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Senior Lib Dem ‘quite happy’ for Rennard to re-join the gang

16 January 2014

2:58 PM

16 January 2014

2:58 PM

Evan Harris, the former Lib Dem MP turned Hacked Off campaigner, told the Daily Politics that he was ‘quite happy’ to serve on party policy committees with panjandrum Lord Rennard. Harris was camped next to Bridget Harris, a former Special Advisor to Nick Clegg and one of the women at the centre of the scandal. She accused the party establishment of closing ranks, and said that she and others will not support a political movement that did not boot Rennard out of ‘their gang’.

Rennard has been ordered by Nick Clegg to apologise to the women who alleged that he had behaved inappropriately. An inquiry into Rennard’s alleged sexual misconduct found the claims ‘broadly credible’ but could take no further action under the party’s rules because the burden of proof would be too high. The Metropolitan Police announced last September that there would be no criminal charges against Rennard.

Yesterday, Rennard said: ‘I now look forward to resuming my roles within the Liberal Democrats.’ Evan Harris, for one, is ‘quite happy’ for Rennard to be in the gang again.

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  • David Davies

    Let me draft an apologetic non-apology for him:
    “I maintain that I have done nothing wrong and the enquiry has failed to prove that I have. However, it appears that my actions that given some people the impression that “invaded their personal space”. I do not accept that these impressions are well-founded but do accept that those beliefs are honestly held. I deeply regret that I have acted in such a way as to allow my actions to be miscontrued and will ensure that I do not put myself in such situations in future”.
    How difficult is that ? Surely the silver-toungued Alex Carlisle can come up will something even better. The absence of any such non-apology shows what an arrogant and stubborn man he is.
    And whoever drafted the rules to insist that any breach was proved to the criminal standard of “beyond reasonable doubt” was just asking for trouble

  • FrankieThompson

    Ah, Evan Harris. The fact that his constituents booted him out at last election has not dented his self-esteem in any fashion. It is so heartening for us all.

  • Fergus Pickering

    Senior to whom?

  • judyk113

    Evan Harris, Dr Death. Enthusiastic proponent of Medical Murder On Request.What a wonderful party, the Liberal Democrats….And let’s not forget Jeremy Thorpe and Cyril Smith…..Of course, every party has its rogues, villains, knaves and fools. But proportionately, the Lib Dems must really lead the pack.

  • Smithersjones2013

    I suppose this is what you should expect from a ‘Liberal’ party. A party stuffed full of perverts, convicts, arsonists and general ne’er do wells.

    • Fergus Pickering

      Oh come. Nick Clegg is perfectly normal. And Danny Alexander excep for being Scotch. And… er…

  • DavidL

    Lord Rennard, Mike Hancock, John Hemming, Chris Huhne. What an absolute shower.

  • Tom W Huxley

    Well, of course he does. He knows Rennard is the only person who can get him back into Parliament.

  • HilaryChapman

    This looks like the beginning of the end for the LIbDems.