The segregation of women and the appeasement of bigotry

3 December 2013

1:31 PM

3 December 2013

1:31 PM

For over a week now, astonished reaction has been building to the decision of Universities UK to recommend the segregation of men and women on campuses. The astonishment has been all the greater because, in a characteristic display of 21st century hypocrisy, the representatives of 132 universities and colleges clothed reactionary policies in the language of liberalism.

It could be a denial of the rights of a woman hater – or ‘representative of an ultra-orthodox religious group’, as our finest institutes of higher learning put it – to allow men and women to sit where they please. The Muslim or Orthodox Jew could refuse to speak in such intolerable circumstances. The university would then have infringed his freedom of speech if it did not segregate.

Academics and scientists, responding on the University UK site, have rightly seen this as a significant and shameful moment in contemporary history; an instant when the liberal establishment became the open and avowed enemy of its best principles. Even the Guardian, whose editorial line to date has been that protests against minority religious beliefs are racist, has protested.

There are many reasons to revolt against a self-negating ‘liberalism’ which says that women’s rights stop where religious prejudice begins. First, the representatives of vice chancellors are endorsing the segregation of women not because they have to but because they want to. No court has ruled that religious extremists are entitled to push women to one side and men to another. Nicola Dandridge, the chief executive of Universities UK, tells me that she is following legal advice. This does not alter the fact that Universities UK is taking a momentous step, which goes against 150 years of struggle for women’s emancipation, without judicial or parliamentary authority.

Second, the academics are extremists themselves. They are not talking about segregating Muslim or orthodox Jewish services on campus, where freedom of religion guarantees the right of believers to behave as they wish. (Once you have made the usual exceptions for human sacrifices and the like.) They want to allow segregation at public meetings in publicly financed institutions. Or to put it another way, obscurantist clerics are trying to take over public spaces, and the universities are going along with them.

The extremism is visible in the uncompromising nature of the Universities UK’s advice. It may not be enough to have segregated areas for men and women in a hall and a mixed space for people who find the whole notion of gender apartheid abhorrent, Universities UK says. The speaker’s wishes could be paramount, however unpleasant they are.

Ultimately, if imposing an unsegregated seating area in addition to the segregated areas contravenes the genuinely held religious beliefs of the group hosting the event, or those of the speaker, the institution should be mindful to ensure that the freedom of speech of the religious group or speaker is not curtailed unlawfully.

Third, academics are using a perverse notion of freedom. In normal language, you restrict my freedom if you stop me from speaking or writing. According to Universities UK, you are restricting the freedom of an extreme religious believer if you sit next to someone from the opposite sex, even if he or she is your husband or wife. Your behaviour is so outrageous it silences the believer and deprives him of his right to speak. This is akin to me demanding that everyone who hears me speak must agree with my sentiments. If they politely disagree or ask hard questions, I am a victim. I am at liberty to walk out and perhaps sue the event organisers for attacking my freedom of speech.


Fourth, the academics are being disingenuous. The example of the extremist speaker who must be appeased is, they say, just a case study – a hypothetical talking point of merely theoretical concern. They forget to mention that the main reason they are recommending segregation is because Prof Lawrence Krauss, an eminent atheist and former adviser to President Obama, and Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, of the Islamic Education and Research Academy met at a University College London debate in March. Professor Krauss was shocked to find that the organisers segregated men and women. ‘Quit the segregation or I’m out of here,’ he said, after security staff tried to throw out three men who had gone to sit in the women’s section of the audience. British politeness had become debilitating, he continued afterwards.

People are not only afraid to offend, but afraid to offend a vocal and aggressive group of people. There is a segment of the Islamic community that is very vocal about this.

Spurred by his example, UCL said they could not tolerate discrimination against women, and stopped the group from holding more meetings. Universities UK has therefore sided with the Islamic Education and Research Academy and against UCL. I should add that the ‘academy’ is notorious among gay activists for hosting speakers’ who say

– Homosexuals are dropping dead from AIDS and “they want to take us all down with them”
– The Islamic position on homosexuality is “death”
– Homosexuals are “sick” and “not natural”
– “Muslims are going to have to take a stand [against homosexuals] and it’s not enough to call names.

