Our criminal justice system is institutionally racist, surely?

15 December 2013

9:32 PM

15 December 2013

9:32 PM

I think this following quote, from the Romanian ambassador Ion Jinga, may go down as my favourite of the year: ‘In their overwhelming majority, Romanians in the UK are well integrated and, as Prime Minister David Cameron has acknowledged, ‘work hard, pay taxes and are valued by their employers.’

New figures just out from the police reveal that Romanians in London are seven times more likely to be arrested than other Londoners, and 800 of them were arrested in November alone. I assume that’s because we have a criminal justice system which is institutionally racist and determined to stop upright, law-abiding Romanians from working hard and paying their taxes…….expect that article to appear in The Grauniad some time soon, if it hasn’t already.

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  • Daniel Martin

    Mr Liddle you seem to be very accomodating about an insulting campaign carried out by some of the nastiest newspapers in Europe depicting Romanians as scroungers, animals and second class citizens. I wonder how much of this would the british population of 18000 in Bulgaria and 4000 in Romania put up with if we were to exploit all your failures in our media and characterize all your citizens by those failings.
    This isn’t about crime and figures and this country’s right to have a debate on immigration. This is about the fact that this so called debate has been nothing but a race to the botton in which the right wing media and the conservative party is approving an insulting campaign against two whole countries based on nothing but misrepresentation. And that you don’t any right to do!

  • VitaBrevis1

    I for one am fed up to the back teeth with this racism business,
    I find it very odd that when the British were , in the terms now used, permitted to be openly ‘racist ‘ people rarely ever talked and even thought about race.

    Now we are officially anti racist, we are rarely allowed to forget it.

    Ironic indeed.

  • Terry Field

    We live with the priceless inheritance of the English legal system; the wonders of common law. Our matchless history of evolved statutes.
    And we have been joined by foreigners who have chosen to come here and they have a very simple duty to love and respect what they have come to – and for that reason I would hope that our magnificent justice system is as self -confident and entirely racisit in the certainty of its great and matchless value as it needs to be to see off the monstrous interlopers highly undesirable changes from the dreadful ‘abroad’.
    If the incomers do not like what they have come to, they are entirely free to take their foreign-ness back to their foreign origins.

  • AsYouSay

    What other Londoners? All of ’em? I bet you there were more other Londoners arrested than Romanians. I mean, if you are goin’ to make an arrest, it’s much, much more likely you are going to arrest a non-Romanian than a Romanian. London isn’t institutionally racist, it’s racially instituted. That’s why there are no Romanians working at the Spectator. Unless Ron Liddlybiddly is a token Romainain, that is. And of course, he might well be, looking at him. Doesn’t he look like a knacker, an all?

  • Chris

    Independent beat you to it -
    Nothing less than a marxist use of race to demand that the soothing balm of socialism be applied via the left wing take over of an organisation; to defend poor ethnic minorities of course.
    Racial marxism. Seeking to create racial divisions at all times.

    • Eddie

      Yet more false argument and confirmation bias from left-wing academics and well-paid members of the diversity industry.
      The argument that there are more ethnics in prison because of racism is just plain daft. They are there because most muggers are black, most gun/knife crime is done by young black men, and in general, this ethnic group is a problem because of the broken families in many parts of the so-called black community (though no well-educated Africans would allow their daughter to associate with a Jamaican…)
      Quite frankly, I think if the police did their job a bit more instead of tootling around in their vans arresting people for saying rude words to ex-girlfriends on the interweb (to boost their arrest stats), or arresting the same old junkies for the same reasons (who then get another magistrates fine that they cannot pay), then there’d be more blacks in prison. Nothing to do with race but with behaviour. The same false arguments are used to explain away the failure of many blacks in school and their high expulsion rate (no, it’s not racism – these kids are expelled because they are disruptive and violent, and teachers are not racist – except against white kids, that is…)
      15% in prison are foreign-born too. The heroin industry in the UK is controlled by the Turkish; The prostitution by Albanians; the people trafficking by Chinese; the cannabis growing house takeover industry by the Viet Namese; the fraud by the Nigerians; the gun gangs by the Jamaicans…
      When can we have a taxpayer-funded festival to celebrate that diversity eh? To mark how so much foreign and ethnic criminal behaviour has ‘enriched our society’? Pah!

      • Chris

        Enriching Vibrant diversity.

        you want enriching and vibrant? Learn about English history, philosophy, science and culture.

