The Muslim Brotherhood thrives in Britain

15 November 2013

9:27 AM

15 November 2013

9:27 AM

The Muslim Brotherhood aren’t doing so well in Egypt at the moment. Happily they are making some gains in Britain.

On Tuesday the organisation’s dauphin – Tariq Ramadan, famous Islamist ideas man, grandson of the Brotherhood’s founder and prominent double-speaker gave the Orwell prize’s annual ‘Orwell lecture’. I wonder which direction Orwell’s body is spinning in?


And elsewhere, at London’s SOAS (the School of Oriental and African Studies, better known as the School of Organised Anti-Semitism) a speaker who is opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood was chased from the stage by Muslim Brotherhoood supporters. It is worth watching the video of what turned into an Islamist rally just to remind yourself of how well spent our taxpayer money is. There are so very many reasons to keep on funding universities when they provide such forums for thought and free expression.

All in all, a good week for the Brotherhood here in London.  On the one hand the heavies can intimidate the heretics and infidels until they give in. And on the other hand the soft approach will find itself lauded and honoured by Britain’s pliant and quiescent liberals. Allahu Akbar.

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  • Marc

    Not all MUSLIMS are TERRORISTS, but ALL TERRORISTS are Muslims.

  • Jingogunner

    Just read sevral outraged webwhines from you guys and the question uppermost in my mind is: who did you vote for? Becasue if the whiners on other sites are anything to go by most of you vote Tory or Labour or Lib Dem and in that case I will be amused to see your women flogged through the streets and your children forcibly dragged off to madrassas to be indoctrinated. You will, after all, have voted for it.

  • Guest

    Happily… ten to one Murray is a Jew

  • Daniel Crowley

    r e m o v e k e b a b

  • Treebrain

    “the Brits were totally outnumbered by faces of middle-eastern origin…”

    So you decided to move to Israel?

    How many white faces are there in Israel, as opposed to the ‘faces of middle-eastern origin’ that you find unacceptable?

  • swatnan

    Its about time the Authorities clamped down on these facist groups who continue to spout hate. Britain gives them a refuge, but they should not take advantage of our good nature, by sending insurgents and money to dissident groups abroad intent on destabilising legitimate govts. We need to ensure that the funds are confiscated and terrorist not sent abroad to fight in other peoples civil wars.

  • James Mayer

    I think there’s going to be a huge war, personally. And when the dust has settled, liberalism will have no credibility whatsoever. Which might make the whole thing worthwhile in a really inefficient manner. I guess. Still, it will have been an appalling waste of life and civility. Tick, tock…

    Oh, and:

    • commandergreen

      If we don’t do it soon the multi cult will destroy western civilization. If I told you what I wanted to do with the leaders of the multi cult I would be arrested but just look up the day of the rope. Soon

  • Hugh_Oxford

    Why are these people here?

    • Adrian

      They enrich us.

      • flangini110

        With excess bile?

  • ganef_returns

    The writing has been on the wall a long time in the UK. I quit the UK over nine years ago because I could see the way things were going. My partner and I returned for a holiday in the summer and one of the places I took her was the shopping outlet in Bicester. We seemed to be almost the only white faces there and the Brits were totally outnumbered by faces of middle-eastern origin, many in their Arab clothing, some women in burqas with full face covering.

    • Daniel Maris

      LOL – taking your partner on a romantic visit to Bicester factory outlets…come on!

    • commandergreen

      Do you think it’s much better anywhere else. Do you think the multi cult is ever going to stop unless we make them

      • ganef_returns

        I feel MUCH safer here in Israel, thank you, even with 1.5M Arabs, mainly Muslim.

        • Treebrain


          • ganef_returns


            • Treebrain


              You have gone all quiet on The Daily Telegraph website recently, now why would that be?

              Your crony westerville also used to post as much as you did but now he has also gone quiet?

              His frequent assertions that I was in trouble and that he had reported me to the UK police created much laughter at his expense, but then your mutual idol Netanyahu is also being reduced to a figure of fun as well!

            • Treebrain


              You have been very quiet recently?

        • tvcaldwell

          Thanks for admitting that there are some people there who are not Zionists – 1.5 million of them. The Zionists have been telling us there were no Palestinians or Arabs there, that it was a land without any people so their god asked them to come and take it.

          • ganef_returns

            It has taken you seven months to come up with that load of cobblers. Of course there have been Arabs (originally from Arabia as their name implies) for a very long time and Christians from the time of Jesus. There might have been Muslims there for 1500 years but it is doubtful as the land is not mentioned in the Koran, nor is Jerusalem which you will find in both the Old and New Testaments.

