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Thirsk and Malton Tories boot out Anne McIntosh

31 January 2014

4:59 PM

31 January 2014

4:59 PM

So the Constituent Spring continues. Thirsk and Malton Conservatives have just announced that they have voted to not re-adopt their MP Anne McIntosh. The party has announced that selection for a candidate will open shortly, but McIntosh has vowed to fight on. She said:

‘I’d like to thank all those who supported me throughout, from both Vale of York and Thirsk and Malton.

‘It is my intention to stand for Thirsk, Malton and Filey constituency at the next General Election.

‘Meanwhile I remain committed to the Conservative Party locally and nationally and shall continue with my constituency and parliamentary duties with my customary passion.

‘In the coming year I will support Conservative candidates in the European Elections in Yorkshire and the Humber and Conservative local Government candidates in Thirsk, Malton and Filey in 2015.’

Unsurprisingly Labour is seizing on this as some great sign that the Tories have a women problem. Jon Ashworth, Labour’s shadow cabinet office minister, said:

‘What on earth is the Conservative Party’s problem with women? With Anne McIntosh deselected, the Tories look set to lose their only female MP in the whole of Yorkshire and the Humber. And already one in 10 of the Conservative women MPs elected in 2010 have announced that they are standing down at the next election. David Cameron has done nothing to stand up for one of his most senior women MPs. His silence speaks volumes at a time when many people are asking why the Conservative Party is so out of touch.’

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  • pjl20

    Anne McIntosh could do worse than have a word with some of us in North Yorkshire, who belong, as members, to UKIP.

    There is no doubt that a ground swell of the population is moving toward us, even in this wealthy part of Yorkshire.

    Despite all the banter, women are made very welcome in our party.

  • andagain

    There was that incident a few weeks ago, when a local Conservative Association nearly deselected their MP because he was gay…

  • itdoesntaddup

    I suppose Labour will claim that Yeo is just an old woman. They’re probably right…

  • Reconstruct

    A bit of local background might be useful.
    1. Mrs McIntosh isn’t noticeably a constituency MP. Maybe that’s just her personality, or maybe she just genuinely isn’t interested. It’s fair to say that up here we do expect our MP to show some interest.

    2. That maybe wouldn’t matter too much, if there hadn’t been an issue which really mattered passionately to Malton, and on which she spectacularly hasn’t provided any lead or support. The issue is very local – some local government shenanagins in which the local Conservative-led Ryedale Council has been attempting to asset-strip some local Malton community assets in order to sell it to Tesco (or some other supermarket). Not only has this been almost universally opposed by the town, but it has also shown the local Conservative Assn in the most abominable light imaginable. Throughout this, Mrs McIntosh has been silent, which effectively has made her complicit in really dreadful behaviour by the local council, and also set her against the local people. Quite why she’s got this so wrong only she can say – but it has generated considerable hostility.

    3. By contrast, Edward Legard, now the likely candidate at the next election, has been prepared to call out the council (and the local dreadful Con Assn) publicly for their appalling behaviour (which has already cost hundreds of thousands in completely avoidable legal costs).

    4. In short, however well-regarded Ann McIntosh may be by central office, she has a disastrous tin-ear in local politics. Overall, it is good news that she’s been deselected – Malton and Thirsk deserve better.

    • Bill Brinsmead

      Still looks like a putsch by supporters of local toff and Ryedale Councillor Edward Legard (Eton, St Andrews, spell in army, barrister).

      His person spec makes him the perfect candidate for rural Conservative Associations. Doubt that voters will agree.

      • Reconstruct

        As I’ve tried to explain, there are real issues, genuinely important ones, which Mrs McIntosh inexplicably got on the wrong side of. In the end, that proved intolerable for her constituency, no matter how good a job she was thought to be doing in Central office. The insinuations about personalities, personal friendships etc are all just bullshit.