        Or go and watch the Notting HIll carnival.

        Some stupid festival where prats dance around with feathers up their ar*e is clearly a match for the people who brought us freedom, liberty, the enlightenment, modern physics, Biology, Chemistry, Art, the industrial revolution, computers etc etc.

        • Terry Field

          It is obvious that the techniques used by Brown, Blair and their cohorts to corrupt our minds, and clarity of vision about what our country actually is, and what was and is valuable, come from the same root as that used by Dr Goebbels.
          And the poisonous results are there for all to see.

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Mmmm, colour blind law? I don’t think so. Neither is there culture-blind law. It seems to me that the law-making elite and truth-making 4th estate are still living in colonial times. Then, the British rulers had to demonstrate their moral supremacy over her majesty’s lesser subjects by force of conquest and exploitation. Unfortunately now we ordinary folk are having to pay for their descendants’ guilt by putting up with the chaos of multiculturalism in OUR neighbourhoods and by forfeiting the common sense of controlled immigration to the intimidation of us by political correctness. God help us…we’re soon going to need Him…

    • Terry Field

      Precisely old cocker; the lily-livered runtish offspring of the fagged-out upper-class have neither the wit nor the concern that is appropriate for the home country to have acted responsibly with regard to its settled population in protecting it from a polyglot future.
      I do not care a wit for the new greasy economic argument that london is a ‘global city’. Cods. Screw the financial interest intertwined with such an arrogant assertion.
      It is a British city, and Britain is a little island with a history and self-perception that stretches way back from the short period that we were called upon to civilise the savages and the uncivilised across the barbaric world.
      We were and still are entitled to a quiet contentment that connects us to our past above and beyond that provided by the anodyne garbage of the BBC as represented by ‘time team’ and the like.
      Time to start to simply and confidently deny and reject the rubbish spewed out by the New Labour misinformation machine, and to tell the Home Office Population Thought Management Department to sling their hook.
      When will the BBC stop generating soapy story lines that the Home Office uncivil servants have ‘suggested’?
      Multiculturalism is what the poor Belfast people have no opportunity to avoid. It should not be the fate of sweet England.

      • Cornelius Bonkers

        Yes, they have all OD’d on self-hatred. I’m so pleased someone else hates that little nonentity Tony Robinson. And here’s another one: Stephen Fry. Who DOES he think he is? Why doesn’t he get a proper job and become a real school teacher if he’s so keen on educating the ignorant masses? Tel, I’m afraid “the nation” is no more and the problems of nationhood in N Ireland will be as nothing compared to those of NO NATIONHOOD here.

  • Agrippina

    At last the police have got around to arresting some of them, how about returning some of them to there homecountry. That dirty, smelly lot of aggressive beggars are still in Marble Arch, please arrest them too.

    Around here in Cambs, the eastern euros tend to say ‘no speak English’, mostly to do with traffic infringements and lack of car docs, and the cops send them on their way.

    As for the ambassador, why doesn’t he want to retain some of these hardworking, law abiding citizens. We can manage without them thanks, you keep them.

  • Noa

    For my money it’s our Racism system that’s unjust and institutionally criminal.

    ‘I’ll get my coat, officer’, as Jack Dromey might tweet.

  • John Lea

    You can’t blame the Romanians for coming over here and robbing our cash machines. That’s an integral part of their proud cultural heritage. It’s like blaming dogs for urinating on lampposts. It’s what they do. No, I blame the government – successive governments in fact. Theresa May will do her usual: waffle about toughening up the laws on immigration etc, whilst avoiding any questions on Britain leaving the EU. The latter being the only sure way of eradicating these thieving gypos from our streets.

    • Cosmo

      “thieving gypos” Don’t forget to take your toothbrush when the (thought) police come knocking.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        Adolf may have been a blackguard, but he sure had the right idea about the pikies.

        • Fak_Zakaix

          Only about them?

          • JohnEngelman

            Are you suggesting that the Holocaust was a good thing?

    • Doggie Roussel

      We’ve already had Dave’s slogan, “hug a hoodie”… what’s his line going to be for these imminent fellow citizens ?

      “Relish a Roma” or “Bear hug a Bulgar”

      Watch the property prices in Fitzrovia plunge when these delightful nomads set up on the pavements.

    • Fak_Zakaix

      There are cash machines in Romania too…

      • Eddie

        Yes, they’re called tourists.

