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May’s Brussels-blocking gesture to Tory right

10 December 2013

3:04 PM

10 December 2013

3:04 PM

Why is Theresa May stalling on the publication of the Balance of Competences review? The Times is reporting that the Home Secretary feels the review underestimates the extent of benefit tourism, which would certainly chime with what’s been published so far – the last tranche of review documents made the European Union sound like something no sensible person could ever find fault with.

But aside from the policy issue, which is becoming more and more sensitive as the deadline for the lifting of transitional controls on Bulgarian and Romanian migrants approaches, there could be another reason the Home Secretary wants to be seen to be delaying on this review. The BoC was initially trumpeted as a dry way of settling some debates on the European issue, but now it’s another example for the eurosceptics of the way Whitehall is hardwired towards europhilia. Over the past year, the Home Secretary, once someone keen to target the modernisers in the Conservative party, has set her sights on the right instead. And so causing a bit of a stink over the BoC isn’t the worst way of letting the right know that this Home Secretary is on their side.

Number 10 today insisted that we can expect the review ‘in the coming weeks’, but the Home Secretary has already made her message quite clear without saying anything in public at all. The only problem is that there is still a certain amount of resentment on the right of the Conservative party over May’s ‘the nasty party’ comments, even after a number of years.

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  • Frank

    As if anybody is going to read this and the other reports and then make their mind up. It is just a delaying tactic until our Dave has thought of a way to avoid holding a referendum. Given that the IFM has just warned that the Euro’s troubles are far from over, the whole caboodle may boil over much sooner than 2017.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Poor Izzy. She keeps trying to do her ‘Sisters are doin it’ dance and promote Theresa May as the next Tory leader but May is clearly not up to the job. Now the immigration figures are going the wrong way even before the Bulgars and Rumanians invade.

    Does anyone seriously think delaying a whitewash for a few weeks is going to fool anybody? It’s risible. Furthermore, it’s been a very long time (if ever) since someone who has solely been Home Secretary (amongst the great offices of state) has gone on to be Prime Minister. Chances are Cameron wants to delay it so it can be buried over the Christmas season (always a great time to hide bad news and political malfeasance).

    Not only that remember the 2nd Rule of Politics:

    ‘You can’t trust the Tories over Europe’

    PS And someone seriously needs to sack May’s fashion adviser. What does she think she looks like?

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yes, and all photographed wearing poppies, meaning it’s of a certain season, and not a season indulgent of attention seeking politicians and gaudy fashion tastes.

  • the viceroy’s gin

    The 3 people in that photographs should just resign themselves to marking time. Nothing they do matters now, especially not obvious flim-flammery like this.

  • Graeme S

    Too Late me thinks . What a terrible token effort. Can we please have our Conservative party back please. Everyone is getting sick of this one

    • Wessex Man

      It’s gone over the horizon, the only hope for our country now is UKip, vote UKip stay British!

    • Russell

      We already have one, it is renamed UKIP. Grasp the mettle, grow a pair, disregard all the threats and vote for them next year in the MEP elections and the Council elections, and if they still persist in the scam of maybe in 2017 a referendum, vote for UKIP in 2015 as a vote for Cameron & Co. is just as wasted as a vote for Miliband or Clegg..

  • Pip

    Just another example of a blatantly Pro EU Cabinet Minister pretending to represent public opinion and concerns solely as a result of the rise of UKIP and anti EU, anti Immigration sentiment amongst the Electorate. None of the Cabinet can be trusted on this issue, they are all Europhiles, bought and paid for long ago.

  • WatTylersGhost

    Love Teresa’s pricey coat, got that jester look about it, completely suits her.

  • Redvers Cunningham

    This is not a jolly game. The future of our country is at stake. We cannot trust civil servants to be impartial. We cannot trust our politicians not to be in the pocket of the EU. Right, left or somewhere in between our collective interest can only be served by leaving the EU.

  • AnotherDave

    Ms May signed up to passing control of british justice to the EU.

    • In2minds

      Good point, May is a fraud

  • Denis_Cooper

    Whether we are right or left May is not on our side, she’s on the EU’s side.

    • Russell

      The entire political establishment (with the exception of UKIP) are neither left or right on the EU, they are just wrong. LibLabCon are going to get the fright of their lives next year and in 2015 for ignoring what the majority of the electorate know about our membership of the EU. The government daren’t publish a balanced report regarding the benefits and disadvantages of the UK membership of the EU as it shows all these Europhiles to be wrong.

      • Smithersjones2013

        Point of Order:

        UKIP are NOT part of the current political establishment and god forbid they ever become in any way linked with such an unworthy group.

        • Guest

          And how do you ever command any real decision making power in our democratic system without becoming part of the political establishment?