            Archaeologists can show Jews lived in the region 3,500 years too. As for Palestinians, this is a name coined by Arafat less than 50 years ago, so it is correct to state there were no Palestinians in the newly founded state in 1948, or now.

            But don’t worry; at the current rate of progress in the UK, white Christians will be in a minority in less than 50 years. I should worry about that instead.

  • derekemery

    Is it possible to be a Muslim believer and embrace being a member of a pluralistic democracy?

    Surely this is impossible because if you had a Venn diagram of what the Muslim faith demands and what believing in a pluralistic democracy requires there can be no point where these two circles intersect.

    • Tom Elias

      I think you should probably engage more with the theoretical underpinnings of both Islam and liberalism as traditions before spewing islamophobic bile onto the internet. Large muslim communities in many western countries engage with the democratic process, as do those in majority muslim states like Malaysia.

      • Daniel Maris

        OK Tom – point us to those texts in the Koran or Hadith which back up democracy as we know it…since you clearly are all keyed up to rebut such slanders about Islam.

        • Aasiyah Sattar

          Im so convinced now more then ever that you should really consider preaching Islam, I shall call you sheik/mufti Dawood. U like an energizer bunny hopping from page to page “pretending” to know the Quraan and Hadeeth’s. You like a little 5 year old , with his finger up in the air screaming “teacher teacher ask me” , we haven’t finished our conversation yet or have you finally discovered that you know Jack squat about my religion? Or maybe have i given you evidence that you were so wrong and i was right. What does the quraan say about democracy Mr Eager Beaver, quote for me from google Islamobic websites again

    • Daniel Maris

      Well a succinct summary of the problem. Of course you can be a Muslim “pretend” believer and a member of a pluralistic democracy. That should be the aim – creating a high percentage of pretend believers.

      There are lots of pretend believers in Islam around. Jemima Khan obviously doesn’t believe in any of it though she’d never declare as an apostate, knowing the difficulties that might follow. Salman Rushdie obviously – goes without saying these days.

    • Aasiyah Sattar

      No its not impossible , i live in pluralistic democratic country. Unfortunately Daniel there is no pretenders in Islam as there is in christianity , go to church on Sunday pretending to be holier then thou , party hard the saturday, and sin the rest of the 5 days. We are muslims or we not. No shadey grey area in between. Muslim’s here are free to be covered, free to pray five times a day, and free to be muslims without discrimination and death threats, just as every other religion is free to be whoever they choose to be..Here we don’t care which religion has the highest population rate or how did it manage to increase. We don’t divide a nation by race color or religion. There is no superiority, there’s something we muslims call Muhabit (peace and respect to each other)

  • you know it’s true

    The tide needs to be turned and the start of the turn can occur in May 2015 by voting UKIP.

  • LindaRivera

    Written in 1991 by the Muslim Brotherhood:
    “The role of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America,”:

    The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within, and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by the hands of the believers, so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

    • Daniel Maris

      That text should be taught in every school in every democracy on this planet.

      • LindaRivera

        Absolutely! And the vile, woman-hater, barbaric Islamic sharia law should also be taught. Our people must be informed that the goal of Muslim immigrants in our countries is to ENSLAVE us under sharia where the freedom and human rights of non-Muslims are utterly DESTROYED.

        I’m a member of Paul Weston’s political, counter-jihad party, LIBERTY GB

  • LindaRivera

    UKIP refuse to speak a word about the greatest threat Britain has ever known: the Muslim colonisation of our country and the Muslim goal of enslaving our people under vile woman-hater, barbaric Islamic sharia law under which non-Muslims have NO human rights.
    Help SAVE Britain, our culture our freedom, our human rights and Western civilization!
    Join Paul Weston’s counter jihad party, LIBERTY GB

    Paul Weston in Croydon: It’s Not Racist to Defend Your Country

    Winston Churchill: Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.

    • The Patriot

      I agree, Linda, it is a bit sad, as if they did take a strong stand it might help them to win more votes. I know a lot of people here in Manchester who aren’t too bothered about Europe but they damn well detest the spread of this infestation, a party that makes a stand against this undemocratic cult AND the EU is certianly onto a winner with the masses..

      Until then I can only see it ending up in miniature civil wars on the streets of individual cities like here, Birmingham, Bradford Leicester, Luton etc.

      Forced repatriations, a birth limit of 1/2 children, and the removal of all mosques need to be the answer..Along with, of course, letting no more into the country. A strong disincentive to come here is the only way we’ll win without mass blooshed, but perhaps that’s already too late.