  • saffrin

    When blacks assault, rape and rob whites without ever being charged with a race hate crime, how could our justice system not be institutionally racist?

  • DougS

    “Our criminal justice system is institutionally racist, surely?”

    Of course it is!

    What other explanation could there possibly be?

  • Romanian

    The new figures invoked in this short text are not “just out from the police ” but from the Daily Mail.

    Claiming that “Romanians arrested at seven times rate of Britons” is just a huge lie, an outrageous distortion of reality trying to manipulate the British public opinion.

    The Daily Mail claims that “for every 1000 Romanians in London, 183 are arrested”. As the number of Romanians arrested is 800, it is supposed that the total Romanian community in London is around 4,300 persons… In fact, there are more than 60,000 people.

    So, in reality, for every 1,000 Romanians in London, only 13 were arrested, which – according to the figures presented by Daily Mail (“26 Britons per 1000 are arrested in London”) – is half of the arrest rate for Britons.

    Needless to say that “arrested” is different from “convicted” or
    “charged” and in many cases the same person has been arrested several
    times. A simple ID check could become an “arrest” if the person is
    invited to the police station and registered in the database

    As a matter of fact, following the publication of this intoxication by the Daily Mail, the Metropolitan Police presented apologies tot he Romanian Embassy for
    the way the presentation they made at the City Hall on fighting crime in
    London was distorted by the Daily Mail.

    • sarahsmith232

      Which Romanian Embassy employee are you then?

      • Romanian

        I’am no Romanian Emabssy employee, I’m currently in Munich and just
        reading an article on Huffington Post about how Daily Mail manipulates

        • sarahsmith232

          You’ve just read an article written by an extremist-Left publication that’s in competition w/ the Daily Mail, about how the media finds it so easy to manipulate you. .. . . and have unquestioningly believed it? mmmm

          • Rasvan Lalu

            I had no idea about the political orientation of the Huffington Post and I couldn’t care less about your tribal rivalries in the British media. All I know, is that Daily Mail is a low quality media, perpetrating a hate and dirt anti-Romanian campaign, along with some other English tabloids and extremist parties. It’s definitely not the Huffington Post which forms my opinions, but my own evidence-based analyses.

            • Patricia

              “….. and I couldn’t care less about your tribal rivalries in the British media. ”

              Then why bother responding ?

              “It’s definitely not the Huffington Post which forms my opinions, but my own evidence-based analyses.”

              Based on what ?

            • Eddie

              Actually, oh ignorant one. The Daily Mail is 1) probably the best produced national daily paper as even leftwing journalists will admit; 2) largely a women’s paper; 3) not racist at all, as its support of the Stephen Lawrence enquiry proved.
              Why should the British NOT be anti-immigration? We have been swamped with 4 million immigrants in the last 20 or so years, most of which treat our country as their property and rob our welfare system. We have finite space here. We are not the USA circa 1850.

              You speak from a position of hypocrisy and ignorance – many Romanian gypsies want to come to the UK because you racist Romanians and East Europeans treat them like rats anyway! How would you like it if we sent our criminal underclass to you in their hundreds of thousands eh, and then they got public housing and benefits and jobs before local people? And those local people became impoverished and disadvantaged because of these newcomers who have NO connection with the UK at all, and just come here because we are the most stupid, lax and ethno-obsessed mess of a country in the EU. Immigration does NOT enrich most Brits at all – it hurts us.

              Why not go to France? Or another country where you’ll be made to feel unwelcome. Come here and there will be violence and riots against you – of that I am sure.

              • Romanian

                “…many Romanian gypsies want to come to the UK …”

                By far not so many. Actually, studies in several European countries show the proportion of emmigrated Romanian Gypsies to be the same as of the Romanian population at large: some 10%. Every Romanian citizen willing to emigrate, has already done it, all across Europe.

                “…because you racist Romanians and East Europeans treat them like rats anyway!”
                No one is treating bad the Gypsies in Romania. This is a silly stereotype. Gypsies are at least as different as anybody else: rich, poor, educated, illiterate, criminal, honest, etc. Not the Gypsies are treated like rats, but the poor, gypsies or not, just as the poor are treated in Britain.

                Insulting your interlocutor doesn’t make your arguments more valid.

