French baiting from the PM?

31 January 2014

11:42 AM

31 January 2014

11:42 AM

The French media might prostrate themselves before their own leaders; but they are a little more adventurous with ours. Le Figaro reports that the original plan for today’s Anglo-French Summit at RAF Brize Norton, followed by a pub lunch, was to have been a far grander affair.

Hollande was to be invited to Cameron’s constituency and then on to nearby Blenheim Palace. But French officials reportedly pointed out that the Duke of Marlborough’s home was so named in honour of his ancestor’s crushing defeat of the Franco-Bavarian army at Blenheim in 1704. The French suffered 30,000 casualties and the battle was a turning point in the War of the Spanish Succession.


Mr S would like to think that the PM was acutely aware of this history when making his arrangements.

But oh for the days when French visitors disembarked the Eurostar at Waterloo before crossing the river to Trafalgar Square!

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  • crosscop

    “Mr S would like to think that the PM was acutely aware of this history when making his arrangements.”
    I very much doubt it. Cameron didn’t even know what “Magna Carta” meant when he was asked in the US. History is not is strong point… but then, what is?

    • gelert

      Horse-riding with Rebekah LOL Brooks.

      • Doggie Roussel

        Be more concise and just omit horse !

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    Cameron should have changed the venue to Stratfield Saye.

    • Doggie Roussel

      Or even Burnham Thorpe in Norfolk !

  • HJ777

    How does this constitute the French press “putting the boot in”?

  • ADW

    Aren’t the French being a bit precious here? (I know, so out of character if so). After all, most of the British officer corps would be familiar with Mons Officer Cadet school, not named after a glorious victory.

  • LB

    Let’s rename st pancreas station agincourt

    • asalord

      Lets rename Glasgow Central La Bauge

      • loftytom

        Well it does have an inordinate amount of English chaps in it.
        Let’s rename the Edgeware road as The souk.
        Hackney as Lagos
        Newham as Karachi

    • Perpetually Astonished

      St Pancreas? That is quite amusing. Not likely to be the patron saint of diabetics, I suppose.

    • El_Sid

      Now that KX and St Pancras have been tarted up, I’d quite like to see them renamed as Normandy to balance Waterloo. Notionally it’s being a bit friendlier to the Frogs, but is a gentle reminder of how they had to be bailed out by the Anglophonie once again.

      Alternatively Elizabeth station to balance Victoria.

      A random idea I’ve just had – how about putting up digital war memorials in major railway stations or eg Piccadilly Circus between 2014-18, listing all the casualties of that day a century before? Might need quite a big screen for 1 July 2016…

      • LB

        Agincort is better with a big sculpture of two raised fingers

        • El_Sid

          Seductive though the story is, there’s no evidence that the French ever amputated fingers, they’d just kill any captive bowmen.

  • David Kay

    what would have impressed me was if that Cameron had taken the French President to the local zoo to visit the monkey pen where the monkeys would all be holding a stick with a white hanky on the end while eating a block of cheese.ooohh la larrrr. But im sure Cameron wouldnt have wanted to offend his fellow socialist Europhile. Vote UKIP

    • Damon

      “But I’m sure Cameron wouldn’t have wanted to offend his fellow socialist Europhile.”

      Drivel. I hope you’ll be happy under the forthcoming Old Labour government which you’re so eager to help install.

      • James Allen

        Won’t make no difference…. you’ll see.

        • LB

          Exactly. 9 trillion of state debt makes it so

      • David Kay

        i’ll be just as happy under a traitorous Labour Government as i will be under a Treasonous Conservative Government

        Did you just listen to the PM’s press conference with the French President.? Cameron is continuing his policy of amalgamating our armed forces with that of the French. One can only presume, that as our PM will campaign to stay in the EU, he wants to scrap our armed forces to create a European army that he will one day lead as a EU President.

        Bollox to that; vote UKIP

        • loftytom

          Vote UKIP get Milipede.

          • David Kay

            No, i live in hope that the Scots will vote to leave the UK which will mean the end of the Labour Party. The door will then be open for UKIP to take on the only other socialist party left, the Commuservatives, with a leader David Cameron wanting to betray his country and keep us in the EU, and UKIP, with a loyal and patriotic leader, Nigel Farage, wanting to get us out of the EU

            Vote Conservative for more EU and more socialism
            Vote UKIP for no EU and freedom and democracy

            • Steve Lloyd

              Post 2015 it will be illegal to leave the EU, Google Rollo 57. A UKIP government or as part of a coalition of likeminded individuals is imperative. Most have little idea of what the treacherous LibLabCon have in store for the people of this nation, insidious doesn’t begin to cover it.

            • Doggie Roussel

              Wish I could give that more than one recommend !

          • Robbydot1

            Would we notice?

          • Doggie Roussel

            UKIP are going to decimate Labour support in the north of England… Modern Labour is a mishmash of champagne socialists… wealthy, secure and traitors to the true origins of Labour origins… The tough working class folk in the north have seen through these champagne-swilling frauds and will recognise the policies of UKIP are far more representative of the traditional values and aspirations of the British people, rather than the revolting hypocrisy and deception of the likes of Blair, Brown, Mandelson and Campbell.

      • JackyTreehorn

        The Tories will not change Europe or halt immigration, the Liberals and Labour see no problem with the way Europe is going. This country has been going down the Euro one state road for the past 20 years and if Labour or the Tories win the GE it will carry on the same way. So you see a threat of Labour is not much of a threat at all.
        The only difference is that if Labour win, the destruction of Britain by the Europhiles will be quick as against a slow lingering death under the Tories. Vote UKIP you will feel better..

    • Doggie Roussel

      Most of the monkeys that I saw in zoos in my youth were indulging in onanism… this might have been just the spectacle to present to the esteemed and priapic French President….