      • LindaRivera

        It is all so terribly sad. Tell people you know about LIBERTY GB! Most of the millions of Muslims that UK ruling elites have colonized Britain with are from PAKISTAN.
        Textbooks In Pakistani Government Schools Teaching Hate Against Christians And Hindus, Jihad And Martyrdom To Young Students

        …..Pakistani Journalist Maheen Usmani: “14-Year-Old Students Of
        Pakistan Studies Are Being Taught: ‘One Of The Reasons For The Downfall
        Of The Muslims… Was The Lack Of The Spirit Of jihad’”; “13-Year-Olds Are
        Instructed: ‘In Islam, Jihad Is Very Important’”

      • LindaRivera

        Our leaders utterly betray us and regard the lives of non-Muslims as absolutely worthless. Listen to courageous leader of the German Freedom Party. Since 1990, 3,700 Germans have been killed by foreigners. Many of the murderers were Muslims. The murders were very savage. Repeated stabbings. Some of the killer monsters were given merely probation! Giving the green light to Muslims to murder our people.

        German Freedom Party leader discusses Germans murdered by muslims

  • LindaRivera

    U.S. leaders worked behind the scenes in Egypt to oust U.S. ally, MODERATE Mubarak, in order to bring to power US leaders big favorites, the Muslim Brotherhood. The document of the Muslim Brotherhood in America states their goal is the DESTRUCTION of civilization and global Islamic conquest.

    Massive street demos in Egypt protested the CRUEL Muslim Brotherhood. Egyptians held up large signs accusing Obama of supporting terrorism. Hero, patriotic, honorable General Sisi and his honorable patriotic Egyptian military intervened militarily to save their people from the Muslim Brotherhood’s barbarism and cruelty. God forever bless and protect General Sisi and the Egyptian military!

    • Augustus

      Yes, so much for Morsi’s “blessing and revival only through the Islamic sharia.” At least a lot of Egyptians weren’t stupid, they didn’t want to be dhimmis and 2nd-class or even 3rd-class slaves of Morsi’s buddies.

  • Fritz Wunderlich
  • Rilman

    A Muslim freedom flag, there’s irony for you.

    • Tom Elias

      I don’t think you know what irony is…

  • Fergus Pickering

    Keep at it, Douglas.You have to go on and on and on.

  • Wessex Man

    Wot no Hooky or tele here telling everyone off for such wicked thoughts?

  • chan chan

    Once again, Douglas continues to perpetuate the myth that there are people called ‘Islamists’ who somehow believe a version of Islam that’s worse than normal, everyday Islam, and that they have nothing to do with one another.

    • JEK68

      I don’t think he’s ever said that. There are Islamists, who live by the fundamentals and actively try to spread them, and there are Muslims who don’t follow all of the Islamic doctrine and don’t try and spread it, but the two are still related.

      • Daniel Maris

        What do you think about the Quilliam Foundation’s analysis that you can be a Muslim who wants full Sharia without being an “extremist” or “Islamist”? Do you agree with them? Remember that Islam has never said that Muslims have to be in a majority before Sharia is put in place. Quite the reverse.

        • JEK68

          I agree, you can be a Muslim and a suicide bomber or a Muslim and a brain surgeon, the solution is to get the fundamental texts and teachings denounced so their is no room for fundamental teachings of the texts in Islam.

  • Uncle Mort

    Even when a ITV documentary films a Muslim imam agreeing to marry off a 14 year old girl nothing is done. The Mosque suspends him then when the dust has settled they allow him back in his old post. Birmingham police said no crime was committed so have washed their hands of the whole episode.

    It appears too me Sharia law is here and being practised with impunity in our country.

    • Agrippina

      Yes sharia law has been here for a while. When divorce petitions are filed at the local court for issuing. Solicitors also have to send docs to the sharia council in London to ensure that they are proceeding with their
      determinations. More often the muslim client has already been to the sharia council, has the docs to enable next steps in proceedings. Probs arise when the muslim council won’t permit the divorce and it is usually because the male does not want it. Muslim women only have half a voice in those matters.

      Furthermore, jewish clients have docs issued and sent to the Beth Din the jewish rabbinical court.

      Vote for someone interested in upholding British (english) laws, culture and practices.

      • Daniel Maris

        Yes, unfortunately, the Jewish community – though they pose no threat to our democracy – have created lots of opportunities for Sharia to advance through these sorts of exceptions. Sharia promoters ruthlessly exploit these exceptions for their wider purpose.
        Similarly with the initial surrender to Sikhs, allowing them exceptions to the law of the land on things like motorbike helmets.

        It is always a mistake to allow for exceptions to the law of the land based on religion, race or ethnicity.