                • Eddie

                  Listen – Gypsies are treated like an inferior species across Europe and always have been. One reason is that they are a nuisance – involved in petty crime, not obeying any planning laws, being very dirty and messy. That is why you hate them and encourage them to come to Britain – to rinse the dirt out of your towns and flush it in our direction. Do you deny it?

                • Rasvan Lalu

                  of course I deny such a silly urban legend

        • HY

          Munich, eh? Care, then, to explain how the Daily Mail is manipulating the tens of thousands of Germans who have been victims of the Roma/Gipsy burglary epidemic. The Germans are pretty pissed off with you too!

          • Rasvan Lalu

            “tens of thousands of Germans who have been victims of the Roma/Gipsy burglary epidemic” have you any source for this, besides … Daily Mail and alike ?

            “The Germans are pretty pissed off with you too!” – could be, however they never let me know it !

        • James

          I just read an article in the Daily Mail about how the Huffpo manipulates you.

    • arnoldo87

      Don’t worry about it. I’m sure that Rod will check these figures now that you have queried them.
      If they are wrong, he will apologise for repeating the Daily Mail distortion, if that is what it is.
      Coffee House is well known for its sense of fair play to ethnic minorities.

      • Rasvan Lalu

        If you’re ironic, I agree, if you really mean it, I only can laugh

    • saffrin

      Seeing as Romanians aren’t supposed to be in the UK until January 2014, shouldn’t you be contacting the UK authorities with your evidence there are 60,000 Romanians in London already?
      Or would that make your hate post somewhat redundant?

      • Rasvan Lalu

        Please, just see my answer to @alleagra

    • alleagra

      You probably have a good point (unanswered by saraSmith232 but where do you get your 60,000 figure for the number of Romanians in London?

      • Fergus Pickering

        He made it up.

      • Rasvan Lalu

        According to the population census 2011, some 45.000 Romanians were registered in London. Ever since, (three full years), the Romanian population in London has increased to some 60.000 persons. Just google “London demographics”

    • Hexhamgeezer

      60,000 in London? How does that breakdown between Roma and ‘Romanian’?

      • Romanian

        We speak about persons registered in London possesing a Romanian national identity card (passport): some 60.000 in 2013. On Romanian personal documents there is no specification of ethnicity.

        Why did you put Romanian into quotation marks ?

        • Alexandrovich

          He didn’t, he put it in apostrophes which, given a little more study and a lot less tinkering with ATMs, you would understand.

        • Hexhamgeezer

          And being hard working and honest the vast majority are registered? By the way are there any informal guesstimates on how many Moldovans have acquired Romanian papers via ‘hard working’ officials..or transdniestrians come to that?

    • justejudexultionis

      We don’t care. The UK is full – our island is sinking under the weight of this uncontrolled immigration.

      • Romanian

        Fully agree with you. What has to do your legitimate point about about excessive UK immigration with Romanians ? They represent 1,1% of the foreign born nationals in the UK.

        • Chris

          Its because we can’t complain about Muslim immigration without being branded racist. We therefore must use white christian people (romanians and Poles) who are deemed fair game by the left wing marxist nutters as proxies.

          • Eddie

            True. It’s like the way comedians now make jokes about The Welsh because they’re not allowed to make them about the Irish; or the way they make jokes about mentally handicapped/special needs people instead of making jokes about black or Asian people (though funny accents are allowed if they mock white foreigners; NOT if they imitate anyone swarthy – this is the reason the BBC has permanently banned the hilarious and utterly non-racist It Ain’t Half Hot Mum – white guy doing a funny Indian accent. BANNED.)
            This is called progress, apparently.

        • Eddie

          I wish that figure was 0%.
          I have a dream…

  • sarahsmith232

    Is this the same Ambassador that believes our innate ****ness is the reason why they are taking jobs? Saw a Polish businesswoman sit on Newsnight and explain that, in her considered opinion, the reason why Polish take jobs is because English people all have ‘mental problems’. She had given this quite a lot of thought and believed that this was obviously due to our previous history of Empire. She wasn’t able to employ English people at minimum wage on Xmas Eve/Day/New Years Eve/Day but she could Polish, so this proved it for her, along w/ her belief that the fact that we have no experience of starvation is also a cause of our ‘mental problem’.
    They can’t come into a country w/ an immigration problem, w/ means that this is constantly out there, discussed, angrily as well as in positive terms and be able to disengage from it. The only way they can find to deal w/ it is finding ways to explain to themselves why they’re so amazing and the reason why the indigenous population isn’t when compared to them. Apparently no idiotically pathetic logic can hold this process back. They have to find ways to have nothing but contempt ’cause they can’t take the constant flak, believing us guilty of xenophobia brought on by our severe ‘mental problems’ & general all round ****ness is the only way they can not let it effect them.