Islamic Education and Research Academy chairman Abdurraheem Gree is of course delighted by Universities UK’s decision. He made a business case for appealing to cash-carrying foreign students by extending segregation.

‘With a growing number of Muslim countries seeing a revival in adherence to normative Islamic practices, the idea of being forced to sit with people of the opposite sex and observing the adoption of anti-Islamic policies by British Universities might well lead many to avoid choosing this country to further their education.’

Why not go further? Why not segregate all lectures at universities? Or as, I said to Dandridge, why not segregate by race?

Well she replied, Universities UK cannot recommend racial segregation because Parliament has banned it – wisely it now seems.

What about speakers insisting that homosexuals sit on one side of a hall and heterosexuals on another?

Dandridge appeared to find that notion genuinely discomforting. She did not want to see gays singled out, she said. Not in the least.

‘What’s your problem with women, then?’ I asked. ‘Why should they come last?’

‘Because,’ she replied, ‘gender difference is visible.’

So there you have it. If women did not insist on growing breasts and wearing their hair long, Universities UK would treat them with greater care.

As I spoke to her, I realised that she had no understanding that powerful groups segregate to humiliate their targets and to enforce their ideologies. One of the academic critics of Universities UK gave an example I had never heard of to emphasise the point.

In the 1930′s Poland began to enforce segregated seating in its universities, with Jewish students restricted to the left side of the lecture hall. This, of course, allowed lecturers to address and take questions only from the right side if they were so inclined.
Polish students of all religious persuasions protested by refusing to sit down in lectures. We can only hope that modern students will also protest.

Let’s hope they do. But they will protest without the support of vice-chancellors or the equally appalling leaders of the National Union of Students.

Last weekend saw the anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus to a white passenger on 1 December 1955 – a splendid act of defiance, which began the campaign against racial segregation in the American south. Just like the sexism of the 21st century, the racism of the mid-20th had religious apologists. Blacks lived under the curse of Ham, white churches taught. God had ordained that they should not mix with whites. Just as in today’s universities, there were soothing voices in the American judiciary, who argued that there was nothing wrong with segregation. Blacks and whites were “separate but equal,” they said. Segregation was not subordination.

Rosa Parks knew that this was a lie, and fought back. Naively, I assumed that her battle had been won. Now it looks like we must fight it all over again.

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  • alunowen

    “the decision of Universities UK to recommend the segregation of men and women on campuses.”

    What a liar Cohen is! This is not REMOTELY the policy as it stood.
    But hey, as long as Cohen can slip a lie in to further him spreading hatred for Islam, that’s fine, hey?

  • Richard

    ‘Muscular liberalism’ has replaced ‘Enlightenment fundamentalist’. I for one am a proud muscular liberal.

  • IftikharA

    When gender Segregation is practiced by Jews they’re called Orthodox Jews. When its by Muslim they’re extremist. I was disappointed that not a single Muslim was able to explain gender segregation eloquently on LBC ( James O’Brien’s show). The sad reality is that back a few years ago in ISOCS this was a complete non issue. I guess we are beginning to see the early stages of a modern day enforced form of liberalism, who knows what will be next in their agenda, maybe the beard? May Allah grant us steadfastness and allow the truth to be victorious.

    A recent report by Student Rights found that over a quarter of visits by Islamic speakers to British universities resulted in segregated meetings. Last week the controversy over gender segregation prompted the Prime Minister to intervene.