        There is no doubt that we have now a parallel legal system, recently supplemented by a parallel law enforcement system (Police-sanctioned Muslim patrols in Sheffield, and perhaps elsewhere). There is also a parallel Sharia education system operating through Mosques and Free Schools.

        • Agrippina

          Agreed. We need to stop this erosion of our culture, but sadly the leftie liberals always look at these issues as ‘racist’ and it is simply not true.

          It is an erosion of our hard won rights. Fought for by our ancestors in some cases resulting in the loss of life. But we have our freedom to speak, equality before the law and opportunity for all.

          Roma are a good example of this, the behaviour of some of those in that sudden influx in Sheffield does not impact the libs in their leafy suburbs, but the poor in the run down estates. Are the poor/working class expendable?

  • Tom Elias

    Dear Douglas,

    Despite primarily using the opinion piece of a student newspaper as the factual backbone of your article, I’m ready to engage seriously with your views. Your obviously abundant knowledge of Orwell provides the first laughs. By ‘I wonder which direction Orwell’s body is spinning in’, do you really mean ‘I read 1984 during my teen years and so I just understand all politics now’..? I reckon that might be it, cause writing a blog, weeks after the incident, based on a student paper, really underlines your academic curiosity and obvious skills in research and analysis. School of Organised Antisemitism..? Really Dougie? Obviously you deserve a great round of applause for successfully identifying three new words to crowbar in, and I don’t want to crush your spirit, but I can’t help but think that you’ve spent about as much time writing this article as I have looking for my cat, and I don’t even own a cat. After watching the video, and speaking to eyewitnesses of the event (I think you need to look up the word ‘rally’), there’s no concrete evidence to suggest any members were aligned to the Muslim Brotherhood in any way. I suggest you come down to SOAS (type in School of Oriental and African Studies, as strangely, that’s what googlemaps it’s called) and wander around the university (maybe your first time inside one?). I’ll look out for you and make sure none of the baddies try and chase you off. You might even learn a new pun along the way, which you can slip into your next haphazard section of journalistic toss. Wouldn’t that be nice! Allahu Akbar.

    • Coleridge1

      Visiting SOAS must be a little like visiting the racist apartheid state of Pakistan or the Gay-hanging women-stoning savages in Iran or the Jew-hating psychos in Gaza.

      • Tom Elias

        You are probably the most simple person I have ever encountered.

        • Coleridge1

          May I suggest that you contribute to the MPAC or Moslem council of Britain site. Your views would be so much more appreciated there.

    • Daniel Maris

      What a snooty load of twaddle. SOAS has long been a nest of vipers. We can see from the video that what was going on had nothing to do with free academic debate. We’re not stupid – we know all about the internecine feuds within Islam and the Arab world. Could you really guarantee Douglas a free hearing at SOAS if he was to give a speech there? I very much doubt it.

      But if you could, the fact remains that SOAS these days peddles the view that there is nothing to fear from the religion that promotes Sharia, that decimates Christian, Jewish and Hindu communities in places like Syria, Egypt and Pakistan and that smiles on Female Genital Mutilation, persecution of gays and wiping Israel off the map.

      • Guest

        Laughable. I don’t think you really know anything about SOAS, it’s academic tradition, or the platform it gives to debate. I think maybe you’re too indoctrinated by the Daily Mail (which worryingly probably wont even be insulting to you).

    • mightymark

      You only need to have read “1984” to understand Orwell’s antipathy to totalitarian ideologies – and you can find (e.g. in his journalism) a wealth of other material to similar effect if you are so inclined

      • Tom Elias

        I think Orwell is much more nuanced than is popularly taken to be. By barely-literate islamophobic spectator journalists, for example…

        • mightymark

          Can you really not see the difference between hatred for ordinary Muslims (what might perhaps, properly be called “islamophobia” if anything can) and hatred for the totalitarian doctrines of extreme Islamism?

  • Roy

    Only by marching in the streets and demanding an England for the English will any response be noticed. Only by doing what the Irish did to get rid of the English, will the English regain their land, their rights, and their laws.

  • Radford_NG

    Demonstration against Islamic Dept. of Exeter University which is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood…… be held by the EDL tomorrow [Sat.16]…..gather at Locomotive Public-house from noon…..procession at 1-30 to Remembrance Gardens.

    This raises hostility by Exeter Echo Express and Dean of Cathedral,along with police and the usual fellow travelers.

    Exeter home to European Muslim Research Centre;which of-cause researches islamophobia.It is funded by the M.B.according to *Global Muslim Brotherhood Report*.

  • SonofBoudica

    It is time we were entitled to carry arms since our politicians are clearly not going to defend us.