    • HY

      Poles – can’t get the staff ??

    • Agrippina

      It is easy to work the public bank hols when you have no family here and share a two bed hse, with 20 others. I think I would prefer to work too.

      The prob is that the journos etc, do not know how to challege these type of folks, with their odd myths and beliefs and lack of understanding of the true situation of some of these exploited forieign staff.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    I’m particularly impressed by those as Big Issue ‘sellers’ who spend most of their time glued to their mobiles. Perhaps they sell via a website and take telephone orders?

    How very entrepreneurial of them compared to our own Jeremy Kyle slackers.

    • William Haworth

      It’s funny how someone can intentionally make themselves homeless by leaving their home country, then be allowed into our country to make a living selling a magazine designed to highlight the effect of homelessness. Where would we be without them?

  • Ricky Strong

    The last time I heard true racism was when I was called a white piece of sh*t and then spat on. Aside from that unfortunate incident what I believe I hear most days is one culture telling of how they dislike the cultural practices of another; which is quite understandable when there are so many of them on one small island.

    I’ve said this before but when terms like racism are used without consideration it begins to loose its true meaning and the people who are genuinely subject to racism are the unfortunate victims.

    • MikeF

      Yes – down here in ‘vibrant, diverse, multicultural’ (as Rod would say) Lewisham I was recently called a f***ing white c***.

      • Cosmo

        That must have been your imagination. Black people can’t be racists. According to Lee Jasper, racism is power + prejudice. As black people don’t have any power, they can’t possibly be racist, you see. Simples.

        • Hexhamgeezer

          I wonder where that cretin got the idea that black people have no power? In every field where the law applies they have the advantage over a white person. In every place subject to any rules, blacks have the advantage and power and the ability to set aside rules that others have to abide by.

          He really is a loathsome bit of work.

          • AsYouSay

            I’m making a citizen’s arrest, right here, you loathsome piece of white trash. There, you’re done. Take that. Oh, tough guy, are you? Think because you’ve NEVER actually been harassed in real life doesn’t mean it not happening now? I know where you live, piggie face. Games up. Take that, etc. Come outside and say that to my face. If your mommy will wheel yer out, that is.

        • Fak_Zakaix

          What about “soft power” 😉 ?

      • Doggie Roussel

        Perhaps you should wear it as a badge of honour.

        The fact that most of us just turn the other cheek, in true Christian fashion, is what really p….s off all the PC jerks in parliament and the judiciary.

        I’ve had enough … try handing out bibles in Riyadh… and see how the shoeless ones would react.

        • MikeF

          Oh on a personal level it didn’t bother me. I told the b**** to shut up. The problem is that when such attitudes become entrenched in the law they lead to people being accused of offences that they not only did not commit but which never even existed.

          • Doggie Roussel

            It’s a guilt trip on our part… the legacy of slavery etc

            Also we were burning witches and heretics at the stake less than 500 years ago… luckily we have evolved, whereas other cultures have remained rooted in brutality, extremism, isolation, terror and prejudice.

            The second-rate intellects and ill-disguised ambition in our modern politicians and leaders obliges them to bend the knee to the decayed metropolitan demands of champagne socialism and the bland, incomprehensible and wittering appeasements of our current generation of worthless, shallow political poltroons..

        • Chris

          Thats because marxism is a religion. Chrisianity is a competitor. Islam is not. Too uncivilised.

          • Doggie Roussel

            Completely uncivilised, … but sadly they have loads of moolah and oceans of oil.

            We must find our own energy sources and supplies to be rid of the pestilential curse of the Arab states, and all the pollution that they export; both moral and tangible.

            • Chris

              They are not the key problem. Left wing marxist socialists are. The reason for the apparent failure of anyone not left wing to deal with the socialists, is that they have singularly failed to define their enemy. They are not a political movement, and as such do not stand up to logical scrutiny.
              If you perceive the socialist and left wingers through the prism of the power structure of religion, then it begins to make sense.
              Their movement is based on faith, religious frenzy and group behavior. Anyone opposed to their teachings of tolerance, multiculturism and pluralism (love they neighbour, brotherly love etc) is a heretic and speaks blasphemy (racism, Islamaphobia, xenophobia). Everyone sees that this merely means “bad” person, or “non believer” or “denier”, and this seems to function on some deep seated basis (as if religion is ingrained in our psyche). This is the power they hold, and cherish, with regards to race laws. They can chase any heretic and excommunicate them.