    Mr Cameron said: ‘I’m absolutely clear that there should not be segregated
    audiences for visiting speakers to universities in Britain. That is not the
    right approach, the guidance should say that universities should not allow
    this.’ I think David Cameron has failed to do his homework. He is trying to make capital out of a problem that isn’t there. I don’t agree that Muslims are “calling the shots” at British universities but lets not forget that we still separate males and females throughout their school life… so we’re not a completely “integrated” society are we? This isn’t about equal society or discrimination! Whoever said that? Mosques are segregated too! And so are some Muslim’s just how it is, nothing to undermine females in any way. Honestly this is blown way out of proportion, it’s actually funny

    The Prime Minister David Cameron, in a tyrannical move unprecedented even from him, has put pressure on UUK to overturn their advice to universities regarding allowing voluntary segregation [5]. A spokesperson for 10 Downing Street made it clear that “Mr Cameron wanted a ban on gender-segregated audiences on campus even where men and women voluntarily separate themselves [Emphasis added].” The Islamophobia industry is no doubt celebrating a victory in its list of Useful Idiots
    penetrating 10 Downing Street and the Ministry of Truth itself. The industry transcends party-politics, embracing the opposition cabinet in the form of Shadow Business Secretary and MP for Streatham, Chukka Umunna [6]. Nicola Dandridge seems to have been put between the rock of integrity and truth, and the hard place of Useful Idiot intimidation. She has enlisted the help of the Equality and Human Rights Commission to review the report, although sadly stating that, “Meanwhile the
    case study which triggered this debate has been withdrawn pending this review.”

    Isn’t it time David Cameron stopped making comments without thinking and without proper consultation? He already made a mistake in commenting on the Nigella Lawson court case in which he was censured by the Judge for speaking about an ongoing case. Who has he has consulted with regards to this matter? Wouldn’t it be wise for him to do the fair thing and consult with Orthodox Muslim leaders and seek to understand our position. If he wanted to consult on an issue to do with the Orthodox Jewish community we would hope that he wouldn’t consult ‘ham and cheese eating’ Jewish people. Similarly, on matters to do with Muslim Orthodoxy and normative religious practices, ‘liberal’ and ex-Muslims should not be ones advisers.

    Who cares. It’s an Islamic society, doing their own thing, minding their own business. They are not trying to force everyone else to do the same,
    so leave them to it. if muslims do something then its a crime but if other
    people do it then its okay. A person who is muslim will get a headline which
    would include Muslim whereas if people from other religion do something then
    their faith/religion is not put into headline. Why? Btw did anyone actually care
    or found out that recently due to Drone strike 16 people who were going to
    wedding were killed? To be honest, we actually dont care if something happens to
    Muslims rather we feel happy. if that drone strike was in western countries it
    will be in the headline for weeks and everyone would feel sorry for the innocent
    people. Double standard!!! Dont judge Islam just by less then 1% of people tend
    to do wrong. 99% of Muslims are not evil nor is Islam. It commonly done in any
    islamic talk everywhere in the world . the main purpose of doing this is that ,
    men and women aren’t allowed to sit around together . secondly, in islam it is
    almost obligatory for men to take at atleast one reminder per week and implement
    it in their daily lives too .So that’s why they’re given the slight priority
    than the women in talks like this . its not about discrimination, inequality or
    neither sexism . please do some research before you put up some false statement
    to insult other religion. Ultra Orthodox Jews do the same fact in
    Israel they force women to walk on different sides of the road..but the media
    would never expose for fear of being branded Anti Semitic.

    Muslim women are able to complain if they want to. If women don’t object, the universities should mind their own business. The women aren’t “forced” to sit anywhere! If women object, to being allocated seating areas, they can refuse to comply, sitting where they want to. They cannot be ousted or removed from seats that they choose to occupy. There is much discrimination against MEN at universities, e.g. “women’s room”, tennis courts allocated purely to women (none allocated specifically for men). Special privileges provided to women (e.g. special grants, not available to men). The whole point of segregation is to allow women of class and dignity to protect their modesty, that is why they sit at the back so they are not subject to direct gaze of men, of course I do not expect many in the west understand modesty! May be we should look to Kim Kardashian or Jordon as examples of independent and proud women. If the Muslim women don’t care, why should we? Muslim woman are not usually comfortable around men, and choose to sit separately. I knew a lot who would actually request to sit at the back when I
    was at uni. The men would tell me they sit at the front as women’s beauty is


  • LewSkannen

    Academics are spineless weeds. They have now gone from appeasement of brutality to active collaboration.