  • Bernc

    It is strange how quickly after WW2 the Muslim Brotherhood
    was forgiven and cleared of war crimes in spite of Imam Hassan
    al-Banna publicly showing his solidarity with the Nazis and encouraging 1000’s
    of his followers to join the Muslim Waffen-SS Handschar that eagerly helped
    with concentration camp duties. Dr. Muhammad Badi, supreme leader of the Muslim
    Brotherhood, said in 2011: “The Brotherhood is getting closer to achieving its
    greatest goal as envisioned by its founder, Imam Hassan al-Banna. This will be
    accomplished by establishing a righteous and fair ruling system [based on
    Islamic sharia], with all its institutions and associations, including a
    government evolving into a rightly guided caliphate and mastership of the

    I have no doubt the present UK and USA regime will contribute to this
    aim if not directly, but by naïve ignorance.

    • SonofBoudica

      The SS liked recruiting Muslims because they were keen to die in the cause.

  • sarah_13

    Its all so very depressing. A bunch of hysterical, Irrational bullies, and now ramadan using orwell against us, astonishing front, but then thats their greatest strength shameless front, and we allow it, now that Christopher Hitchens has gone it looks like you and richard Dawkins are the only ones fighting the brave fight against Islamism.

    • James Lovelace

      “it looks like you and Richard Dawkins are the only ones fighting the brave fight against Islamism.”

      It isn’t Douglas Murray or Richard Dawkins who have got the grooming gangs, FGM, sharia courts, the massacre of christians, etc. on the national agenda. It’s the EDL and Tommy Robinson.

      Richard Dawkins claims to have never read the koran. It’s pathetic. The only thing that makes the elite sit up and take notice, is the idea of violence. 40% of Brits now think a civil war between us and muslims is “inevitable”.

      According to Conservative Home, Douglas Murray was ostracised by the Tory party in 2005, because he had the temerity to suggest that Europe needs to make itself less enticing to muslim immigrants.

  • hey_preston

    I don’t expect much from you, Mr. Murray but I do expect you to check your information. The speaker at SOAS was not just innocently ‘opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood’ as you state, he deliberately wound up audience members and apparently smiled when an audience member mentioned that their relative had been killed by the army. A cursory glance at the relevant tweets on twitter by those who were there (many of whom were not pro-Brotherhood, but did not agree with the coup either) would tell you this much. As for your little slur against SOAS, well… I hope it made you feel better but in the end it just contributes to the overall uninformed and envious tone of this article. I mean, ‘dauphin’ to describe Tariq Ramadan? REALLY?

    • andy_gill

      “As for your little slur against SOAS,”

      It’s not really a slur is it? SOAS is well known as an anti-Semitic cesspit. Just google it.

      • hey_preston

        Google it? I attend it.

        • Keith D

          So wheres the proceeds of the whip round going this year?

        • FrenchNewsonlin

          SOAS being part of the University of London presumably upholds the tradition of academic freedom? Would you suggest the events in the video referred to above are compatible with the freedom to teach, research, write and speak without restraint?

    • Oliver

      SOAS is a well known for radical leftists and Islamists. My friends who went to SOAS are mostly Islamist sympathising, anti Western types with a penchant for seeing the “Zionists” behind everything that is wrong with the world.

      • hey_preston

        That’s them as individuals and after all… they’re still your friends, right?

        • Oliver

          Um yes unlike most lefties I don’t expect ideological purity from my friends.

          Whether you support Respect or the EDL your political views should not exclude you from the debate.

          Feminists, ‘anti racists’ and ‘anti imperialists’ want to purge conservatives and the Eustonian left from the debate under the guise of opposing bigotry.

          (all the while excusing or supporting the bigotry of Muslims, black people or feminists)

          The left have effectively created a society wide echo chamber whereby anyone who disagrees with them on issues like ‘Islamophobia’ or the ideological claims of feminism is written off as a racist or a misogynist.

          Fortunately the internet has opened up the debate.

          You can shout people down and intimidate them at SOAS, LSE or UoT, you can hound people out of government, the media and education but you cannot stop opposing views reaching the masses via the internet.

    • Mr Grumpy

      You basically don’t get the “freedom of speech” thing at all, do you? And you’re at SOAS yourself, you say. There’s a surprise.

      • hey_preston

        Nice. If you’re referring to Mr. Murray’s freedom of speech, I’m not questioning his right to say it so any freedom of speech debate here is irrelevant. I’m questioning the quality of what he is saying and noting that the video should be distributed with some context.

