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Coffee Shots: Mike Hancock’s son in alleged assault on journalist

23 January 2014

3:12 PM

23 January 2014

3:12 PM

More unwanted drama for the Lib Dems. Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock’s son has been filmed allegedly assaulting a photographer outside his father’s home, with Hampshire police saying that ‘a reporter received an injury to his nose’.

The alleged assault by Hancock’s 37-year-old son comes just as the MP is suspended from the Lib Dems following a leaked report into claims of sexual misconduct towards a female constituent.

Mr Steerpike can only begin to imagine how delighted the Lib Dems will be to hear about this latest episode.

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  • Hoot_Gibson

    How can the plainly to see attack be alleged?
    Are you blind (whoops sorry visually impaired)

  • AnotherDave
    • Eddie

      Well, it’s easier to the plods to arrest people for defending themselves, or those who send emails or Tweets which vindictive vengeful women claim are offensive and have caused them pain and distress, than it is for them to catch real criminals.
      Meanwhile, muggers and rappers skip around our cities unchallenged by anyone in a uniform, except perhaps at Tescos.

  • HY

    Is Mike Hancock the last man standing in the LimpDems?

  • disqus_KdiRmsUO4U

    If a member of the paperazzi has been told to stop filming, not asked.. told, and they refuse then it should be perfectly legal to give them a good ‘kicking’

    If a burglar is caught on your property then it should be legal to do anything to them including execution.

    Prisoners should not enjoy jail.
    Note how in the recent disturbance at Oakwood prison virtually the whole of the media reporting was directed towards criticism of the prison and nothing was said about the ‘respectable’ citizens languishing in prison.

    The next person to gratuitously use the fword on mainstream media should have their benefits stopped whether they live on Benefits street or take part in an unfunny trendy comedy. (or its theatrical equivalent)

    Do I make myself clear ?

  • Jez

    Ooooo…… the Bully’s are getting bullied. For once.

  • sfin

    Non story. He is not responsible for what his father may, or may not, have done. He exits his home to have paps flashing in his face and he nearly run over by some idiot driver on a residential street.
    My solution?
    1) First take the registration of the car, and charge the driver with dangerous driving.
    2) Let the paps know that they are free to carry out their ‘trade’ in Britain, but their methods may cause offence and result in involuntary facial reconstruction.

    • jmjm208

      The driver was not at fault, he was for wandering into the road without looking.

      • sfin

        he was already in the road when the car was stationary – and priority always goes to the pedestrian.

  • roger

    Wasn’t he just hit by a car seconds before he thumped the man with the camera?He must have been very angry.
    The snivelling whine of the journo is priceless.
    The sooner such cameramen lose all protection the better.

  • saffrin

    Assaulting paparazzi must be legalised.

    • David Booth.

      Not just legalised make it compulsory!

  • Jambo25

    Why do more people not thump journos?

  • Fergus Pickering

    He hit a journo. Good for him. If more journos were hit the world would be a better place.

    • saffrin

      And lawyers, don’t forget lawyers or err politicians, NHS managers…cyclists..

      • Fergus Pickering


      • HookesLaw

        You of course are a brilliant over achiever. Eager to step up to the plate and save the world with your multi skills. I look forward to see you mouthing your prospectus on SKY News.

      • dalai guevara

        Dare I mention our dear friends in the financial services industry?
        No, I guess not, so I won’t.

        • Colonel Mustard

          Er, you just did.

        • Nicholas chuzzlewit

          You just did although to what purpose is anyone’s guess.

          • dalai guevara

            Perhaps tonight it has all become clear even to you.

      • HY

        Cyclists must be left free to roam unhindered and uninhibited by any obligations imposed on them by the highway code. They are, after all, working wonders on the NHS organ transplant waiting lists.

        • almondaxles

          Tarmac pizza

    • roger

      Though his boxing technique is crap, obviously didn’t go to a good school.

    • telemachus

      Isabel excepted

  • MaxSceptic

    If Mr Hancock was my father, I too would wish to do something desperate…..

  • Wessex Man

    Like father like son, the Lib/Dems have certainly shown themselves to be a well oiled business machine fit for Government these last two weeks and just as their smear campaign against UKip had just got under way