  • Katie Hawks

    Actually, medieval practices were kinder to women than this! Things got worse for women’s rights, certainly here, from the renaissance onwards, when western Christianity became more extreme following a massive split. We need to take these views not as ‘cultural values’ that we should respect, but as the extremist polemic of a religion under pressure – something we don’t have to accept.

  • David Drane

    WHAT!!! is going on

  • Agrippina

    Hurray at last, Channel4 News covered this topic tonight, a protest has taken place in London. Yasmin Alibhai Brown said there are only 5 tenets of Islam, the rest is aggregation, mostly by males and compliant females. She said ‘go and found your own university, do not try to change our institutions’, to the male muslim defending this policy. ‘You can do it in your mosques and temples but do not touch our uni’s’ at last some sense and kick back to discrimination in our country against British women.

    Wake up people, our country is being dismantled from the inside. We need to fight for our rights, fought for long ago, but under threat from a medieval woman hating ‘religion of peace’ mob! who need to go and practice this nonsense in a muslim country, there are lots available.

    This is England we are not a muslim country, and we are progressive and free thinking with laws upholding equality (women are equal to men), freedom of speech , and no discimination permitted against anyone.

    • Eddie

      Not such compliant females – that is the usual feminist trick, blaming men for anything bad, and anything discrimination against women.
      I think you’ll find the most conservative, puritanical, bigoted and devout are often women, and Muslim women are the ones who make sure girls are forced into marriage or pressure them so much they do what they are told, who send them off to be circumcised, and who encourage their sons to fight jihad.
      Blaming men really is a red herring and utterly sexist too, even though they may well be the ones who directly act (though women pull the strings).

  • Andrew Barbour

    I wouldn’t worry about it too much. This stuff only applies to spassy universities with joke degrees. No self respecting university is going to implement nonsense like this. We all know what are real universities anyway. However it’s still worrying that this should be policy from an official body.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    This is a wonderful idea. Both men and women do better academically in a segregated environment. Unfortunately, men tend to do better than women, so that means the idea is a no-show.

  • James Lovelace

    If Hitler arose now, only he had brown skin, he’d have no trouble spreading national socialism across the whole of europe. The political class would bend over backwards to get his followers into government. If the electorate across europe refused to vote for Hitler’s followers, then the political class would foist them upon us.

    This is what has happened with islam. Nowhere in Hitler’s 24 Theses does it say “kill the unbelievers”, yet people who believe this final command of Mohammed are given preference over people who say killing is wrong (like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, banned from entering Britain).

    Mohammed ended his life telling his followers to kill to spread islam, and they’ve been doing it for 1300 years. Some of his followers are braver than others – those brave ones don’t care what happens to them in this life, because they believe that by being muslims who follow koran 9:5 (muslims who murder non-muslims), they are guaranteed a place in heaven.

    The elite sucking up to muslims are betraying their own racism. They will forgive any ideology, provided the skin colour is right. The next Hitler will have dark skin.

  • Karin Karejanrakoi

    Where’s your backbone, UniversitiesUK?

    Sadly, as another commenter implied, it seems to be in your wallet.

  • itbeso

    “With a growing number of Muslim countries seeing a revival in adherence to normative Islamic practices,”

    Be very very wary of the term ‘normative Islam’ which is sneaking into Islamists vocabulary – question it every time it is used. It is simply shorthand for misogynistic, antisemitic,homophobic, hatefilled Islam.

    • Eddie

      First time I have heard that expression, but it seems just the sort of weasel word to hide hate nice and neatly.
      Reminds me of the BS lots of academics and ‘politically correct’ buffoons use actually. ‘Deferred success’ for example (which means failure).

  • Mickey Kovars

    Actually, there is one standard at work here: if there is a threat behind the demand, you must cave in. And Muslim organizations are good at threats. That’s all political correctness is: giving in to cultural bullies. No wonder people like Nigel Farage and Marine LePen are gaining traction. It is well past time to put a stop to this and stand up for OUR cultural values.

  • Mickey Kovars

    Evidently there are no cultural standards in the multicultural West. This dispute sounds as if we must re-visit all the social progress of the last 500 years.

