Douglas Carswell, crime fighter

24 January 2014

1:42 PM

24 January 2014

1:42 PM

Mr S has long admired Essex Tory MP Douglas Carswell. Not only does the rebel with a cause bring a fascinating aspect to the political debate, it also turns that out the lawmaker fights lawbreakers:

Just chased and caught a shop lifter in Clacton…, waiting for police

— Douglas Carswell MP (@DouglasCarswell) January 24, 2014



This will do wonders with his local paper. One less vote, though.

PS: General Boles – or Bright Blue Boles, as he styles himself now – has produced the marvellous picture above.

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  • George Scoresby

    Has Carswell been charged with assault yet?

  • paul oxley

    Typical Conservative MP.A constituent is so poor
    that they are reduced to shoplifting some aftershave
    to sell for money and rather than apologising for
    his Governments shameful cuts and removal of
    money from the guy this muppet has him arrested
    and he will get a criminal record which
    will lessen his chances of a job even further and
    he will cost the taxpayer even more money in the
    long run

    Still dopey Douglas has got his second 15 minutes
    of fame to go with his being humiliated by Flashman
    during PMQs so job done as far as he is concerned

    What a Tory twerp

    • Simon Gothard

      If that is how you feel, leave your front door open tonight with a sign saying ‘if you have been sanctioned by the benefits office, please feel free to steal all my stuff and sell to cover your bills/next smack fix’

      Bet you don’t.

    • Jules Wright

      All that is wrong with the socialist mindset is posted above [shakes head in disbelief] …

    • johnslattery

      This is a clever but unfunny joke, right?

      • paul oxley

        Not at all

        When is Carswell going to do a “brave” Citizens
        Arrest on one of his Tory colleagues like Mr Zahawi
        as he fills in his fake expense claims for his horse
        stables which is a far greater “crime” by the greedy
        people who do it rather than the pathetic “needy”
        crime that was committed against Boots here

        You Tories have no integrity; dignity or decency as
        shown by the comments and arrows below.Shame On you all

  • Sairya


    • HFC

      Your post fails to make sense. What do you mean?