Lynton Crosby is a guru with a visa

29 January 2014

12:32 PM

29 January 2014

12:32 PM

The row over the immigration status of Ed Miliband’s American guru Arnie Graf rumbles on (with a question at PMQs).

Sprung with the story on TV yesterday, Labour’s Chris Leslie dismissed it as ‘mischief’ and then mumbled something incomprehensible about Lynton Crosby, the Tories’ Aussie guru.


I’m told, however, that Crosby has a Tier 1 visa for highly skilled migrants. The Home Office defines the Tier 1 category thus:

‘The Tier 1 (General) category allows highly skilled people to look for work or self-employment opportunities in the UK. Tier 1 (General) migrants can seek employment in the UK without a sponsor, and can take up self-employment and business opportunities here.’

So there goes that little diversionary tactic, leaving Labour with the awkward fact that they have reimbursed the work permit-less Graf for his expenses and lost earnings. Ho hum.

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  • victor67

    “Highly skilled” In what? Like Coulson and Wade just another Murdoch sleaze bag all wind and p..s

    • Fergus Pickering

      And if (possibly when) Cameron wins?

    • Kitty MLB

      They really are all just like puppet masters.
      mind you he cannot possibly be like Rebecca Wade unless
      he has wild red hair and travels across Oxfordshire on a broomstick

  • tribalterror

    Where is Mandleson when you need him?

  • jackscht

    Lucky Australia. Unfortunate us.

  • MalcolmRedfellow

    Now all we need to know is whether Crosby pays tax on his £200,000 a year for that one-day-a-week Tory job. Or is it it all smuggled through CTF Partners off-shore?

    • GnosticBrian

      Does Arnie Graf pay UK tax on his earnings from the Labour party?

      • MalcolmRedfellow

        Is that the party-political rendering of “two wrongs make it all right”?

        • GnosticBrian

          No, it is just a simple request for information. Perhaps Graf has registered his business in Delaware like Sarah Brown? If you have insider knowledge, perhaps you could let us all know?

        • Colonel Mustard

          You tell us. Labour and their supporters are skilled practitioners when it comes to pointing the finger elsewhere whenever they come under scrutiny for their many wrongdoings as your original comment demonstrates.

    • tribalterror

      Yes it could not be that he adopts similar tax avoidance tactics to The Guardian could it? Or Margaret Hodge’s Stemcor for that matter? Or indeed Gordon Brown’s “charity”? Probably best not to even discuss Mr Blair’s millions…

  • Mike Dawson

    He does have a visa, must have if he’s Australian, EU members can just wander in to Britain un-checked ….I think everyone should go through a visa process. No discrimination !!!

  • Bert3000

    “highly skilled migrants”

    Well he’s plainly not one of those.

    • Dogzzz

      We will find that out in 2015. If he engineers a win for Cameron, I think it would prove him to be, not just highly skilled, but a genuine miracle worker

      • Cornelius Bonkers

        I don’t think so. Cameron winning will be a smallish surprise but hardly a miracle. Mr Balls appalling public persona and Brownite history combined with his undoubted economic and political idiocy will see to that. I fear also that party political broadcasts that show close-ups of Milliband’s likeness to Benito Mussolini won’t help either…If I were their spin-doctor I’d make sure both of them went on holiday for the next year or so…Or on second thoughts it might benefit Labour’s chances so scrub that…

        • whs1954

          Ed Miliband’s likeness to Mussolini?!

          • Cornelius Bonkers

            Don’t you think so? Imagine him without a barnet and then consider his camera face; you know, that thing where he lifts his gaze and tries to look ducal and strutting – voila, Benito. I’m amazed the press hasn’t sussed it. On the other hand, it’s a bit unfair on Il Duce’s intellect to make any comparison other than a purely physical one…

    • Fergus Pickering

      Yes he is. He makes winners ut of losers. That’s highly skilled.