  • outraged

    I have never heard of discrimination against Jews in pre war Poland, sounds like an academic hoax. Perhaps they were thinking GERMANY or other anti semitic country and they got confused?

    • johndowdle

      outraged: anti-Jewish sentiment was found right across the whole of the christian world and – in particular – in Europe. It is probably correct that Jewish students were treated differently in pre-WW2 Poland, I am sorry to say. Religious persecution was widely practiced through pogroms and other populist campaigns usually stirred up by political leaders and medieval rulers, usually as a way of avoiding debt owed to Jewish financiers and/or because it was necessary to invent some sort of “enemy within” for populist purposes.
      All the more reason to confront modern day practices of religious separation such as that being propounded by Universities UK. Forget the claimed legal rationale behind their recommendation: it is utter nonsense. Universities – of all places – ought to have the moral and ethical convictions to stand against supposed “lawfare” threats. Better to err on the right side than to be a miserable acquiescer on the wrong side, is it not?

      • outraged

        I could not find ANY evidence of antisemitic sentiments in Polish literature in early XX century, as opposed to some well known, although censored at present works of German politicians.
        Likewise, Pogroms are by definition purely Russian invention.

        I do not like American historians trying to frame Poland as a bad guy, especially to new audiences who are not as familiar with WWII history and are taking completely misrepresented view, I am talking here about Chinese and Indians.

      • outraged

        sorry they deleted my response.

      • James Lovelace

        “Religious persecution was widely practiced through pogroms and other populist campaigns usually stirred up by political leaders and medieval rulers, usually as a way of avoiding debt owed to Jewish financiers”

        The first pogroms in Europe against jews occurred in Spain. The killers were muslims. It was almost 100 years later before christians started to emulate this. Just as they emulated jihad, by starting Crusades (Holy Wars).

  • blackfeather99

    This pro-gender-apartheid decision should not surprise anyone. The left has made an alliance with the Islamists. Why would they want to flood all of Europe with Muslims? As a sure-fire way to destroy the culture of the indigenous Europeans and to reduce them, demographically and physically, to a few “reserves” somewhere in the middle of a bog, or in a polluted industrial zone. If they are lucky. As for the deformation of language the article mentions, this is a tried and true method of leftist propaganda, successfully practiced at the Nuremberg show-trials and every day’s evening news.

    • johndowdle

      Your comments about people being reduced to ‘… a few “reserves” somewhere in the middle of a bog, or in a polluted industrial zone. If they are lucky.’ reminds me of the reality that Palestinians live under in the occupied Palestinian Territories. We here in Europe face nothing like the daily threat to their lives that the Palestinians face from the Israeli military and their “settler” thugs. Don’t believe me? Look up the problems that Ariel and the Barkan industrial complex cause for ordinary everyday Palestinians. Look at the way in which the Hares Boys are being treated by the military system of in-justice.

      • SwitchedOnSavage

        Boo-hoo for the stone throwers. The Israelis should crush the muslim savages once and for all. Do us all a favour

        • johndowdle

          Perhaps they are not as stupid as you are? On the other hand, seeing the Israelis getting into bed with the Saudis really is some spectacle, is it not?

      • James Lovelace

        ‘We here in Europe face nothing like the daily threat to their lives that the Palestinians face from the Israeli military and their “settler” thugs.’

        We here in Europe don’t (yet) face anything like the terrorism that the jews, hindus, christians, buddhists face from their muslim neighbours. Since 2001, more Thais have been slaughtered by muslim terrorists than people died in 9/11, Madrid, Bali put together. The number of muslim terrorist attacks in India dwarf those in Israel.

        Rather sad when jew-haters can’t blame the Israelis for muslims in Pakistan killing hindus, christians, and other muslims.

        • johndowdle

          James, I am sorry to learn that you are a “jew-hater”; I most certainly am not. I have many good Jewish friends who are just as appalled as I am by the actions of the Zionist clique which currently controls Israel. The Rohanga Muslims have been under attack by Hindu fundamentalists – or don’t you know about them either? As a humanist, I find all religious division ridiculous and unacceptable. They should all drop that nonsense and try to live like modern people in a modern world. This is all the more reason why the idea of segregating men and women on alleged religious grounds (even though there is no dogmatic authority for it) is so absolutely unacceptable, and Universities UK should be roundly condemned for even contemplating such an idea.

