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Jersey boys fall out again

16 January 2014

4:30 PM

16 January 2014

4:30 PM

Bruce Springsteen spent years ignoring his self-proclaimed biggest fan Chris Christie, but relations thawed between the two beasts of New Jersey last year in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. The Republican governor and the staunchly Democratic legend ‘hugged it out’ backstage at a fundraising concert for storm relief, which Christie failed to remain cool about:

 ‘When we got home there was a lot of weeping because of the hug. Well, to be honest, I was the one weeping; everyone else was fine.’

Now relations have taken a dramatic turn for the worse as Christie is engulfed by the political retaliations scandal (affectionately known as bridge-gate).

The Boss has given the state’s boss one hell of a slap on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


What’s worse than your hero ignoring you?

Being humiliated by him in front of millions, of course.



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  • Troll1

    Isn’t it rather obvious that that wasn’t Springsteen singing? He’s about 63, you know.

  • Swanky

    The bandana, the bare arms, the torn denim, the pointless sunglasses: only a tattoo could make it worse!

  • the viceroy’s gin

    Christie and Hillary are both media sensations, and establishment choices. It’d be splendid if the establishment watched them both get swept out of the presidential race, thus opening it up to a bigger selection. It could happen, as it seems both of them are having to bog and weave these days.

    • CraigStrachan

      It is kind of ironic that the big winner from Bridgegate, a scandal about the questionable use of authority for petty political ends, should be…Hillary Clinton!


  • Curnonsky

    Don’t count Christie out too soon – his performance the other day (“I take full responsibility – my underlings did it”) was right out of the Clinton/Obama playbook and will probably serve to let him fight another day. What the scandal did expose, besides the obvious double standard the MSM applies to Republicans and Democrats, is Christie’s lack of support within the Republican party.

    The fact that Springsteen, a typical lefty hyper-rich pop star, doesn’t back Christie is scarcely a surprise.

    • CraigStrachan

      The stand-out of Christie’s performance the other day was surely the claim that “the first he knew” that the lane closures were caused by anything other than a traffic study was at 8.50am on the morning of January 7th, after he had “just finished his morning workout” and “the trainer was leaving”.

      Evidently, the trainer was subsequently called to testify. It went like this:

      Q: “Are you employed as Governor Christie’s personal fitness trainer”?

      A: “I plead the Fifth”.

      • Curnonsky

        If I were Christie’s personal trainer I think I’d plead the 5th too.

        Compare the hysteria over this to the media somnambulism over Obama’s IRS targeting of his political opponents (and the official responsible pled the 5th then, remember?)

        • CraigStrachan

          Yeah, but then more people have direct personal experience of being stuck in traffic than being denied non-profit status for their political orgs.

          • puss-in-plimsolls

            I don’t approve of any government manipulation. But you think a lane block is the same as official and expensive government harassment of one’s whole legal democratic operation? Leftists do double-standards better than anyone. You a Leftist, too? Looks like it.

            An IRS investigation involves far more than time stuck in traffic– and these orgs as you call them are no different from Lefty ones as legal entities. Whose side are you on? The IRS is supposed to be on no one’s side, and no persecutor of anyone at all. Get ti?

        • Swanky

          Exactly right about the IRS scandal.

          And Benghazi would have brought any other presidency down.

  • Daniel Maris

    Why are we, in the UK, supposed to be interested in this provincial story from the states?

    Christie is clearly finished in any case.

    • JabbaTheCat

      Yet, here you are?

    • puss-in-plimsolls

      I’ll tell you why, Danny babes: Because America is the greatest defender and champion of freedom on the planet. If we go down, every hope of freedom everywhere goes down, too. Why do you think they attacked us so diabolically on September 11, 2001? Why do you think they did it in Benghazi? Why do they fight us still in Iraq, Afghanistan, and wherever cruelty reigns?

      Semper fidelis. Sic semper tyrannis.

  • James Strong

    When this story broke I commented on these pages that Christie was finished, even thought it might take some slowcoaches time to understand that.
    This is another nail.
    It can’t be repeated too often until this man finally leaves office – he didn’t punish the mayor; he ‘punished’ the ordinary motorists and citizens.
    Christie is a disgrace. Run him out of town.