      • tastemylogos

        You didn;t read his comment, did you? Unbelievable. Talk about being pathologically adverse to ‘listening’.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Oh dear once again we see that Labour have yet to get past the idea that physical characteristics are the predominant factor in assessing the ability of a politician (or past their authoritarian centralism). It seems to me that in political terms his attitude is the equivalent of staring at Women’s chests when one addresses them.

    But hey given lack of intellect across the Labour benches it may be that physical characteristics are the only things that differentiate your typical Labour parliamentary clone.

    Clearly Ashworth is amongst the most dim-witted of Miliband’s misfits

    • monty61

      So you believe the Bullingdon Boys don’t have a women problem then?

      • starfish

        Presumably in your view a person’s gender transcends all other attributes such as their ability to represent their constituent s. Explains the over promoted wimmin in labour’s team

      • HookesLaw

        What a pilloock you are. Seems to be the LDs and BBC employees who have women problems.

    • David Simpson

      What a silly post, ill thought and completely wrong, a typical tory post

      • tastemylogos

        grow up

  • swatnan

    I get really annoyed when MPs cannot accept the due process of democracy’ And when they have the temerity to challenge a ballot, and worse still stand as an Independent against an official Party candidate. Its an absolute disgrace, and is not confined to any one Party. What does it say to the loyal Party workers whon helped get them elected? I hope McIntosh gets the drubbing she deserves, because she shows she has no loyalty to her Party whatsoever. And I repeat being an MP should not be a job for life. I suggest she gets her Kipling out.

    • Wessex Man

      Isn’t she being pushed aside to let one of Dave’s pals in?

      • berosos_bubos

        No because it is driven by the constituency members.

        • Wessex Man

          I stand corrected, just goes to show you shouldn’t believe what you read in the papers.

      • Reconstruct

        Absolutely not. The sense from up here is that she has been enthusiastically (and foolishly) supported by central office. And, despite what you may read, Edward Legard (sp?) has been a rebel.

    • GnosticBrian

      I disagree – perhaps you are too young to remember Eddie Milne, the Labour MP deselected for trying to expose the corruption in the North East Labour party (some of which came out in the Poulson affair). Milne stood as an independent and trounced the official Labour candidate. There are some loyalties that transcend “party loyalties”.

      • HookesLaw

        And under those circumstances you have to trust the sense of the electorate.
        You have to look at the individual circumstances.

    • Andi Ali

      Isn’t an MP deciding to stand in the next election as an independant not a due process of democracy then?

  • WatTylersGhost

    Hope that she is good to her word and stands as an independent. Make things interesting.

  • OriginalChris

    The D Telegraph and The York Press provide some history/background info to this, including very considerable dissatisfaction amongst some constituents, earlier concerns about expenses claims e.g. apparently £5000 for gardening (worth reading the Comments sections for more info:

    • telemachus

      Excellent excellent news
      Not the deselection but the standind as independent to split the Tory vote and deliver Thirsk to the party of reason

      • saffrin

        That would be UKIP then.

        • telemachus

          I guess if you feel Bloom and Silvester reasonable

          • Colonel Mustard

            Looks like you miscalculated your tagging in this thread.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Haven’t you gone yet?


        • telemachus

          Plagiarising Hexhamgeezer without attribution

          • Colonel Mustard

            Plagiarism? Hardly. “zzzz (or z-z-z-z) is sound of snoring, from at least 1918. (Sometimes “a tiny saw cutting through a log” [1948] would be used, and both the snore and saw would make the same z-z-z-z sound.) Over time, this became associated with sleep in general, but most comic reference books (e.g. 2006’s KA-BOOM! A Dictionary of Comic Book Words, Symbols & Onomatopoeia, 2008’s Comic books: how the industry works) still mainly associate it with snoring.”

            The tedious and repetitive nature of your comments and especially their contrived positioning in every thread prompt the relevance of this reaction but I humbly acknowledge Mr Hexhamgeezer’s pioneering introduction of the “zzzzz” in response to your infestation.

      • The_greyhound

        Your spelling gets worse.

        It’s “party of treason”.