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A mini refresh of The Spectator online

13 January 2014

2:40 PM

13 January 2014

2:40 PM

We have been doing some new year tidying at The Spectator, and the result is a refreshed look to our website. We’ve added a trending bar on the home page and if you cast your eye across the navigation bar, you can see we’ve simplified its structure, to make it more welcoming for those who don’t know their way around.

In the new Magazine section, you can find all the articles in that week’s issue in one place. Subscribers have full access to our back issues — recent ones can be chosen by from a drop-down box on the right hand side. We’ve grouped all of your favourite columnists — from the front and back of the magazine — together in one place.


And those who receive our weekly Culture House email will be pleased to see we’ve brought all of our Books and Arts coverage online under this banner. Each week, all of the articles from our magazine will be available with plenty of pictures as well as audio and video.

I’m also delighted to welcome some new regular writers to the site. Two inhabitants of Old Queen Street — Camilla Swift and Lara Prendergast — will both be writing regular blogs. You’ll be able to find the rest of us on Coffee House as usual. A regular name from our books pages, Molly Guinness, is also joining as our in-house archivist. She’ll be digging up the best and most relevant pieces from our 180 year old archive every week.

Like all things digital, we’re at your service – please do get in touch with any suggestions.

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  • JP

    Where’s the crossword. This disappeared last time the web-site was “improved”. Also takes 4 times longer to find pages. JP

    • Camilla Swift

      Here’s the crossword, for starters. Hope that helps:
      Hopefully once everyone (including me) gets used to it the new layout will make it easier to find pages…

      • JP

        Thanks. It appeared just after my previous post. This happened last time the web-site was changed but took longer to fix then. Would miss my almost 50 year fix.

  • CharlietheChump

    Stop banging on about Libdem stuff and include more conservative analysis and ideas for stopping the lefty infection from spreading.

  • Kitty MLB

    As a new person here, I hope you will always uphold Conservative values,
    of freedom of speech, and individuality.
    There are some who no longer represents the views of those who do not acquiescently follow the party line.
    Some deplore the Conservative Grass roots ,as well as being afraid of UKIP.
    It appears that one year before an election, we must appear show a ‘false united face’
    and plod around in a quotidian fashion producing hackneyed drivel whilst in a grinning suffocating Cameroon fog, chained to a failed leftie
    Thank you, and apologies for waffling on, just needed to get a few things
    off my chest.
    Oh, and I am very impressed with the look of The Spectator, and your new people
    sound very interesting.

  • black11hawk

    Top job Speccie, very much liking the new layout.

  • Puss-in-sandals

    So my question is, if my money is as good as anyone else’s, and I bought a gift subscription for a friend in England, but I live in America so I don’t get the Champagne bottle that comes with buying the subscription, why can’t my friend get the Champagne instead? Seems only fair. I asked the online help about this and they just parroted the fact I already knew and didn’t help.

  • Alexsandr

    Not ditched Disqus then? 🙁

    • HookesLaw

      Have they dropped the ‘subscibe now’ pop-up?

      • Alexsandr

        No 🙁