        • Mr Grumpy

          So the context would supply a justification for the speaker being chased off the stage by a mob. You really don’t get it.

    • post_x_it

      So basically what you’re saying is that not only were the demonstrators bullies, but the speaker was one as well. That’s not exactly a mitigating factor is it? What was SOAS doing hosting anyone of that ilk?

      • hey_preston

        Questions have already been raised to the relevant society who organised the event as to why the entire panel of speakers were in support of the recent coup. I’m not defending the eventual reaction of some members of the audience but there is a context behind the video and many people had a personal connection to recent events in Egypt; the reaction was not simply because one speaker ‘opposed the Brotherhood’ and members of the audience were ‘Muslim Brotherhood supporters’. You can oppose the recent coup and the Brotherhood. Mr. Murray’s article, unfortunately, polarises the issue and also uses it unfairly to slight the entire university.

        • Andy

          Did they, or did they not, chase that speaker from the stage ?

        • Will Kettel

          Frankly, this is a mob. A mob which shames all those who belong to university societies. Their actions betray the very values which lie at the heart of a university – open discussion and critical thought. This appears to be a lost world to this society. As for the Brotherhood, if it didn’t have the word “Muslim” in the title, people would openly refer to it as a fascist party.

      • Mr Grumpy

        Er, seems to me he’s saying the speaker was someone whose opinions he dislikes.

    • global city

      Check your Koran. People like you will be the first to be thrown from the mountain top once the Caliphate expands to the UK.

      • hey_preston

        People like me? Who are people ‘like me’?

        • Simon

          See above comment by RaymondDance.

    • RaymondDance

      Ever heard the expression ‘useful idiot’?

  • andy_gill

    Its disgusting that a British university should tolerate this aggressive and threatening behaviour. The only reason they get away with it is because they are Muslims. Someone should teach them some manners. I know a dark alley which would be ideal for the purpose.

  • Dogzzz

    I really cannot understand how blind the multiculturalists are in allowing the tolerant mulitulturalism they wish to see be so threatened by the infiltration of intolerant, fanatical monoculturalists. If those fanatical monoculturalists had white skin and skinheads, they would not get the time of day, and would in all probability be banned from campuses all over the country. However, they mostly have darker skin and come from a different culture who, apparently, we should not only tolerate, but embrace and learn from.

    Sorry, I have learned quite enough of the Sharia use of Taqiyya and their being allowed to pretend to be moderate to engratiate themselves into the heart of any other culture, to out-breed (through unlawful bigamy and incest), the native host population until they are in a position to take over and create a totalitarian sharia monoculture, where tolerant diverse multiculture once stood.

    Any form of multiculturalism which allows there to be a foothold for intolerant monoculturalists, is doomed to violent failure.

    It is about time the wilfully blind politically correct believers in multiculturalism woke up and saw the very real dangers that they are wilfully ignoring.

    It is not bigoted, nor racist, to point out the real threat to tolerant and diverse multiculturalism from totalitarian monoculturalists who originate from other cultures, who use and abuse our tolerant multiculturalism, to get a foothold within our culture, only to grow like a cancer to destroy from within.

    Wake up!

    • SonofBoudica

      Very well put.

    • Pamela Preedy

      Every word you say is true. Every word you say now will be illegal and suppressed if the EUSSR is allowed to develop along its predictable lines and dictate to our weak-as-water politicians. The only rescue route is to join UKIP, support UKIP, vote for UKIP, get out of the EU, make our own laws and secure Britain for future generations to live in freedom with their heritage intact.

      • LindaRivera

        We must get out of freedom-destroying EU fast! It is very depressing that UKIP refuse to speak a word about Britain’s most frightening problem: The millions of Muslims who colonise Britain and seek to implement vile woman-hater, barbaric Islamic sharia law where non-Muslims have NO human rights.

        The only man with the guts and courage to speak out about this terrifying problem is Paul Weston, chairman of political, counter-jihad party, LIBERTY GB

        Why Is This Not Treason? Written by Paul Weston, Liberty GB

        • Wyrdtimes

          This is as much to do with the “UK” as the EU. English independence is the solution to the UK parliament’s misrule of England.

      • James Mayer

        Agreed, and the EU’s going down HARD. Just look at France and Holland right now! Not long left for the proto-dictatorship…

    • Gary Ross

      I second the “very well put”.

  • Wallis

    The video doesn’t remind me of any of the university ‘lectures’ I ever attended! I wonder what new knowledge and ideas the students took away with them?

  • sir_graphus

    I watched the recent program about Gerry Adams, the IRA, and “the disappeared”; how they ruled the Catholic areas with an iron and psychotic grip. All their power came from this tyranny of intimidation, torture and murder.