          • James Lovelace

            All the evidence is that you are indeed a jew-hater. I suspect you would support either national socialism or islam in order to further your jew hatred. It’s no coincidence that people like you convert to islam.

            • johndowdle

              Evidence – what evidence? The only “evidence” available is that you do not know me and I do not know you. When did we ever meet? Stop being ridiculous. You are the one with “jew-hatred” on your mind; not me. Stop trying to project on to others your own failings. You need to break free from the tiny bubble you have entrapped your own little mind inside.

              • James Lovelace

                Anyone can glance through your Disqus history, and see your obsession with Israel. Your defence of muslims is just another way for you to bash jews.

                • johndowdle

                  Neither I nor anyone else can be held responsible for your distorted mis-reading of my or anyone else’s comments. Just because you are fixated on Israel, that does not mean everyone else. What I care about is fairness and social justice, which is clearly lacking in the relationship between Israel and Palestine. You may be happy to support Zionist fascist cliques; I am not. I hope your hasbara superior is not actually paying you to write the rubbish you do on these kinds of comment sites. If s/he is, then they are getting very poor value for money our of you.

                • James Lovelace

                  “Just because you are fixated on Israel, that does not mean everyone else.”

                  Manifestly it is you who is fixated on Israel. If you were concerned with fairness, then we would find an equal distribution of comments from you on the conflict between the jews and muslims in the Middle East and comments on the conflict between buddhists and muslims in Thailand, or comments on the conflict between muslims and christians in Cyprus.

                  But no, your obessession is with Israel. You will support the Nazis, just like the Muslim Brotherhood supported the Nazis, as did the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

                • johndowdle

                  Can you provide examples of conflict between muslims and christians in Cyprus? You also appear alone in having a fixation over Nazis – perhaps you like the uniforms, who can tell?

                • James Lovelace

                  You can look back through my Disqus comments and see that my obsession is not with Israel. And you can equally see my opposition to you socialists/nazis in general.

                  That you think that anyone who expects people to exhibit fairness towards Israel is in the pay of jews shows what a crazed mind you have.

                • johndowdle

                  So you deny that the Israeli state is paying university students to act as hasbaraist propagandists do you?

                  What a really tiny little world you live in.

                  We will forgive your natural naivety – unless, of course, you are one of the paid hasbaraists acting as a denialist.

                • James Lovelace

                  “So you deny that the Israeli state is paying university students to act as hasbaraist propagandists do you?”

                  I’ve no idea if that is true. But there are certainly 100s of islamic organisations causing problems around the globe. There have undoubtedly been communist organisations spending decades with staff doing what you describe.

                  If the Israeli government in particular, or jews in general, have been doing what you claim, then they’ve been doing a very bad job of it. It’s very clear that most of the western media hold Israel to a higher moral standard than they hold any islamic country.

                • johndowdle

                  The British media give the Israelis a very easy ride of things.

                  But then few if any of them ever really tell the story of how Sunni rulers in the Gulf act as dictators against their usually Shia subjects either.

                  You hardly ever see any references to the obvious collusion between the Sauds and the Israelis in backing Al Qaeda affiliates in Syria either.

                  Relying solely on the western media for any version of the actual truth is just plain foolhardy.

                  The BBC is the worst culprit.

                  The reason the Israeli regime has not been able to polish up its image is because they are an illegal and unfair regime which has the world’s fourth largest military available and it has nuclear weapons which – as it demonstrated in 1973 – it is more than prepared to use.

                  On a daily basis, they and their surrogate thugs (known as “settlers”) are killing and maiming unfortunate Palestinian civilians, who have nothing whatsoever to do with any form of military activity. Look up what they have done in the case of the Hares Boys to understand this.

                • James Lovelace

                  “The British media give the Israelis a very easy ride of things.”