    • Jackthesmilingblack


    • vieuxceps2

      I recently had a Nigerian immigrant doubled up with laughter at the idea of “anti-White racism”.Funniest thing she’d heard in her life ,she said.Which is where PC leftism comes in I suppose…No joke,though if people are convinced that Whites are fair game,backed by law, then Whites are in incresing danger.Time to call ahalt to this insidious Orwellian PC. Let’s begin now shall we?

      • MikeF

        There certainly is anti-white racism – much of it practised by people who are themselves white. This is because another aspect of the left-liberal/socialist mindset well analysed by Chris above is its fusion of two distinct and in some ways contradictory strains of thought (using that last word very loosely) – in the first case an overweening personal self-regard and in the second a vicious but displaced self-hatred. It is the tension between these two that creates the typical left-liberal/socialist behaviour pattern of oscillation between blithe complacency and vindictive censoriousness.

  • john p reid

    Wait till Jan the 1st when the EU allows more immigration, then the system will be even more racist, as there’s even more arrests.

  • jargee

    Since that household energy in Bulgaria and Romania won’t be greatly used after Jan first, I wonder if it could be relayed over to England at a cut price.

  • In2minds

    No doubt in time jokes about the Guardian will be treated like jokes about Mandela, enjoy while you can.

    • MikeF

      Has anyone ever found anything funny to say about the Guardian?

      • The_greyhound

        No, but you have to wipe your @rse on something.

    • Colin

      Ah, the guardian. A publication that lies somewhere between the Beano and Mein Kampf.

  • Eddie

    In a word: gypsies.

    The Romanians (and Bulgarians and Czechs and Slovaks and Italians and, well, pick a mainland European country, any country) make it 100% clear to their ‘Roma communities’ that they are not wanted or welcome (despite their having lived where they are for centuries).

    Go to the UK, the authorities say, they’re all stupid and lax there – they give you free apartment, free healthcare and medication, free college and school, free benefits (and the more you breed the more you get and the bigger house too!).

    Are William Hill taking bets on which month riots will explode? Worth a tenner on July, I’d say…

    Or we could reform benefits so no-one gets them unless they are in need – then we wouldn’t have to pay these incomers. Those who commit crimes or are found homeless should be expelled, of course, sent back to the last safe country they were in (France usually).

    • Donafugata

      Hi, Eddie, I usually agree with you but it is the ” in need” criteria that is wrong with the benefits system. Everyone has unlimited needs, one illegal p*** taker even claimed he needed flying lessons.

      When Beveridge set up the welfare system it was based on contributions, what you were entitled to was based on what you had paid in, hence the name, National Insurance.

      Alas, some idiot decided that contributing didn’t matter anymore, it was all about needs. This is the point at which the abuse began, both from the indigenous skivers and the world and his wife, looking for ” free money”.

      By going back to the contributory scheme, there would be no violation of EU directives by discriminating against migrants and it might get the perennial British scroungers off their lardy arses.
      Unsurprisingly, the rest of Europe expects claimants to have made contributions so the U.K. Is the obvious benefits magnet.

      • DougS

        I don’t know how it’s progressing but I think that ‘citizens pensions’ might be under consideration to be next in line for the automatic give away.

        Don’t bother contributing just arrive in this country from……well anywhere really, become a citizen and hey presto – money for nothing when you retire!

        I hope it’s been dropped, but I doubt it.

      • John Smith

        It changed for parties to build a client state
        Giving other peoples money away was always a good method

      • Eddie

        Tend to agree with that.
        I know that the EU rule that a country has to give citizens of other EU states what it gives its own citizens is absurd because states differ so much in welfare payments.
        No such thing as housing benefit in Italy or Spain or most new EU countries, or income support, and medications have to be paid for too – yet these people all come here and get those benefits from us, and get priority over Britons esp if they have children.
        I think the only way really though is to scrap those benefits for Britons too – housing benefit just enriches property investors anyway. It has gone up massively in the last decade or two. It has to stop.
        Life is just way too easy for immigrants here. I want to see it made much more unpleasant.