    I wondered if the Islamists were watching it too, wondering how they could recreate that atmosphere in their areas.

    • Fergus Pickering

      I expect Adams is talking to them as we speak.

      • Robertus Maximus

        They need no tuition as it comes naturally to them.

  • Advocatus_Diaboli_69

    Interview with Caroline Fourest, author of The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan, here:

  • zanzamander

    This is from Egyptian sources:

    Links between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama administration

  • zanzamander

    Things are dire in USA where myriads of MB affiliated organisations have gained access to some of the highest echelons of government.

    But happily some of their citizenery has wised up to this and have documented the rot, we on the other hand are racists and bigots to even cast half an aspersion in their direction.

    If Spectator’s aim is to educate, please allow me the following:

  • george

    be fair … they want ‘it’. what do western nation populations want? benefits, x-factor and as much stuff as their bloated credit cards can manage.
    the islamists will win … theres simply no heart left in the west and with liberal bleeding hearts shovelling “human rights” demands or racism cries onto every attempt to protect our borders. lets all welcome sharia law in 2050.

    • Keith D

      Defeatism is what they rely on George.

      These liberal bleeding hearts will be the first to go when the balloon goes up. And go up it will.

      The Islamists are inhumam monsters and will not win. They are either brainwashed from birth or hopeless inadequates who can only find solace in a totalitarian evil belief system.
      You think they’ll defeat us?.
      You think I’ll allow them to pollute my grandchildrens future?

      Its easy to underestimate the groundswell of loathing for Islam in Europe because until now, theres not been a viable outlet for it. But its there, and its growing.

      As always with Islam, it will lose.
      Hopefully next time, forever.

      • Robertus Maximus

        I agree Keith. There isn’t one example of evil not being defeated – even if the struggle is long and hard.

        • crosscop

          They still have Constantinople, Robertus.

          • Keith D

            Thats so true, but here do they really think after another outrage people are just going to accept it?
            Lets not forget, its our people they are trying to kill. Our families.

            And when we say enough, who is going to stop us?

            Oh, they could bring the Army in, but theres no way British soldiers would protect the terrorist against their own people.

            Constantinople is only still in their hands because the West prevented Russian infidel tanks rolling up to the Basilica.

            Time to sort out who the enemy is.

          • Robertus Maximus

            Yes, partly due to the fact that during the Fourth Crusade in 1204 the stupidly avaricious Catholic crusaders decided to sack the city, slaughtering thousands, a calamity from which it never fully recovered. It was therefore a much easier task for the Turks to conquer it.

            • crosscop

              It was occupied by the French after WWI and then insanely given back to Turkey in the early 20s.

              • Robertus Maximus

                That is very interesting. Thank you.

                My grandfather was in that neck of the woods at that time with the British Army, trying to keep peace between the Turks and the Greeks. The tales he told about Turkish barbarity!

      • george

        if only … but this time our leaders are colluding. Open borders, iran allowed to continue its atomic research towards a bomb, vilification of Israel, unwillingness to address medieval barbarism poorly camouflaged as ‘culture’, appeasement at every turn.

        it cant end well and as indeed your ‘groundswell of loathing’ grows … it just entrenches the ‘racist’ dialogue coming out of the liberal left.

        • Robertus Maximus

          Don’t forget Hitler was aided and abetted for years by appeasers and sympathisers. You really never know what can happen in life. The most unexpected combination of events can arise.

        • Keith D

          Agree totally on all your points but our leaders are now widely despised by the majority.
          And the Iranian bomb only makes the balloon blow up quicker, and certainly long before they’re in a position to truly damage us.

          What is disparagingly called the far right in Europe, in truth vehicles for the concerns of people who care about the future, is on the rise all over the continent.

          The Eurabia protagonists in the EU are on the retreat as anti EU and anti immigration parties wield ever increasing influence.

          40% of British people consider a civil war with muslims to be “inevitable”.
          I agree.
          Its also inevitable we will win.

          • Icebow


          • Robertus Maximus

            Do you give online pep-talks? We could do with a dose of your positive thinking when the main body of the Roma invasion force arrives in the New Year.

      • zanzamander

        The Islamists are inhumam monsters and will not win.

        Show me where they have been defeated. Apart from Spain (which they’ve said many times over and over again they will recapture) each and every piece of land they’ve invaded they’ve won and is now totally under their domain.

        They may not win by guns and bombs in the West (although that strategy has worked for them wonders so far), they will win with Da’wa. Western Lefty Liberal Progressives (BBC/Guardian/NYT/CNN students unions etc.) are their Da’wa spreading machine.

