Recommended listening with Joan Bakewell, Ian McEwan and Diarmaid MacCulloch

7 January 2014

7 January 2014

There is a new series of BBC Radio 3’s discussion programme ‘Belief’. Some readers may be interested in this episode in which I am interviewed by Joan Bakewell. It was recorded before Christmas and went out a few days ago.

In any case, I much recommend the other programmes in the series, particularly those with Ian McEwan and Diarmaid MacCulloch.

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  • Ross Logie

    Dear Mr. Murray,

    You are one of very few people who say things the way they are; not because others can’t or don’t see the “bleedin’ obvious” but they are fearful of being thought intolerant, disrespectful or non PC or subjected to the catch-all of all invective “a racist”.

    Your religious sentiments tend to mirror my own; your atheism I assume is based on evidence or lack of it, but you can enjoy the church pageantry, its music and marvel at its architecture etc. I have no difficulty in allowing religious belief to wither on the vine but it should be allowed to do so naturally albeit that may take some time.

    When Joan Bakewell asked who you thought should be barred from Britain, she desperately wished you to say Muslims, so did I, as their tenets are incompatible with Western culture and they can never be compatible. I live and work in Indonesia, I am happily married to a Muslim lady but I am under no illusions that even in moderate Indonesia, it would only take a few rabble-rousers to inflame religious tensions. I hope it never comes to that but I keep my passport fully up to date.

  • sarah_13

    Very interesting and enjoyable interview. Douglas, you could perhaps have elaborated on the myth of the “post colonial” paradise that is now Indonesia and explained the rampant antisemitism that exists there despite the lack of jews, the difficulties experienced by christians in practising their religion and the medieval blasphemy laws there etc.

  • zanzamander

    Unless it is Islam, BBC and belief? Pull the other one.

    • Terry Field

      Is she an acolyte of the Koran?
      Does she wear a face-mask jobbie???

  • Terry Field

    What is the point of Bakewell talking about ‘belief’.
    One knows perfectly well what the propaganda mix will be.
    Bakewell used to be a nice bit of tart, but I am more of an Eccles cake chappie these days

    • zanzamander

      Personally can’t stand the woman. She reminds me of a female Dimbleby.

      • Terry Field

        Hit the nail on the head of sausage!
        The establishment and repeated appearance of the (usually leftie) complacently tediously-repeated, nepotostically advantaged mega-boors are the sign of the national broadcasting mind-management corporation.
        The Beeb pumps up all manner of odd folk, not just the Savile.
        And we know our place – we are required to pull our permanently-growing forelocks to these scumbags.
        Glad I left.

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