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Breaking: Labour to vote against Raab amendment

30 January 2014

3:08 PM

30 January 2014

3:08 PM

In another twist of this Raab rebellion, Labour have just announced that they’re voting against the amendment on deportation of foreign prisoners. There had been a moment where they would abstain, but now the party has decided that as the government itself as said it is illegal and would be counterproductive, it cannot do anything other than vote it down. The party says it will come forward with proposals in the progress of the bill to facilitate and not hinder the removal of foreign prisoners. A Labour source tells me: ‘Weak and chaotic from the Prime Minister and Home Secretary on this so-called flagship bill.’

But this is interesting, because former Home Secretary David Blunkett was a co-signatory of the motion (he has since removed it because he is out of London today). The party is now saving the government’s bacon by voting against something that some of its own grandees with experience in this area think is a good idea. Although the party is very disciplined on this, I’m not sure everyone will be happy with this behind the scenes. Indeed, I suspect that some may suddenly find they need to return to their constituencies for urgent business they’ve just discovered.

To summarise, the opposition is voting down something because they’ve been told it’s illegal by a government that’s not voting it down. Which makes sense.

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  • Mynydd

    You forgot to tell us how the government will vote.

  • Rowdie111

    Yes now we know Labour and Lib/Dems voted against the attempt by the Tories to bring in a law to stop foreign criminals using European human rights laws to avoid “it will infringe my rights to a family life”.etc.
    Labour & Lib/Dem are more in tune and care more about their ‘ideology ‘ of ‘Human Rights’ than they are in tune with the interests of the British people.

    When some one from Somalia can nearly behead a British citizen on our streets in broad daylight and after pleading guilty to the act; then proceeds to appeal against the sentence of ‘murder’…because “he is a soldier of Allah” and there fore it was an act of war; something clearly needs to be done with our Law system to start to protect the British people better. And yet in Parliament today, we have seen an other example again how ‘ideology’ is corroding the best interests of the British people.

    Remember when it comes ‘voting day’…where those ‘ideologies’ lie!

  • alabenn

    Everything that Miliband and Labour do is strictly in its own favour, it will do anything to shore up its immigrant vote, it is now the party of the Ethnic voter and the middle class English hating parts of the public sector.
    One day soon the ethnic groups will pick the candidates, then these current butt lickers will be dumped.

    • wycombewanderer

      I’m not sure the envelope stuffers will be too inclined to vote for Miliband.

      It’s no skin of my nose his religious ancestry but I’ll wager behind the scenes Respect will make a great deal oif it.

      And you only need to convince one envelope stuffer and you’ve got dozens if not hundreds of votes in each constituency!

  • AnotherDave

    “Labour side with foreign criminals”

    Not the headline you’d want to see during a by-election campaign. Go UKIP!

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yes, the Millipedes have made a big mistake here. The Cameroons’ confusion has brought on Millipedal confusion, which was bound to happen sooner or later.

  • saffrin

    Breaking News?
    I could have told Miliband he’d be voting against the Raab amendment the moment it was proposed.
    Who’s kidding who I don’t know but we all know Labour for what they are right?