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Govt deal means UK will accept Syrian refugees

28 January 2014

10:29 PM

28 January 2014

10:29 PM

As expected, the government has changed its stance on Syrian refugees this evening ahead of what had looked to be a difficult vote in the House of Commons tomorrow. Nick Clegg has just announced that the UK will now offer refuge to vulnerable Syrians such as women and girls who have experienced or are at risk of sexual violence, the elderly, survivors of torture and disabled people. This will only likely equate to a few hundred, but there will be no quota for the number of refugees the UK takes. Clegg said this evening:

‘The Coalition Government wants to play our part in helping to alleviate the immense suffering in Syria. The £600m we have provided makes us the second largest bilateral donor of humanitarian aid in the world.

‘But as the conflict continues to force millions of Syrians from their homes, we need to make sure we are doing everything we can. We are one of the most open hearted countries in the world and I believe we have a moral responsibility to help.’

He added:

‘Britain has a long and proud tradition of provided refuge at times of crisis. This Coalition Government will ensure it lives on.’

Unfortunately for such a terrible subject, this has become a rather political row. Clegg has made it known that he has tussled with ministers behind the scenes on this, while Labour are this evening pointing to the pressure brought by their own Opposition Day debate. There were also a number of Tory backbenchers who were growing increasingly agitated about the government’s stance on this subject, believing a different response was needed.

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  • Guest
  • zanzamander

    We are digging our own graves here. We might as well put up a sign saying “Christian killers, racists, bigots, homophobes and sundry hate mongers welcome”.

    What does this stupid government think will become of these refugees when they settle here? Turn into good old British citizens, watch Coronation Street, proms and celebrate our monarchy? I doubt it. The first thing they’ll do, after signing up for welfare benefits, is make a beeline for the nearest mosque and get their daily fill of Jew hate and lectures on how to fight the kufar decadent Westerners.

    While every hard working and Christian Eastern European is being hounded out of this country, we’re letting in thousands who will be nothing but a big pain in our butt all our lives.

    These refugees represent a culture that is the very antithesis of our own and will be far better suited to be settled in other neighbouring Muslim countries, Pakistan or even North Africa.

    Just goes to show, these Tories are nothing but Labour Lite and Cameron a wanna be Blair puppy.

  • Denis_Cooper

    Don’t worry, it’ll only be a few hundred (thousand), and only some of them will be jihadis, and some of them will go back to Syria once that country has been stabilised, as has always happened before in such cases …

  • Frank

    Surely it would be much more effective for the UK, or the UN, to set up proper refugee camps in Jordan / Turkey, rather than ship these poor people to Germany, Britain, France, etc. Presumably they will want to return to Syria at some stage, so why remove them from the area?

    • Alexsandr

      ‘Presumably they will want to return to Syria at some stage’ -Really?

  • Alexsandr

    Syria is Iran v Saudi by proxy. They should sort it out.

  • Kitty MLB

    As usual the English public who politicians serve will not be asked how we
    feel about this.
    As I think someone else here as pointed out, fellow Arabic countries that are much larger and wealthier ought to do more for these people, they share the same
    culture and languages.
    Also for goodness sake, when is this rather small island going to stop being the
    worlds police and saviour, what happens when we run out of space,
    and finally do you suppose they will even be grateful, remember some in these
    countries despise the west and all that it stands for, but I suppose Lefties do not get that.

    • Eddie

      Yes, maybe those politicians (Labour, Lib and Tory) with spare bedrooms in their million+ pound houses in London should be forced to make them available for these incomers and others? Let’s start with Mandy and Blair.

      Well, they seem to spend most of their time lecturing everyone else about how their lives have been so enriched by immigration and ordering them to ‘celebrate diversity’ or else.

      Well, why not practise what they preach?

      We could also introduce a real bedroom tax for those with large London houses and second homes – those will valuable property pay far too little tax, even as they get rich from the property pressures of mass immigration, and some through the housing benefit glut. Then that cash can be used for good things – removing illegal immigrants, refurbishing empty properties etc.

