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New Year blues for back to school Tories

6 January 2014

6 January 2014

The Chancellor is scaring the horses up in Brum with his ‘hard truths’ speech on the economy. Meanwhile, the troops in Westminster have that ‘back to school’ feeling.

Mr Steerpike has been asking Conservative MPs, ranging from loyalists to rebels and from old timers to young scamps, for their New Year predictions. Many of the answers followed a similar theme. ‘UKIP will wipe the floor with everyone in the European elections, followed by a wide ranging ministerial reshuffle which doesn’t include me afterwards,’ said one noisy backbencher. This feeling was echoed by one junior government figure: ‘Big changes to Cabinet in early spring, poll lead by mid-year and minority Tory government by end of 2014.’

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Which ministers are up and which are down? ‘Harper, Hancock, Truss, Fallon, Hands, McVey. Out: Young, Pickles, Paterson, Villiers, Miller, McLoughlin,’ said one canny soothsayer. The prospect of a reshuffle along those lines does not appeal to everyone: ‘Cabinet reshuffle. Matt Hancock in, which will piss off the entire backbench and be seen as “jobs for the boys!”’

Away from the transfer gossip, one loyalist MP made mischief: ‘A Labour shadow minister will have to step down as a result of a fall out from the Co-Op.’ Others, though, were still dreaming of the political equivalent of a White Christmas: ‘Vince Cable will be sacked, but I feel this is me being optimistic.’ Happy New Year.

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  • McClane

    Which ministers are up and which are down? ‘Harper, Hancock, Truss,
    Fallon, Hands, McVey. Out: Young, Pickles, Paterson, Villiers, Miller,

    I don’t know any of these people. Am I supposed to feel reassured that some are in and some are out?

  • Richard N

    UKIP is setting the agenda for all faces of the utterly clueless EU puppet liblabcon party who have trashed and sold out our country.

    We’re on our way – and I’m placing a bet on UKIP winning 25 – 30% of the vote at the next GE.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …get good odds. That’s a big number to bet on.

      • Rockin Ron

        I think UKIP will get between 8-12% at the 2015 General Election. Doesn’t sound a lot, but that will be enough to deny the Conservatives a majority. Hopefully, they can do better than that, but 25-30% would be amazing.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          I’d say your 8-12% is well in hand at this point. It’s the +20% number that is the big decision to make. But that’s where UKIP needs to be to start racking up MP’s, and they’d have to decide whether they should commit resources into contesting for that number, as opposed to focusing on that mid-teens target.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Beware of Greeks bearing gifts and Tories spreading UKIP victory. Its amongst the oldest tricks in the political handbook to talk up your opponents chances before an election only to savage them afterwards when your own predictions of their success turn out to be grossly exaggerated.

    UKIP can win the Euros but I wouldn’t take a Tories word for it. After all why should we trust their analysis on that when its pretty much useless otherwise!

    As for the reshuffle it was bound to happen sometime as Cameron has to tell the electorate what his new majority Tory government would be (I know stop giggling but he still has to do it) but I mean Hancock and Harper (the latest failure at immigration) that really is scraping the bottom of the barrel. As for Truss and McVey I have pity for them. After all who would want to be the latest of Cameron’s Token Tory Totty (“Calm Down dears” you know what happens if Dave thinks your “frustrated”)

    At some point to Dave and Nick will have to announce their shadows for 2015. That should be fun. Which Tories will it be to take chunks out of Vince, Dimwit Davey and Clegg himself?

    • Span Ows

      UKIP can and should easily win the Euro elections. Plus why do you use the Labour/BBC silliness of calling lefty barely conservative Conservatives ‘Tories’.

  • Alexsandr

    Lets not forget that on same day as the euro elections, there are council elections. So people who would be minded to vote UKIP in the euros will probably vote UKIP in the locals too. And a power base in the councils is a good springboard to the GE

  • Chris

    re-arranging deckchairs on the titanic.

    Vote UKIP to finally sink the LIBLABCON.

    • Span Ows

      After the disastrous Brown years and when all the truth about the Blair years was coming out (many of us already knew) 30% STILL voted Labour: UKIP could promise them a land of milk and honey and streets paved with gold and it will make no difference. No ‘deal’ between the Conservatives and UKIP will lead to a Labour win with a working majority.

      • Alexsandr

        UKIP will never do a deal with the tories. If they did they would be seen as as bad as the rest of liblabcon, who have failed us for years.

        • HookesLaw

          You have to pretend to this warped liblabcon rubbish just to salve your conscience about gifting us a europhile Lab govt.
          Its garbage and you fool no one but yourselves.

          • Alexsandr

            well if you like the ersatz socialist government we have then that’s OK. Just don’t expect me and loads of others to agree, and more pointedly, don’t abuse us because that just makes you look like a trolling idiot.
            but I stand by my point that UKIP will never do a deal with the tories.

            • Smithersjones2013

              What do you mean ‘look like’? Hooky was the prototype!

            • HookesLaw

              Even more pretence by saying ‘socialist’. You show how far down the road to fruit loop la la land you are. Howling bonkers.

          • Smithersjones2013

            Poor Poor Hooky the blessed Vince and James Forsyth don’t agree with you

            Vince Cable is right, Britain is most likely to leave the EU under a Labour government


            I’d be careful, one day you’ll choke on all that froth, spittle and bile you keep spewing at UKIP

          • keith

            sorry hooky gifting you a Europhile lab govt, and what have the governments for the last 40 years been, i take it you have been in a coma

            • HookesLaw

              You are in a delirium.

