World leaders pay tribute to Mandela… with a selfie

10 December 2013

5:18 PM

10 December 2013

5:18 PM

Where were you when the world remembered Nelson Mandela? David Cameron, Barack Obama and Helle Thorning Schmidt will always be able to answer that question with their memorial service selfie, snapped in the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg today. Michelle Obama seemed oddly reluctant to join in.

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  • drydamol1


    South Africa has a vast amount of natural resources
    including oil, diamonds, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver,
    petroleum and cocoa beans, but also woods and tropical fruits .

    So why is the Country
    so devastatingly poor because it
    is exploited by Western Powers like the United States, Canada, France and us the
    United Kingdom as well as emerging economic powerhouses like China and most of
    the value and money from the natural resources come to the West .

    So the supposedly ‘civilised ‘ West is responsible for
    the squalid living conditions of a rich Country .

    Western Democracy is hailed as the cornerstone of Social equality
    fairness and free speech but by whom ,the Powers that be not the ordinary
    person in the street .

    Cameron is slowly but surely eroding what freedoms we
    have in the UK at present ,we have a class system ,Welfare Reforms have eroded
    fairness and introduced Workfare and left the vulnerable without support .The
    Justice System has curbed the right to free representation in a court of Law Education
    a total shambles . Our freedom of speech is to be curtailed by the introduction
    of the Gagging Bill ,where will we be in 20 years time .Why has America Ghetto’s
    ,the Regime in Power here now are heading us in that direction .

    • Noa

      What an extremely boring and irrelevant post!

      Why don’t you go and proslytise on the NS?

  • James Strong

    Three Heads of Government, one of whom is also a Head of State, behaving like silly teenagers.
    I don’t expect people like that to be perfect, I don’t expect them to be other than human. But I do expect them to behave with some dignity in public.
    And at work.
    They were at work at this ceremony, paid for by their countries’ taxpayers.
    And they behaved like silly teenagers.
    I’m embarrassed and angry that our PM should, on a public occasion, conduct himself like this.
    All 3 leaders should be embarrassed and ashamed.

    • Wessex Man

      vote Ukip next year-we know how to party!

  • Kennybhoy

    Michelle Obama has gone up in my estimation…

    • Wessex Man

      erm, she was filmed roaring at a joke just before, still mustn’t grumble.

  • drydamol1


    Cameron will never cease to amaze those that are still looking
    for any semblance of moral fibre within the man , observers can see he has an innate ability to seem genuinely engaged
    in an issue but actually is far from it .

    Supposedly a Christian but hypocritically attending a
    mans funeral that he totally opposed when Mandela was incarcerated typifies his
    chameleon qualities .Cameron backed apartheid as a young Conservative and even
    was outspoken against sanctions on South Africa because of it .He even went on
    a freebies ‘fact finding’ mission in support of President Botha the ex Prime
    Minister who advocated Apartheid .

    The draconian Welfare Reforms and the immoral
    consequences they have caused will no
    doubt have little sympathy or compassion form Cameron so unless we get rid of
    him our lives will be further darkened .

    An open admission that he has used cocaine in the past is
    an admission that he has thwarted the law himself but is introducing more of
    them in order to restrict our freedoms even further .The Tory mentality needs
    to be examined to have had ID Smith as its leader and now a control freak in
    Cameron .

    • Wessex Man

      My you have a very serious problem if you think Cameron was totally opposing Mandela when he was incarcerated, I’d guess that Call me Dave was staggering around Oxford with Boris back in the day.

  • Regislea

    How old are these people – 14?

    • gerontius

      I don’t think age comes into it. I was born and bred an oik but I wouldn’t have behaved like that at 14. Must be a working class dignity thing.

    • Rocksy

      It isn’t their age so much as the revelation of what they really think about Mandela and Africa. The S.A. government would have done better to reduce the length of time for honouring Mandela if they wanted it to be dignified. However, I think the idea that ‘less might be more’ is lost on that continent.

  • Alexandrovich

    I confess that I watched the whole thing, mesmerised by the sheer awfulness and indignity of it. Initially, I thought that most of the dignitaries were bowing their heads reverentially until it became clear that they were just playing with their phones. One of them even taking a call during the national anthem. Understandably, two of the granddaughters were prevented from singing because their mouths were full of chewing gum. Tell me that it’s a different culture, fair enough, but don’t tell me I should embrace it.

    • Rocksy

      I haven’t watched any of this circus. However I’m glad it was such a shambles because it means that none of the people attending bought in to the hyperbole about Mandela. Spineless hypocrites of course but it will soon be over and forgotten and we can all rest in peace.

      • Alexandrovich

        Not too soon though, at present the BBC are shovelling the stuff at people who have fled to R4Extra, ‘When Pop Meets Politics’. Annie Lennox chatting to people influenced by NM. Of course, it continues on R4 itself with Long Walk to Freedom being the Book at bedtime.
        I suppose it’s a little late for hibernation.

        • Rocksy

          There’s always liquor.

          • Alexandrovich

            Having retuned to Classic FM I’ve just heard John Suchet say “Did you know, the man standing next to the lectern yesterday who was supposed to be signing for the deaf was just making meaningless gestures.”
            Now this, you really couldn’t make up.

  • Noa

    One for Dave to tweet to Fraser and Nigella.
    Did he also get one with Fidel and Robert?