    • Patricia

      ” … what happens when we run out of space”

      Which won’t be in the far too distant future. We are gradually being forced to live like rats, with houses built cheek-by-jowl, small country towns are gridlocked. drains are at maximum capacity every time it rains, there are water shortages whenever there’s a dry spell. The British public are being treated with absolute disdain by all three parties. Are they worth voting for any more ?

      • Kitty MLB

        Indeed Patricia, Politicians live in their own little Westminster ivory
        tower and do not give a toss about the electorate.
        Before long they will also be asking are our historic buildings really needed and will knock those down, and as for our ancient woodlands- in ten years they will be gone also.
        At least in times gone by regardless of political differences,
        politicians had principles and saw their job as a duty to serve the electorate, those times are now a thing of the past, we have a bunch of egomaniacs on some kind of crusade.

  • Eddie

    The statement I heard said that Britain would accept ‘women, girls, children.’
    When are the police going to investigate such blatant gender discrimination at the highest level?
    Is a woman’s life worth more than a man’s? Is a girl’s worth more than a boy’s?
    Funny how the angry demand for ‘gender equality’ and ‘equal representation’ flies out the window whenever it is males who are being discriminated against. But hey, that’s feminism, folks!

  • Daniel Maris

    Well the government certainly has a moral responsibility, having so loudly cheered on the rebels to foment war in that country.

  • Agrippina

    Useless, futile gesture politics. Hopefully Brits will wake up and vote for someone prepared to stand up for us.

    The muslims will keep fighting & Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman et al, will keep funding them. It is for these arab countries with land mass and immense wealth to take the muslims in. They do not care, if they did they would either help them and bomb Assad into oblivion or take in the refugees.

    They laugh at us, the idiotic West will take in the broken folks and in a few years time the refugees will turn their anger and hatred towards us. Precisely why the arab nations want nothing to do with them.

    • Hello

      Perhaps, but our societies are built on the principle of justice. What surely gives terrorists appeal to new recruits is the idea that we are hypocritical.

      It doesn’t actually matter that much if they laugh at us, these are just our institutions and in fairness they’ve served us well. If our institutions are comical then it’s only from the perspective of ignorance, because our societies are empirically superior.

      • James Strong

        ‘What surely gives terrorists appeal to new recruits is the idea that we afre hypocritical’
        No, I’m afraid not.
        The RoP terrorists act as they do because:
        they hate us
        they want us to submit to the RoP
        and every time we show magnanimity they see it as weakness so they are encouraged in their demands.
        We should be following a two-track policy on Syrian refugees:
        give refuge to Christians
        require mohammedan states to take the mohammedans.

        • telemachus

          How do you propose to implement your religious discrimination of entry
          And how does it relate to equality and diversity legislation
          We are asked by the UN to help for humanitarian reasons not to apply our religious prejudice to the situation

          • saffrin

            Religious prejudice, that’s a good one.
            If I see parking tickets on cars illegally parked outside mosques this Friday I’ll know you pulled it off.

            • telemachus

              How does that follow other than documentation of your clear islamophobia
              This is about humanity not about either immigration or religion

              • Colonel Mustard

                “This is about humanity not about either immigration or religion”

                Actually it is precisely about immigration and religion.

                • telemachus

                  For Gods sake Mustard
                  The UN through the advocacy of Ed Miliband demanded that we participate in the gargantuan rescue of these folk from a humanitarian catastrophe
                  Where is your humanity
                  Why is everything reduced to xenophobia and islamophobia

                • anotherjoeblogs

                  My dictionary doesn’t contain a definition of ‘ islamophobia ‘. Can you define it please as you have mentioned this word a couple of times ? I gather it is an irrational fear of islam. Am I correct ? Is this ‘ islamophobia ‘ the same fear Egyptians have towards the Muslim Brotherhood and Turks have about their country becoming more devout/pious ?

                • telemachus

                  All of those
                  But in the UK context it is the pathological fear and hatred of what is a proud established religion

                • anotherjoeblogs

                  So Egyptians and Turks ( not all but many ) have a pathological fear and hatred of a proud established religion and this fear and hatred has come about from knowledge and experience rather than prejudice and bigotry. Are sufferers of islamophobia in the west, speaking from bigotry or experience and knowledge ?

