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Strong sympathy for Tory rebel deportation call

28 January 2014

8:56 AM

28 January 2014

8:56 AM

How will the row over the Immigration Bill pan out? Number 10 was trying to be as emollient as possible yesterday, saying it would look at all amendments, while I understand that Dominic Raab’s deportation amendment has strong private support at Cabinet level. Ministers do, though, understand that Theresa May is starting to worry that she won’t get her Bill through the House of Commons and House of Lords in time for it to become an Act, and so are leaving her be on the deportation side of things, but there could still be a scenario where PPSs demand to be able to support it, as they did last time. It is difficult to find anyone in the Conservative party who doesn’t support it (although Ken Clarke is keeping quiet).

Labour is keeping quiet for the time being on its own position on the amendment, and it is likely the path will continue to do so for as long as is possible to make the government sweat over the next few days. But aside from the problems that would be caused by the amendment being passed on Thursday, there is also a political calculation from some observers that it may force Labour to be more explicit than it has been so far on the matter of human rights: this amendment from Raab is designed to end spurious Article 8 challenges.

As for the Mills amendment, Number 10 has been trying valiantly to encourage backbenchers to support some more helpful amendments from Stephen Phillips. But interestingly some of the signatories so far don’t look like the sort to back down on the Mills amendment. They include Peter Bone and Bill Cash, who remain supporters of the original troublemaking amendment. The problem is, as Mills explained to Coffee House last week, the government-backed amendments aren’t unhelpful, but they’re also not enough in the eyes of the rebels.

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    Well done for keeping us informed on the immigration bill and it’s amendments Isabel, you are more or less the only source of detailed information. I hope the Mills amendment get rejected as its daft. On one hand I think the immigration bill should just get passed in to law, as it has quite good article 8 legislation. I am slightly worried though about Raab’s assertion that the human rights brigade will outmanoeuvre it, so maybe if Rabb’s amendment passed it might be a good thing. Could you tell us your opinion on whether Mays article 8 legislation is strong enough and whether you think Raab’s is necessary?

  • Colonel Mustard

    “The (ComRes) survey puts Labour on 33 per cent (down four points on last month) and the Conservatives on 32 per cent (unchanged), giving Labour its smallest lead in a ComRes poll for The Independent since December 2011, when two parties were level on 38 per cent. These figures would give Labour an overall majority of just four seats, raising Tory hopes of denying Labour victory by next year’s general election.”

    It is ridiculous that with 1% less Labour can still have 4 more seats. When is this ‘unfairness’ going to be tackled? When is this ‘inequality’ going to be the subject of lefty whining?

    Free England from Socialist Occupation.

    • Kitty MLB

      I absolutely agree.
      The stranglehold that the Left has in this country is a disgrace.
      The Lib Dems are also a disgrace, they used that grubby little compromise
      of AV, and the fact that they did not get their own way as an excuse not to
      make the boundary’s more fair.

      • Dai Station

        Any Labour or Lib Dem MP who bleats about ‘Democracy’ should be reminded at every opportunity that they voted down independent boundary review recommendations for naked political advantage (Labour) or in childish pique (LD)

  • anyfool

    This is not a rebellion it is an argument about where the dots go on a documentary smokescreen, the real problem lies with Third World uneducated hostiles from a stone age religion flooding into the country.
    It should be about throwing out these cuckoos and stopping the hundreds of their trained mercenary family members returning from the training grounds in their home countries.

    • Bandmomma

      On the other hand, the easy targets!

      • anyfool

        They have in the UK the misfortune to be white, that is the only reason why a Canadian after 22 years military service is being forced out, it ticks a politically correct box.
        The pursuit of ethnic votes is causing a corruption of values.

        • Bandmomma

          It’s just the man’s wife who is Canadian, he’s British. I’t’s a bloody disgrace!

  • Patricia

    “If Dominic Raab’s amendment somehow allows our courts to circumvent the notorious and dangerous (to us, law abiding citizens of this country) Article 8, then kudos to all those MPs who back it because it shows that they have the best interest of this nation at heart.”
    The Government has a duty to protect British law-abiding citizens. There shouldn’t even be a contest between the “rights” of foreign-born criminals and us.

    • IJMO_DS

      The real problem is the judges flawed interpretation. Article 1 of the European convention on human rights clearly restricts them to the UK. Anything that happens outside is irrelevant. The idea that we could not deport a foreigner because they may get tortured is wrong. When we signed it we agreed that the British state would not kill people, torture people or refuse them a fair trial within our jurisdiction, that’s it. There is no mention of having to consider places beyond our control such as Jordan. If were that worried about them we can offer them asylum. As for article 8 anything that has a negative effect on the nation or its people means it should be rejected.

  • zanzamander

    European Convention on Human Rights allows foreign criminals, terrorists and murderers to live happily amongst us thereby denying us our Human Rights to be safe. If Dominic Raab’s amendment somehow allows our courts to circumvent the notorious and dangerous (to us, law abiding citizens of this country) Article 8, then kudos to all those MPs who has the best interest of this nation at heart.

    But chances are it (the amendment) won’t be allowed to be called.