Sarah Vine: Michael Gove loves Germany

8 January 2014

8 January 2014

While Michael Gove and academic lefties continue to row about the causes of the Great War, the education secretary’s wife, Sarah Vine, has helpfully poured some fuel on the fire. Vine’s always-mischievous Mail column reveals that her husband admires the Germans:

‘While I wasn’t looking, my husband, Michael Gove, appears to have declared war on Germany. This has prompted some commentators to compare him to Basil ‘Don’t mention the War’ Fawlty. This is understandable, but wrong: he actually loves Germany and all things Teutonic, from Richard Wagner to bratwurst.’ 

She mentioned it once; but I think she got away with it.

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  • Fergus Pickering

    Nothing wrong with Germany. Good at football, motor-racing and marching into other people’s countries. Which ones. Oh, all of the, except us.

    • john hughes

      well if the eu fanatics get thier way the germans will be marching in on the orders of eu to quell any discontent in our country. you heard it first here.

      • Fergus Pickering

        I don’t think they have an army, these days. They settled for butter, not guns.

        • john hughes

          butter so that we can be slipped into the corrupt eu. why do you think our armed forces are being wound down. and why do you think they are creating a eu armed force. are they going to attack russia. if you are so niave to think they will not use force to subject us to thier will. and would you fight another british person to get your way or would you let the people vote on it. I would stand by any decision of a vote. would you. after you mate scargil never gave the miners a vote on strike action. would you deny me my demacratic right. because there are people many people who have died so that people like me can and YOU can vote. that is called democracy. DOYOUbelieve in it. i just want a vote. not to be ruled by decree.

      • justejudexultionis

        I suspect the Germans would do a better job of governing this country than the current mob of effete public school imbeciles.

        • john hughes

          only partly right they could do a better job than the three main parties. pity they can’t do a better job for france or greece. as i have stated germany would lose 2-3 million jobs if we left. the eu has to bend or break. all the party leaders went to similar schools. does that make them all imbecibles.

    • justejudexultionis

      You only escaped because you are an island, otherwise Hitler would have wiped the floor with you. Don’t get too cocky now…

      • Fergus Pickering

        Bad luck. It was all going so well, wasn’t it?

      • john hughes

        if odolf had reached here you would not be here. and we would all be speaking german palistine would be a viable state not under the jack boots of germany as it is under the state of nazisreal.

  • Peter Stroud

    I gather some socialist bod moaned about Cameron’s barber getting an MBE. This is small beer in comparison with Labour pushing Tony Robinson in for a knighthood. Cameron’s barber is probably a first rate hairdresser. Robinson was just another second rate actor, and member of the Labour Party. Still, the BBC jumped at giving him plenty of time to slag off their pet hate: Michael Gove.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Nothing represents the divisive angst-ridden politics of the modern British left better than Baldrick’s intervention to slag Gove off for things he didn’t really say. A minor actor and self-proclaimed Labour celebrity, a man who has presumed historical expertise by dint of his TV appearances now presumes that he has the right to express an authoritative opinion because he once played a part in a TV “comedy” that unwisely extended a successful series to depict a derivative leftist perception of the Great War in order that we should laugh at its tired clichés.

    And then Baldrick has the bare-faced hypocrisy to complain about the tastelessness of ‘Allo, ‘allo. . .

    What are you Robertson? An actor or a politician? Which are you using to grandstand which?

    • telemachus

      This from your Telegraph

      Michael Gove has angered Conservative Cabinet colleagues by starting a political argument over whether Germany was to blame for the First World War, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.
      The Education Secretary’s colleagues believe that Mr Gove’s spat with Labour is marring plans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the war.
      Mr Gove should “get back in his box” and stay out of the debate over the war, a senior Conservative has said.
      The minister this month launched an attack on the way the war is taught, and criticised television programmes such as Blackadder for their portrayal of the conflict. The war was a “just conflict” needed to combat aggression by Germany, which was intent on building a European empire, Mr Gove said, and only cynical undergraduates would think soldiers were foolish to fight.
      The comments led to a row with Labour figures including Tristram Hunt, Mr Gove’s shadow, and Sir Tony Robinson, who played Baldrick in Blackadder.

      • telemachus

        And Nico it is Sir Tony

      • Span Ows

        A senior Conservative said…
        One high up party source said…
        One industry source said…
        One home building industry spokesman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the BBC…
        Critics say…
        Some would say…

        The MSM can print ANYTHING they like and just start with one of the aforementioned qualifiers or something similar; look at the following from the BBC as a way to start your piece and make your analysis brutally twisted and bias:

        How did the Duggan jury come to a conclusion that critics say is baffling and perverse?

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