                • telemachus

                  “…..But in the UK context “

                • Colonel Mustard

                  The UK context is artificial. We live in a global society as you are always telling us. Examine for yourself the proliferation of violence and terrorism in the world today and what single motivator is the most prominent. If you think that we don’t face danger from imported religious extremism you are even more stupid and naive than your comments suggest.

                  Trying to separate the extremism from the religion is ridiculous. And it is the religion itself that needs to act to eradicate the ‘phobia’. Cause and effect. It is pointless and stupid to attempt to proscribe the symptoms whilst ignoring the cause of the illness.

                • Colonel Mustard

                  Phobia is an irrational fear. The adjective is an essential part of its meaning.

                  You are conflating fear, irrational fear, discrimination and hatred. In other words you are indulging in ‘newspeak’. You cannot proscribe fear telemachus. It is a human condition. And in the case of Islam it is not without cause:-


                • anotherjoeblogs

                  If I suffered from a bad case of another phobia, for example Alektorophobia ( the fear of chickens ) and I grew up in an environment where there were very few chickens and I had never really been in close proximity with one but seen them getting a bad press on television, and someone had grown up in a chicken farm and had the same phobia but from experience and contact. Who would you consider the most pathological ?

                • anotherjoeblogs

                  Considering that the person who grew up on the chicken farm has complete ‘ rational ‘ knowledge that these chickens pose no threat.

                • Dutchnick


                  Irrational fear? Why irrational when you view the evidence and make a decision based on observation and fact. Having lived and worked for nearly two decades in Islamic
                  countries the failure of Islam is clearly apparent and in reality the greatest victims of Islam are the Muslims. There is almost no measure of social,scientific or commercial achievement where they do not vie for the lower order.
                  Subsequently working in Scandinavia the contrast of the Calvinist protestant work ethic and cult of personal responsibility were so conspicuous. A faith based on nasty intolerance and a totally proscriptive ideology has no place in my world. Though an atheist I can see that out of humanity Christians refugees could be allowed in small numbers but I would say no to Muslims, they do not
                  fit in and offer our society nothing of value.

                • Colonel Mustard

                  Judging by your comments my humanity is rather more developed than yours. I don’t endorse gulags or tarring and feathering for people I disagree with, even the likes of you, a most miserable specimen of humanity.

                  Xenophobia and islamophobia have nothing to do with it. It is about cutting our cloth according to our means and not stretching the infrastructure and stability of this country any more for the sake of appearances. We have done more than our share when it comes to providing a safe haven for refugees, real and contrived. It is time the wealthiest nations in the Middle East pulled their weight.

                  Cameron’s responsibility should be to the people of this country and their future, not prancing about trying to be Vicar to the World so that he earns plaudits from his bien-pensant dinner party guests. He could start by not spending any more money he doesn’t have and does not earn on silly vanity projects. Tough decisions he always prattles on about. Pity he is seldom prepared to make them.

              • Kitty MLB

                What a foolish thing to say Son of Odysseus.
                As some gentleman has already stated it has everything to do with religion and immigration.
                Others who follow their religion have such hatred and intolerance that they murder, others must escape.
                Yes, humanity is imperative as it separated us in the west from them, yet its far more kind on them to relocate them to
                a neighbouring Islamic country who shared their language
                and culture.

                • telemachus

                  What justice will these folk get in the repressive neighbouring regimes?

                • crosscop

                  Islamic justice.

                • Kitty MLB

                  That’s the issue, the middle east is a hodgepodge
                  of ” repressive neighbouring regimes”, what
                  happens when the next country implodes and the one after,
                  we cannot re home the entire middle east.
                  Assad needs dealing with, relocating his country is not the answer.

                • telemachus

                  I think people said that at first about Hebrew peoples subject to human catastrophe in Europe in the 1930’s

              • Alexsandr

                phobia means unjustified fear of something. Like a fear of spiders who cant do us harm.
                Fear of islam is quite different.