    • TruthBeatsLies

      Eddie – congratulations…! At last someone, other than me, has introduced “gypsies” – the word most Brits refuse to contemplate, even though it is by far the most relevant word in the whole debate about so-called “European” migrants, whether heading for, or already at large, in Britain…!!!

      It would be amusing if only it weren’t so tragic – Brits simply don’t begin
      to grasp anything like the enormity of the Roma gypsy menace that is
      either heading their way or has only recently begun to lap at these shores. But has, for centuries, festered throughout the whole of a rather wiser, less indulgent European continent …!

      Even when I try to explain (because I’ve become well acquainted with these wanderers throughout the Balkans) most Brits refuse to believe that these people have no interest in taking British jobs – or even British houses… just so long as there are plenty of people in the streets, on the trains and on the buses from whom any Roma woman with a babe-in-arms (ALWAYS a babe-in-arms!) can exert a very prosperous living by begging from them every last penny of loose-change – and not-so loose-change! – upon their person.

      And that they’re not even safe from such accost in their own suburban homes – where similar female beggars may come a-knocking, small child in tow, at any hour of day or night. Often as part of a ‘team driven to the area in a large car, van or minibus, and parked discreetly round the corner.

      The trouble is, innocent Brits (even innocent Brit Police) take one look at a Romanian or Bulgarian passport – and instantly presume its owner is a bona-fide European… Whereas you and I, Eddie, know better… Don’t we…?

      • Eddie

        Yes indeed. I have lived in 2 mainland European countries and travelled through or visited almost every country in Europe, especially the East, Centre and South.
        I think that is the difference here – those who scream ‘racist’ at anyone mentioned the G word are just pig ignorant stay-at-homes who haven’t got a clue what they are talking about. Those of us who have lived in Central/Eastern/Southern Europe and been pestered by gypsies and witnessed the problem that they are, know we should not

    • Fak_Zakaix

      The Roma do not take “free healthcare and medication, free college and school” come on.
      Free medication exists in Romania too. I don’t think that they have the patience to take medication for more than a week. As for school…College!!!

      • Eddie

        Yes they do, as do all EU immigrants here.
        You have to pay for meds in the vast majority of Central and Eastern European states if you do not pay for health insurance – and pensioners have to pay for that out of £60 a month..

  • Fak_Zakaix

    An unashamedly antise…, pardon, anti-Romanian.

  • Martin Jennerson

    Blatant non-conformism to the Juche, sorry, Multicultural Idea. You are worse than a dog.

  • Cosmo

    An unbeliever! Persecute! Kill the the heretic!

    • buhbye_antiwhites

      IT’s called HERESY… it only exists in religion.

      If you do not have faith in the ONE true path from the scriptures of Marx, you are called a WITCH! RACIST! HEATHEN! HOMOPHOB! INFIDEL!

      Heresy ONLY exists in Religion.

      Political correctness is not LIKE a religion. Political Correctness IS a religion.

  • Colin

    You may well be correct. But, not in the way most people would understand. I’m thinking, on the one hand, arrests for mandela jokes and, on the other, a free run at publicly calling for british soldiers to be beheaded. That sort of thing.

  • Wessex Man

    In answer to your question though, yes they are, heaven help you if you are Anglo-Saxon!

    • MikeF

      Very true – the legal system in this country is now debased and is no longer in any sense objective and impartial.

    • Noa

      “…Whilst the total number of racial and religious hate crimes fell from
      13,201 in 2006-7 to 11,845 in 2008-9, the volume of hate legislation
      has rapidly expanded. There are now more than 35 Acts of Parliament, 52
      Statutory Instruments, 13 Codes of Practice, 3 Codes of Guidance and 16
      European Commission Directives which bear on ‘discrimination’. And most
      recently, the Single Equality Act was passed by Parliament in April
      2010. Yet legal definitions of ‘hatred’ are elusive. A government action
      plan states:
      ‘A (religious) hate crime is a criminal
      offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be
      motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on a persons religion or
      perceived religion.’ (p.10)
      In addition, ‘hatred’ is not only presented as an offence on its own
      account, but can also be seen as something which aggravates ordinary
      public order offences. When an ordinary offence is aggravated by
      ‘hatred’ based on race, religion, gender, or age, then the sentence too
      is ‘aggravated’ (i.e. increased).”