              • keith

                i see you don’t rebut the premise though, you old lefty you

          • Dogzzz

            Hookeslaw.This is a serious question. If I oppose the EU and large overspending government increasing national debt and failing on the deficit. If I oppose the short-termist and unsustainable re-inflation of consumer debt as a mechanism for disguising the flaws in our economy and creating temporary and unsustainable growth. and if I support individualism and the inherant human rights of all individual based on their behaviour and character and oppose the politically correct social division based on competing victimhood of arbitrarily selected minorities. If I oppose the “green crap” and the energy poverty it promotes. If I oppose corporate welfare and the bail-outs which labour and conservative alike supported and I oppose the corrupt corporatism which privatises profits in the hands of cronies, whilst socialises losses which are then added to the burden of tax-payers. If I oppose unlimited immigration, and wish to regain control of our borders so that we can admit people who will contribute in total to the exchequer and support themselves, and only also admit our fare share of refugees in dire need, but reject access to economic migrants who will hurt our economy over all…

            If the above is how I feel, please feel free to enlighten me as to who I am supposed to vote for, if not UKIP?

            You see, labour and conservative are identical on all those important measures and they are both in favour of implementing the opposite policies to those which I approve.

            Are you really suggesting that I vote for one bunch of corrupt, corporatist, politically correct, green, EU and immigrant loving chancers solely to try to stop another bunch of corrupt, corporatist, politically correct, green, EU and immigrant loving chancers?

            You may not like people referring to the term “liblabcon”, neither do I, But I hate the way that those three parties have coalesced into the representing the exact same and wrong political agenda, even more.

            So given that I oppose those policies which labour and conservative have both been wrong over, and which I agree with UKIP on, WHO exactly should I vote for if not UKIP?

            • HookesLaw

              You are simply handing power to a europhile govt. And on the basis of a load of fruit loop crazy notions.
              being out of the EU will not be much different from being in it – look at Norway. The EU exists and we need a relationship with it. If you pretend we can ignore it and ignore the single market you are plain daft.

              You deliberately act against the party that will give you a referendum on the subject after renegotiation in 2017.

              And of course you lie to yourself to keep you happy in your prejudice. You say ‘short termist’ yet even today we see a tory saying we need 25 billion more cuts. How is that short termist. How would you cut the 160 billion deficit quicker than we have done already? To do so would have brought Balls’ prophesy true.

              Otherwise you ramble aimlessly in the manner of the typical survivalist nutter in the backwoods of Alabama. You are bonkers.

              • Alexsandr

                we can exist outside the EU and make trade deals with them. we don’t have to be a member of the EU or the free market.
                you don’t seem to have heard that the EU accounts for under 50% of our exports, even though I have told you several times.
                And I have also told you before that the EU will willingly trade with us because Audi, Siemens, Bosch, BMW, the french wine industry etc will say they must.
                now pay attention and you may learn something. You may even learn to argue your case without recourse to childish insults that debase your arguments.

              • McClane

                Hardly a ramble. Cogently argued and succint. His question, which you failed to answer, was
                ‘So given that I oppose those policies which labour and conservative have
                both been wrong over, and which I agree with UKIP on, WHO exactly
                should I vote for if not UKIP?’
                Answer it, or stfu.

            • Alexsandr

              excellently put.

            • Ladybird

              Not to mention being pushed around by unaccountable, anonymous commissioners in Brussels who have never been subjected to a democratic election, and are in-situ indefinitely because we the people will never be given the opportunity to vote them out. Vote UKIP!

      • Alexandrovich

        So be it. Tethers do have ends.
        And then on, toward civil unrest hopefully.

        • Span Ows

          …that’s what it needs.

      • Smithersjones2013

        Tories are really hard work. They just cannot take in information no matter how hard you try to tell them. Just about every serious polling pundit (and no I’m definitely not talking about Isabel Hardman) knows that for Labour to lose the election they have to lose all those Libdems who were so sickened and horrified at the Libdems getting into bed with Cameron and the Tories. There is no sign of that happening. Dave’s stuffed whichever way and he is stuffed by his own hand.

        How ironic it is that Cameron sealed up the election result for 2015 in May 2010 and the Tories have been consigned to the dustbin ever since.

        What dimwit Tories don’t seem to realise is their purile “Vote UKIP get Labour” idiocy is just irritating and is probably doing more to secure the UKIP vote than it is to unsettle it. But hey Tories aren’t really known for their political acumen. They were the dunces made to sit on the naughty step in the corner when it came to the politics class.

        • Span Ows

          LOL, hit a nerve? Lots of insults flying there for simply stating an obvious fact. If it is hard work, dimwittery and puerile to state the obvious what do you call someone who doesn’t understand even this simplicity? Taking of puerile, [sarc on] are hoi polloi so grown up [sarc off] that saying “Vote UKIP get Labour” is likely to sway them?

      • Chris

        This would be the same conservatives run by the Demos think tank, who previously were the New Labour think tank?

        Just look under the hood. Same clapped out banger, just a different body.

    • Chris

      A new Chris I see! The site should be secure enough not to allow newcomers to post using the same name as a person already registered with the site. To Coffeehouse, please can you protect the identities of individual posters by having a registration system which only allows one individual to use a specific name? Very simple as you have our email addresses.

      • Chris

        I’m the real Chris. I could solve the issue by finishing my posts with ‘the real Chris’

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