Time for Labour to pay their bill?

27 January 2014

12:08 PM

27 January 2014

12:08 PM

Restauranteur Richard Caring is leading the charge against Labour for their pledge to reintroduce the 50p tax rate. The billionaire owner of Caprice Holdings, which includes Le Caprice, The Ivy and Scott’s, said over the weekend:

‘I am deflated to see this negative political attack on those trying to support the fragile recovery in these tough economic times.’

Awkwardly for Labour, Caring is one of the many rich backers the party were revealed to have tapped up for loans under Blair, and they are still yet to repay him his £2 million.

If he’s that upset with Balls, maybe it’s time to send him his bill?

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  • Eddie

    I never knew The Labour Party was loaned £2 million quid by a gonk!

    Strange days indeed.

    I thought the place for gonks was desks in exam rooms, but I am obviously behind the times…

  • mctruck


  • MC73

    I had something important to say, but got distracted by his hair. It’s amazing…

  • Major Plonquer

    I think he can afford to take a haircut.

  • wrinkledweasel

    Has this man been genetically modified in order to look like Beethoven?

    • Colonel Mustard

      He is one of those strange men like Michael Douglas who as they get older begin to resemble women.

  • Epimenides

    I hope he loses the £2 million. Anyone that gives moolah to the Labour party deserves to lose their shirt. Is this guy really in business?

  • Marchmain

    He may have to take a haircut on that £2m.

    • monty61

      Haircut might not be a bad ideal all round by the looks of that picture.

  • Nicholas K

    His support for Labour must have been based on a misunderstanding of their elctoral slogan “the many not the few” as his restaurants are acessible only to the few, not the many.

    • Fergus Pickering

      They are accessible to all who will pay.Very democratic.

      • HookesLaw

        And amazingly he employs people who get paid. Paid money. Where does that come from?
        And I suspect many of his employees go on to open businesses of their own after a sound training.
        And of course where do his employees come from? The likes of those in Benefits Street probably think being a waiter is beneath them and hardly worth the effort anyway.

  • jeremiah_methusela

    restaurateur – please boss up

  • Sir Trev Skint MP

    The man will have to write the debt off. He can afford it, and he will just have to admit he made a bad business decision. Obviously he’s a bright businessman, but we’re all prone to the odd mistake. 2 million for him is insignificant, many businesses lost far more, and a large percentade of the labour force paid too. It’s the price we pay for flirting with a socialist government.
    My biggest concern is that it happens every 10-15 years and the outcome never changes.
    2015 could see it happen allover again.

    • HookesLaw

      Not if people are sensible rather than hysteric. Mind you we saw screaming hysteria yesterday from people on the Somerset Levels who choose to live below water level, complaining to the govt for letting it rain.

      • Andy

        They were complaining that the Government hadn’t maintained the watercourses and dredged the rivers. Yet another glorious achievement of the Fascist Labour Party.

        • zoid

          yeh…amazing how the levels have been settled for a couple of millennia yet this is the first time they’ve flooded…

          i wonder how people who lived there survived up until the formation of the environment agency?

          • Andy

            The Somerset Levels were actually created by order of King Charles I – it was effectively marsh land until Dutch drainage engineers created the network of ‘rhymes’. The Environment Agency, after its formation in 1996, managed to gain control over the local drainage board and changed policy, stopping dredging the rivers, which are effectively huge drains. The results we now see. In the Norfolk Broads they did not gain control over the drainage board and there has been no problems. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Utterances

    He would probably get his way. Labour seems to pay very close heed to those who hold the purse strings.

    • McRobbie

      Are we talking about the unions here as well? ..millie better watch out or mccluskey will send in his debt collectors, his leverage thugs, if there is any suggestion of millie being supportive of business and entrepreneurialism..

  • wycombewanderer

    Please let it be so!