Is Red Balls toast?

11 December 2013

1:18 PM

11 December 2013

1:18 PM

Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor, gave an abortive performance in response to the Autumn Statement last week; he blamed his embarrassment on the cacophony of jeers from the Tory benches. You might have thought that Balls would lay low this week. Not a bit of it. There he was chanting ‘Dave, Dave, Dave’ and testing his new hand gesture, which is simply to point downwards.

‘He can dish it out but he can’t take it,’ said the PM. Cameron is easily riled by Balls; but he went in for the kill this time: ‘I’ll tell you what’s going down: his career’. It wasn’t a great line; but the fact that Ed Miliband was openly laughing at the gag should concern the dwindling forces in the Balls camp.

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  • ReefKnot

    Not wishing to tempt fate, but I wonder why there is no comment from our friend Telemachus who usually jumps in to defend Balls with some preposterous remark about his ‘charisma’.

  • CraigStrachan

    Just as well he’s not a Tory, as he’d evidently be “Blue Balls”

  • John Smith

    One must defend the two Eds at all costs The British public depends on it, up until GE2015

  • aanpakkuh

    Balls is an extreme opportunist. Not only did he fail to regulate banks properly (remember the long list of banks that blew up despite having no expoure to the US sub-prime debacle: HBoS, RBS, Alliance & Leicester, Bradford & Bingley, Northern Rock, quite a few building societies etc), but alsa he and Brown deliberately filled the monetary policy committee of the Bank of Enlgand with doves (e.g. Blanchflower) to let inflation rip and boost tax revenue with stamp duty from housing market. Now Balls uses RPI in his calculations of UK living standards while he and Brown switched the UK nifaltion measure from RPI to CPI to make inflation stats look better and economise on indexed payments. Cras.

  • wobble

    Remarkable apathy and low activity in the comments too.
    Another sign of his increasing lack of relevance and ease of dismissal.

  • Basilthedog

    Shouldn’t the lovely Yvette have the final say on whether or not Ed is going down?

    • Holly

      That is gross!

  • Weygand

    Dave hates Balls, but the closer one gets to the election, the easier the burden will be to bear, knowing that the fear that Redder Ed might be reincarnated as Chancellor is worth thousands of votes for the Tories.
    Trouble is that Miliband knows this as well, so I reckon that Labour will find one of their Balls has dropped come Springtime.

  • Andy

    Ed Balls is a fat fool. He is just wrong, wrong, wrong. He should just go away, go away, go away.

  • laurence

    No, he isn’t toast. He’s a great big turnip.

  • Colonel Mustard

    The pointing down gesture is to go with the “cost of living crisis” (note ‘crisis’) which is the current Labour script being briefed and used by Labour and their allies, including the BBC, everywhere. Like “bedroom tax” and every other Labour-contrived soundbite it will enter the political lexicon unchallenged and take root.

    The Coalition really must tackle this and start creating “attacking phrases” that will take root against Labour rather than just constantly trying to defend their own actions in the face of such blatantly orchestrated disinformation. They are losing the propaganda war and they need to up their game considerably.

    • fathomwest

      We should all remember that all the problems came about by ‘The Cost of Labour Crisis’

  • M. Wenzl

    I could understand the flatlining gesture. But a down gesture? I don’t feel confident about the recovery but a taunt has to be based at least somewhat on fact.