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The View from 22 podcast: Blackout Britain, the rudeness of John Bercow and breaking the immigration taboo

14 November 2013

9:03 AM

14 November 2013

9:03 AM

Is Britain on the verge of an energy crisis? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Mail on Sunday’s David Rose discusses how Britain’s choice green energy over efficient energy has put us on a path to disaster, and why it is politicians, not the Big Six energy firms, who are blame for the coming crisis. Would repealing the Climate Change Act make any difference? And will a significant policy change only come if the lights go out?

Douglas Murray also examines Paul Collier, the man who has made it OK for the left to talk about immigration. After the negative reception of David Goodhart’s book on immigration, can Collier expect to receive the same treatment with his new work Exodus? And with recent intervention from senior New Labour figures, is there a real shift on the left’s thinking about immigration?


Plus, James Forsyth looks at the growing anxiety between David Cameron and the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow. Why do the two men dislike each other so much? Could he be pushed out of his job? And what would it mean for the Speakers’ office if this happened?

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  • Raw England

    That’s the sinister thing: the Left are, in actual fact, genuinely a tiny, tiny minority within England and other White nations. These are a tiny group of people who are dictating to the masses. Everything about the Left goes immensely against the natural views and outlook of the native people.

    Its incredibly toxic. And its destroying every facet of our society. Its destroyed our present and future.

  • swatnan

    There’s a precedent, Michael Martin was ousted from Office, so time to start the ball rolling on Bercow.

  • dalai guevara

    Dave Rose “…increases that will just dwarf the increases seen so far…”
    Cleggster “..2/3 of our plant is ancient…”
    How do these two statements read together?

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    Why is Bercow so unpopular? The simple answer is that no one likes a turncoat.

  • Jez

    The first bit about energy is extremely interesting; Note the word ‘radical’ being dropped at the prefect time i think!

    Quite a lot of indicators said in this piece maybe of the merits of this sustained long term ‘Tory mans burden’; the completely un-natural propping up of the Lib Dems and their destructive ideals.

    Later, Blunkett, Straw & Milliband (et al) now all standing up, shrugging their shoulders singing; “Hey, we made a mistake”, could be the same gesture as if Pol Pot suddenly had a sudden epiphany in swapping the tactics of Chairman Mao to Mary Poppins. It doesn’t *mean a thing* in the overall picture of things. They have, together with Tory weakness watched the UK take on social trauma that will probably be felt forever. They have destroyed one thing and we have no idea whatsoever what this car crash of a nation wide social experiment is going to end up as.

  • Colonel Mustard

    He doesn’t look well. Dropping the salon tan, getting a good military haircut and growing a flamboyant moustache would improve his appearance no end. Some healthy exercise in the Highlands would not go amiss either.

  • HookesLaw

    Removing Bercow might put some honour back into the office of Speaker.

    • George_Arseborne

      Bercow is a Tory. Why are the Tories seeking for him to be beheaded? Just because he tries to get the Con Leader Cameron to answer questions rightly rather than going through fake litany.
      Leave Bercow alone. He is doing a great Job and the public loves him.
      Just think about con men, look at what is going on with the Tory website. How can they be trusted? Shammmmmeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Neotelemachus

        Look at the labtard website Idiot #5 before coming here with your broken English and stupid comments.

  • The man on the Clapham omibus

    Why wouldn’t anyone dislike Bercow: he’s an absolute toerag.

    • Howard Benson

      I was at a Church service in St Margarets where he had mistakenly been asked to speak. He spoke without notes about his favourite subject – himself – and managed to cause offence and ignore the object of the event entirely.