitional controls for Bulgarian and Romanian migrants. He has already re-tabled it, simply with some tweaks to keep it up to date.

But another crop of amendments from Tory backbenchers has just gone down as well. Tabled by Stephen Phillips, one of the signatories to the Mills amendment, the new clauses call for the Home Secretary to take action to limit EU migration if the Migration Advisory Committee finds it is having a damaging effect on the UK economy. The other signatories are Stephen Barclay, Charles Walker, Chris Heaton-Harris, Mark Spencer, Oliver Colville and Henry Smith but more will sign.

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I hear that the government may not be able to support it, or if it does, only the Conservatives would support it as the Liberal Democrats are opposed to the idea. Which suggests that this could be an attempt to siphon off support for the original Mills amendment. It is not clear how successful that will be, though.

UPDATE, 10:50: Angela Eagle wasn’t very impressed with Lansley’s announcement of the date for the Bill – saying ‘which it seems the Spectator managed to find out about before anyone else’ – and suggested that the Bill will look very different when it returns. She asked whether ‘the amendments mean that they’ve done a behind-the-scenes deal with their rebels’.

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  • Kitty MLB

    The bedrock of Conservatism ( I am a Tory ) is God, Country and family,
    excessive immigration has had a detrimental effect on all three.
    To halt immigration, the Tory rebels need to get back traditional values,
    and they cannot whilst being dictated to by Cameroon clones following their
    English hating destructive ideals.
    They will never get any support from their ‘ leader’ or the other parties
    that dominate this country, and they really are so very afraid of UKIP-
    Quite desperate in fact.

  • HookesLaw

    What does the migration advisory committee know about the state of the UK economy. Do we want them to replace the T?
    More thick activity from thick tory backbenchers who are clearly desperate to see a return of a labour govt.

    • Alexsandr

      more desperate activity from tory backbenchers who are scared UKIP will remove their majority. Its called democracy, MP’s doing what their constituents want rather then being whipped lobby fodder,

      • Kitty MLB

        To be fair on Tory backbenchers, they thought they were
        going to get a Tory leader and to be able to sort the country out.
        Instead they have those who are wandering around in the foggy delusions of a failed leftie ideal and are controlled by a undemocratic
        leftie leaning lib Dem lead ghastly pantomime horse.
        I have no idea what they say to their grassroots- apart from
        Cameron has got the lawn mower out again.

        • Denis_Cooper

          Why should Tory backbenchers have thought that any Tory leader would ever try to impede free movement of persons within the EU?

          Those leading the Tory party have been totally committed to EU membership for decades, they have always been very much in favour of enlargement of the EU, right back to when Thatcher agreed to Greece joining in 1981, and they have never raised any objection to free movement within the EU, albeit after a transitional period that is clearly inadequate for poorer entrants to get themselves up to a similar standard of living to the wealthier countries.

          And it’s not just the Tory leaders who have had that attitude, because the Bill to approve the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the EU passed through all its stages in the Commons without the need for a single formal division, so strong was the cross-party support for it.

          • HookesLaw

            Whats wrong with Bulgaria and Romania joining the EU? Whats wrong with two ex soviet block states coming round to democracy and joining the West?
            Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia all joined NATO in 2004. Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland joined NATO in 1999.

            You are sad and screaming bonkers. Keep it up and I hope you lap up life under a Europhile labour govt.

            • Smithersjones2013

              Whats wrong with two ex soviet block states coming round to democracy and joining the West?

              That you even consider the EU to have the slightest association with democracy demonstrates how little you understand the concept. The EU mimics and ridicules democracy with its every action.

            • Denis_Cooper

              If you think the case for EU enlargement was so strong, why did neither your party or Labour ever think to ask us in a referendum whether we wanted yet another country to join the EU, so that all its citizens would then have the automatic right to come and live here, and our voting weight in the EU would be diluted, and we would be subsidising their country? And guess who set the precedent that we need not be asked, by agreeing to the accession of Greece in 1981?

              • Kitty MLB

                Did he say ‘ life under a Europhile Labour govt’.
                Perhaps he does not realise how ‘ Europhile’ our
                Lib Dem lead government are, and the fact they all
                would like it to continue- what will happen to the referendum then I wonder- there is no way any of the main parties will
                get a majority.
                Also how can he ask what is wrong about poor countries joining the EU, and expecting not so poor countries to bail them out when they do not keep their finances in order.
                Also our apparent fragile ‘ recovery’ how will the continuation
                of open door immigration affect us- we pay the taxes
                yet are never asked.

                • Denis_Cooper

                  Well, in 1975 we had a referendum and the people gave their consent to staying in the EEC with 8 other countries, but now we are in the EU with 27 other countries and we have never been directly asked to consent to either of those two sets of changes, huge departures from the contract that was originally approved. And in both cases it was Thatcher who set the precedent that the government and Parliament could agree to radical changes to that contract without referring back to the people. If we had had a referendum on whether we agreed to the contract being extended to Greece then the answer may have been “yes” or it may have been “no”, it’s impossible to say what would have been the outcome; but if it had been “no” and Greece had not been allowed to join the EEC in 1981 then obviously it would not have joined the euro in 2001 and that would have saved everyone a lot of trouble, including the Greeks.