                  This is rubbish, and shows your hatred and obsession with jews. I’ve met journalists at parties who’ve gone on about how great Thailand is, and how they travelled round the country. When I’ve asked them about what is going on with the muslims there (who have driven 95% of the buddhists out of southern Thailand), the journalists were clueless. They knew nothing about what was going on.

                  But an Israeli soldier can’t far near a muslim without it being on the BBC news.

                • johndowdle

                  James: I did not mention Jews; I mentioned Israelis – you must learn to understand the difference. You must try to lose this fixation of yours with Jews; it is downright unhealthy for you.

                  As a humanist, I think all people who are foolish enough to hold religious beliefs are all equally crazy as one another.

                  I just wish they would give up their prejudicial foolish irrational and unhealthy beliefs and try and join the rest of us who choose to live in the 21st Century.
                  You might even benefit from changing this aspect of your life – have you considered doing so?

                • crosscop

                  Here’s a Muslim’s eye-witness account of the conflict between Muslims and Christians in Cyprus –


                • johndowdle

                  My previous response was to James Lovelace’s comment ‘…. the conflict between muslims and christians in Cyprus.’.
                  The clear implication behind Lovelace’s comment was that such conflict was occurring now, today.

                  The article you have provided describes regrettable events that took place in 1974 – almost 40 years ago – but no evidence of any similar events occurring now.
                  Therefore, both you and Lovelace “strike out” on the basis of relevance and immediacy.
                  You both need to clear your heads of the historical fog you walk around in and try to get up-to-date with events in the modern world.

  • Non moslim man

    Seems the rights of moslims ( most men ) are bigger then the rights of women?????
    Really, i would like to find a country where i can life in peace, with all rights men ( and with men i mean men and woman ) should have.
    No religion in public what so ever.
    Said that, i would also like to see which politician is going to admit this is realy going way to far.
    But i guess there is none…….

  • Dennis Moore

    I am ashamed to live in a country full of cowards and hypocrites. Bigotry should NOT BE APPEASED. Women in an Enlightened society should be EQUAL to men. KEEP RELIGION OUT OF THE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS.

  • HansDekkers

    Why are these medieval bigots invited to speak at universities? I thought they only taught intelligent stuff there….

    • Fasdunkle

      because medieval bigotry is very popular amongst some students and they want to hear more about it

  • Agrippina

    First request for segregation by gender. Then they will want heads covered, then modest dress, that is covered from head to foot. I suppose then maybe someone may consider that it is discrimination and that it must be stopped. But by then it wil be too late. Wake up useless politicians we do not want to acquiesce to each and every request.

    Please do stop voting for the 3 parties because this is going to get worse. DT journo wrote about shops in her area of Ealing, where notices state no alcohol in this area, it is mostly muslim now! Do you want to give away all your rights to a tiny vocal minority, who should be encouraged to go and live in a muslim country. We are the majority and we do not want this nonsense.

    • SwitchedOnSavage

      I wholeheartedly endorse your comments. My only concern however is the legitimacy of this story, I have seen it nowhere else in the media. Has anyone?

      • Agrippina

        The Telegraph, Guardian and BBC have all covered the story. The only issue is why women, students and reasonable Brits are not more vocal in their opposition to this ruling by the universities.

  • Zechariah Val Judy

    So they don’t like gay people, but they don’t mind turning half the auditorium into what might be termed “a total sausage fest”?

  • justejudexultionis

    No. Segregation in British universities is a great idea but only between Muslims and non-Muslims. That way we can isolate their primitive religion and prevent it further undermining British democracy and the rule of law, before finally expelling it from our country as a backward, subversive, misogynistic, homophobic and anti-democratic dogma not worthy of an advanced western society.

    soli deo gloria

  • Blazeaway

    How do we bring these people – Universities UK – into line?
    What mechanism do we have to stop them behaving like this? It seems we have none. We are powerless.
    There is a large and growing sense that our government and institutions just is not on our side. And an awareness that if we criticise it we will be denounced as racists.
    It is entirely unhealthy gulf between the rulers and the ruled that I never expected.
    I think it is this sense of unease – often unexpressed and only half understood – that explains the alienation from the political process.
    It explains why the UKIP vote is resilient to appeals from the Conservatives to return.