      • Graeme S

        where do we sign Up

  • Robertus Maximus

    We need a ship called the “Mayflower II” to sail us out of this wretched island where, in contrast to the passengers in the 1600s, it is now the majority who seek self-determination and freedom from ever-growing persecution.

    • The Laughing Cavalier

      But where could we go?

      • Robertus Maximus

        I was hoping no one would ask that because I honestly haven’t a clue. I suppose we’ll just have to wait until the Third World moves here and then we go there. Hardly an appetising thought.

        • crosscop

          Bulgaria will be virtually empty this time next year and property there is dirt cheap. You can buy an entire village for about £100,000.

          • Robertus Maximus

            I fear that, after a few years when we have transformed Bulgaria (or wherever) into a thriving little Utopia, the rubbish living in Britain will leave the dung-hill they have turned it into and head in our direction once again.

            • outraged

              How can you be so blind as to think that EU (with which you clearly associate in this instance) is doing ANYTHING positive for the countries previously occupied by Soviets.

              We are:
              -totally asset stripped (pretty much as most of British Companies including financial services )
              – higher public debt than ever in our history (as in Britain)
              – as our industry is asset stripped and destroyed, all we have to offer is cheap labour to the ex colonialist countries, such as England (Britain is actually BENEFICIARY)
              – destruction of family, church and morality (as in Britain)
              – destruction of the educational system (calculated to dumb us down, as in Britain)
              – tyranny of minorities (as in Britain, except that we have never in our history persecuted Gays, as opposed to Britain)
              – overvalued PLN, further destroying our system
              – pillage of social security and pensions
              – multiple bankruptcies of SMEs due to pirate miss selling of derivative instruments (as in England, except that in our country this theft remains unpunished)
              – introduction and promotion of multiculti

              and so on

              I can assure you, that buying this Bulgarian village for 100K is the worst (although sadly inevitable judging from what is happening to my country) thing that can happen to the local communities. It will become a paradise for thieves and crooks of the worst description, not a place for normal people to live their lives.

              • Robertus Maximus

                I think you have misunderstood.

                “Crosscop” joked that most of Bulgaria will head towards Britain and therefore the only place which would be available for the British to flee to would be an empty Bulgaria, as our once great country is getting worse by the day.

                At no point did any of us mention what the EU was doing to the ex-Soviet countries. I am not aware the EU has done anything good for anyone except the bureaucrats and the German economy. My commiserations regarding the litany of misdemeanours perpetrated on your country by the EU which you have listed. All I can say is that we have suffered at the hands of Brussels for a lot longer – and that’s why you see so many unhappy people commenting on this page.

                • outraged

                  Thank you for your kind response, much appreciated. Here is mine:

                  If you admit that it is GERMANY who manipulates common policy in such a way that it benefits her at the expense of everyone else, then why UKiP is going after us while supporting German supremacist claims? UKiP treasurer is even rewriting the WWII history to German advantage!!!

                  Germans do not have to suffer derisive comments and looks from Asian and Arabic cab drivers, waiters, salesmen, you name it. UKiP ‘unlashed’ Asians/Arabs on us, encouraging indiscriminatory harassment of anyone who originates from Poland. UKiP is even blaming Polish builders for the collapse of the property market in 2007, causing some local builders to look for alternative employment, I believe taxi drivers were mentioned.

                  Furthermore, constant derisive attacks on made up entity called ‘Eastern Europe’ affect our professional careers. What are we have to do with Indian/Pakistani looking people camping in Park Lane with baby strollers and behaving exactly like Indian beggars? Some of these beggars came over to Poland after 2004 and they plague our cities too, harassing the public!

                  UKIP and Nigel Refco-Farage are strongly against Poland and pro German.

                  Bulgarian and Romanian are the lucky ones – they got to see the true face of EU before they lost everything. You can almost say than UKiP is protecting these countries from making terrible mistake. For us it came too late.

                • Robertus Maximus

                  The real problem is that the people of Eastern Europe are late arrivals in the never ending queue to enter this country. The people of Britain are fed up with having their society changed beyond all recognition and our land being turned into the most densely populated in Europe. Britain just cannot stand decade after decade of mass immigration. Unfortunately, the entry of the Eastern European countries into the EU just happens to coincide with a mass revolt against any more immigration.

                  I wouldn’t take this as a personal insult to your country as we just do not want, and in fact cannot accommodate, any more people no matter where they come from. Our real anger is against our leaders and the EU for forcing this upon us without any mandate from the British people.

                • outraged

                  Good luck with Refco-Farage!

  • Keith D

    The things you see when you’re out without your gun.