                • Kitty MLB

                  Indeed, I do not know much about it but I understand
                  that there was a lot of controversy about the way Greece joined and the dishonesty of their politicians.
                  As you say anyone could join the EU without any real scrutiny and
                  yet is anyone allowed to leave.
                  Also when Thatcher became much older I believe she said she had regrets regarding the EU and did not recognise it.
                  The difference between her , Blair and Cameron is the latter
                  believe they are always right and I doubt will ever have regrets- and that is scary.

                • Donafugata

                  Easy to get on, impossible to get out and tyranny all the way.
                  It’s rather like Islam, when you think about it.

                • Donafugata

                  Easy to get in…

            • berosos_bubos

              92% of cash-point crime and 50% of tube pickpocketing is by you know who.

    • Smithersjones2013

      More thick activity from thick tory backbenchers

      Today’s thick backbencher maybe tomorrow’s (thick) Minister of State or even Cabinet member..

      You are amazing Hooky. In one breath you bang on and on about how everyone must vote Tory because letting Milband’s misfits into power is the political equivalent of the KT event for the United Kingdom ( bringing about the extinction of everything noble and good in Britain) and the nextyou are telling the world what a bunch of thickos many Tories are!

      Interesting strategy………

    • Donafugata

      Who needs Labour when Dave is doing their work for them?

  • Not Voting For You

    Do we really believe that any of the three main parties will act to halt immigration? Over the last three years the Conservatives have issued 650,000 NI numbers to migrants EVERY year. They are committed to immigration and use the issue of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants to distract from the millions of migrants who are already here, while holding out some prospect of doing something in the distant future when other countries accede.

    It is all a game, and we are losing and will always lose while we insist on playing it. The cards are stacked against the British people.

    We must deny these three parties legitimacy, and that requires us to stop voting for them in any elections.We need to take a pledge that we will not vote for them and will vote for anyone else rather than grant them any support.

    • HookesLaw

      New NI nrs are issued to all non-UK nationals aged 16 or over working,
      planning to work legally or claiming benefits in the UK, regardless of
      how long individuals intend to stay.
      There is no information on the length-of-stay, no requirement to
      de-register when leaving the country, and NIs do not expire, so this
      source does not capture out-migration.
      Cumulated flows are not a reliable measure of the stock of migrants
      working in the country at a specific point in time because of the
      temporary nature of much recent immigration.

      In the year ending June 2013, there were 2% fewer work-related visas
      issued (144,554) and 12% fewer permissions to stay permanently (60,959),
      and a 9% increase in extensions (145,855), compared with the previous
      12 months.
      Long term trends in work related immigration is down. The top 3 Non EEA nationalities for work related visas are India, Australia and the United States. The Au pair market puts Philippines 4th followed by Canada and New Zealand.
      United States nationals accounted for more than a quarter (28%) of the 12.9 million journeys by non-EEA nationalities into the UK. (followed by Australia and Canada)

      So don’t get too worked up – we are still letting a lot of white people in.

      In terms of asylum applications the UK is a long way 4th behind Germany France and Sweden.

      • Not Voting For You

        We are already full up. The fact that there is a reduction after 10 million have arrived is not a success story other than to supporters of Lib-Lab-Con

      • Alexsandr

        should be easy enough to find out how many NI numbers are not in use. because if they are working or getting JSA, contribution records will be added for them.
        But that would require DWP getting off their ar$e and getting the figures.

        • HookesLaw

          zillions of NI numbers are not in use. Its a pointless statistic as people come in and go out all the time. You are trying to suggest using NI numbers that zillions of people are somehow living and working but in hiding in the UK. You are an hysteric. Hysteria is not a sound basis for making policy. This is why charlatans use it all the time.

          BTW, World Bank data suggest that the UK is a major receiver as
          well as sender of remittances. They point out that in 2011 inflows of
          remittances to the UK were £5,040 million and outflows were £2,031 million. Your notions would suggest that if we stop people coming here, ‘they’ will stop our people going ‘there’ and thus reduce those inflows.

          • Alexsandr

            no. I was suggesting inactive NI numbers would give an indication of people who have left the UK. Not ideal as it would miss those working illegally but hey, better than no data at all.
            If its so pointless why are people quoting the new NI numbers as an immigration statistic?

      • Smithersjones2013

        And how many were issued to EU immigrants? You don’t know do you because they are not formally recorded in any definitive form? So this government is in reality derelict in controlling our borders just as its predeccessors were.

        You can quote salami sliced statistics on immigration until you expire but it will not change the reality that net migration into this country is on course to pass 1 million migrants during the five years of this government. The same annual net migration rate as under Labour! This government are no better than Labour!

        And if you want salami sliced statistics then swallow this one. This government has permitted the population to grow more in 5 years as a result of immigration than the collective net impact of Government immigration policy for THE WHOLE OF THE 20th CENTURY

        Go froth on that!

      • Chris lancashire

        I fear that solid facts and good sense will not get a hearing in this presently deranged forum.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …not while you socialist Camerluvvies are about, certainly.

      • Donafugata

        You forgot to mention that benefits are generously dished out despite the claimant having made zero contributions.

        Asylum applications are made when all else has failed which proves it is rarely genuine.

    • Pip

      Once we have denied them legitimacy by voting them out of power we must prosecute and jail the ring leaders.

      • roger smith

        Unfortunately the war on the British people has already succeeded-most are cowed conquered serfs terrified of any officialdom/ethnic minorities /DEFINITELY Muslims -I made a comment a few days ago insulting Zionist Racist Marxist Milliband and someone told me to keep my voice down as you dont know who was listening!!!God Almighty-This was until recently England!

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