Dave’s model candidate

21 January 2014

10:47 AM

21 January 2014

10:47 AM

Mr S was in the bath thinking ‘My word, isn’t nature wonderful?’ when he heard the pleasing sound of an email hitting his inbox. It contained the photograph above. The man in the picture is none other than Richard Royal, who is on the Conservatives’ candidates list for the 2015 general election. RR is what we euphemistically call a “political consultant”, and he is also a former male model. Mr S hears that RR is a bit of hit with the ladies. Is this broody, Heathcliffe-esque figure the answer to Young Dave’s seemingly insoluble woman problem?

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  • Sergei Cristo

    Does the Party need a major Putin promoter? Obviously no moral compass whatsoever, or principles. If Lady T was still is charge, RR would be back in his box as fast as you could say ‘polonium’.

  • terregles2

    There’s a fine line between looking brooding or looking malevolent. I suppose though it is the next inevitable step in dumbed down Britain. We can choose our politicians on the basis of youth and good looks and perhaps incorporate the vote into the Big Brother voting poll or maybe the Eurovision song contest.

    • wchancellor

      Churchill was not a looker. The Fokken sisters of Amsterdam would’ve charged an extra two guilders for ten minutes with him. This male model may also pay up a few extra euros today in the same Amsterdam street.

      Red Light vetting? Why not?.

      If you’ve not (Met) the Fokkens, you should. A Netflix hit.

  • Eddie

    The problem is not women voters; it is politicians constantly pandering for women voters (by bribing rich women with give-aways like free childcare and huge sums in maternity pay linked to income for millionaires!)
    Politicians should just deal with the economy.
    As for pretty boy. Well, those with standardised so-called male model looks never make it, do they? They seem less trust-worthy – men hate them; women may like them but then feel let down by the same and that adoration turns into vindictive and vengeful hate.
    Two words: David Owen.

  • Boris Watch

    I wouldn’t be too free with the gay icon stuff, considering that his current job is gladhanding Vladimir Putin for something called ‘Conservative Friends of Russia’. Might get him into trouble with that saintly human rights respecting democrat.

  • Smithersjones2013

    [Smirks incredulously] Only in the Westminster Freakshow. Still at least its not the director of adult movies that the Libdems proffered in 2010. I bet she’d have some ideas of how to involve RR.

    Is this broody, Heathcliffe-esque figure the answer to Young Dave’s seemingly insoluble woman problem?

    I suspect it might keep a good number of senior Tory men distracted as well!