              • saffrin

                Religious prejudice is what I picked up on. Labour are known for their favourable discrimination towards muslims.
                As you know, Ken Livingstone proudly announced during his latest failure to become Lord Mayor of London.
                During one speech at least he said, “All of London will know Islam.”
                My local council, being Labour, does not ticket illegally parked cars near mosques because in their eyes at least, doing so would be racist, the same kind of racism that aloud muslim men to systemically rape Oxford’s children without fear of prosecution during Labour’s thirteen years of terror.

                Just a couple more reasons why Labour will never again see the inside of number 10.

              • john king

                Mr Mucus, I don’t even bother to read your delude posts anymore,(something i’d advise all to do) i just mark them down.

          • MirthaTidville

            While your at it, shove your equality and diversity legislation where the sun dont shine…muppet

        • Dicky14

          Absolutely agree – it seems like we’re in the terrorist import and export business sometimes.

    • telemachus

      Is that code for “plaudits for Clegg’s magnificent humanitarian effort” that Ed Miliband shamed him into last Wednesday

  • Hexhamgeezer

    ‘Nick Clegg has just announced that the UK will now offer refuge to vulnerable Syrians such as women and girls who have experienced or are at risk of sexual violence, the elderly, survivors of torture and disabled people’

    What this means in real terms is any Syrian can come here. Cameron and his front man Nick should have said;

    ‘Nick Clegg has just announced that the UK will now offer refuge to ALL Syrians because the under Article 8 (Right to Family Life) of the ECHR, judges will dictate to us that any ‘vulnerable’ or ‘female’ or ‘girl’ or ‘elderly’ or ‘survivors of torture’ or ‘disabled’ person given ‘refuge’ in the UK will be entitled to bring any family member(s) to the UK.

  • HookesLaw

    Unfortunately this ‘row’ is the result of blatant hypocritical opportunism from the opposition and the usual pathetic thickness from a coterie of tory backbenchers.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …you Camerluvvies are a despicable lot, it must be said. You stink. There is a fetid socialist stench from you moral degenerates.

    • Colonel Mustard

      It’s called politics. A real and decent Conservative leader would have united the right and ditched Clegg pronto.

      You can’t blame the Tory back benchers when they have a divisive Lib Dem PM as well as a gobby Deputy PM to put up with.

  • Ricky Strong

    Of course its political, it always is. It wasn’t that long ago there were discussions about bombing the place, yet now its the whole caring and compassionate face.

    I don’t recall ministers giving a s**t about Iraqi refugees when they were planning on levelling the place, or Afghani refugees.

    Indeed, I don’t recall ministers giving a s**t about our own troops who come back from war physically and mentally broken.

    I guess the children in Africa too whose ribs protrude through their skin are so last year.

    Morality and compassion when it suits: pathetic, every single one of them.

    • HookesLaw

      Far from not giving a sh!t, the govt were reacting to Assad gassing his own people.
      And to suggest that the govt (either this or the last) do not care for the welfare of returning soldiers is garbage, as is the implication that many come back mentally broken. Our armed forces are volunteers.

      Your sarcasm demeans you. We still do a huge amount to alleviate suffering in Africa and are going to considerable lengths to help Syrian refugees near to their homes.

      Despite your desperate attempts at pretence, we have nothing to be ashamed of.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …yes, you socialist Camerluvvies aren’t ashamed of helping your islamofascist buddies slaughter Christians in Syria, no doubt.

        It’s too bad Osama is dead. You Camerluvvies could just give him the money direct, and he could do your bidding direct, slaughtering those Christians in volume. And you’d have nothing to be ashamed of then either, no doubt.

      • saffrin

        Err, There’s no evidence Assad gassed his own people Hooky lad, or gunned down hundreds of wimin and children in that town hall or whatever it was and let’s face it, why would some Syrian copper be taking pictures of hundreds of torture victims?
        Assad’s being fitted up Hooky. It’s called propaganda.

      • Ricky Strong

        I do accept that I let my emotions get in the way of reasonable judgement, but I find myself utterly infuriated at the hypocrisy of our politicians.

        We arm repressive states to the teeth in a multi-billion pound trade and then act like good samaritans when the very weapons we sell cause immense suffering, Syria being a perfect example.

        I am all for giving people food, medicine, water and shelter when it is really needed, but I abhor that we often stick a gun in their other hand.