    • bigmax

      I suppose the first thing to do is not give a flying f***k if we are denounced as racists for objecting to rubbish like this. In other words, collectively we’ve all got to grow a pair.

      • Blazeaway

        I’m sure you’re right.
        But we can lose our jobs if we are so accused. It really is intolerable. It speaks volumes that the ‘mainstream’ parties won’t speak out.

    • itbeso

      Email them. I did. And I was far from polite. Send them this –

  • DHC

    Seriously???? How is this even.. As someone else here said – is this the 16th century?

  • LewisDuckworth

    “But they will protest without the support of vice-chancellors …”

    V-Cs on big, fat, publicly financed salaries. I suggest these should be made dependent on not having segregation along gender, racial, or religious lines anywhere, anytime, in their university. Then we’ll notice a change in the attitude of V-Cs.

    • Babs

      No, big, fat, Arab Gulf states enabled salaries.

      And Arab funders will not countenance women and men sitting together.

      • LewisDuckworth

        Fewer big fat Arabs – now that would a major beneficial by-product of a big fall in the price of oil.

  • Phatnick

    Because,’ she replied, ‘gender difference is visible.’ But so is skin colour and physical disability!!!! Lets put those in a cage as well.
    I’ve a good mind to enroll in Uni just to desegregate any of these meetings.

  • Ilmadonniere

    Wow. And I thought Sweden was bad …

  • Phatnick

    I had to look at the date on my calender. Yup, its year 2013 not 1513. What the actual F*** is this? Are these people fit to preside over educational establishments? At what point did it become right to discriminate against someone in order to give someone else those rights?
    Everyone has freedom of speech. If they chose not to speak to a section of society, that is THEIR choice.
    I trust gender segregation will be opposed and acted against at every opportunity.
    I now wonder if I should encourage my daughter to go to Uni at all.

  • Treebrain

    A simply brilliant article!

  • LewisDuckworth

    Where are the ranting feminists of past decades? They should be hating this and marching and screaming about it. Perhaps, they are all preparing to wear full hijabs, when the universities decide to impose that requirement.

    • Babs

      They are frozen and immobile in the grip of the cognitive dissonance aroused in them by their blind commitment to the farce of multiculturalism/political correctness set against the rapidly unfolding and undeniable evidence that Islam treats its women, indeed all women, like objects.

      And it serves them right.

      • FrenchNewsonlin

        If there was a “round of applause” button to click, you’d deserve that too!

        • Babs

          Why thank you!

    • James Lovelace

      “Where are the ranting feminists of past decades?”

      The vast majority of western feminists have remained silent (and forced others to be silent) whilst 100,000 non-white girls in Britain have had their genitals mutilated.

      These feminists have remained silent whilst at least 10,000 working-class white girls were systematically groomed and turned into child prostitutes by gangs of muslims.

      Since feminists have spent 30 years ignoring these far worse crimes, why would you expect them to care about something as trivial as gender segregation at university?

  • Robert2011GB

    Muslims come here to escape the poverty and violence of their own countries.

    And what do they do once they’re here?

    They set about recreating the same social conditions that caused that poverty and violence in the first place!

  • George Smiley

    The chickens have finally come home to roost. Neoconservatives and cultural Marxists like Nick Cohen, Lawrence Krauss and their ilk and their own parents are the ones who introduced Multiculturalism into England as a means of divide, conquer and rule, and denounced and demonised, at least in the happier early days, anyone who objected to Mohammedanism, Mohammedan immigrants and Mohammedan immigration as racists.

    • Babs

      Tin foil hat alert.

      Can you give us the daily quote from the Protocols before you take your medication?

      • George Smiley

        Except that the Protocols are not exactly a work of fiction, are they?

  • No2shariaNo4islam

    The UK has become a dictatorship again as well as a theocracy. I mean look at the church of England & the islamic sharia courts that have been allowed to rule over all others & that includes the believers of the religious.

    This is appalling that segregation of the sexes is being brought up in countries that championed common law. They do not have common law anymore. It is gone & finished down the toilet…